Watch JAV Online is a page that is entirely dedicated to Japanese girls! Doesn't that sound great? After world war deux, we had a collision of cultures, the east and west finally properly met. By eastern and western culture I mean, the Japanese and the American culture. Out of this collision, something was born. What was born was the fetishization of Asian girls? I mean sure, you had Americans who loved Asian girls more than anything before the war, obviously, but after the war, these girls became really, really popular among Americans and other westerners. So, as a result, we have websites such as WatchJavOnline.com becoming really popular. There's use of history lessons after all...The premium membership, is it worth it?Well, a website such as this one has lots of great HD Japanese pornography, and obviously, do you believe these things come for free? Obviously not, some pages will somehow manage to get you free HD videos, but Watch JAV Online simply doesn't do stuff like that. Okay, I'm making it sound much worse than it actually is...truth is, you do get a lot of free JAV (I should have said this a bit earlier, because all of the broke boys have probably left by now), but you also get a lot of JAV that you have to pay for. So, what's up with the people who decide to become premium members? What are the perks?So, first off, if you decide to become a premium member, Watch JAV Online promises you Super-fast and smooth streaming, HD video streaming and no advertisements at all. I mean, the no-advertisements thing is actually kind of a big deal. This page tends to spam you with lots and lots of ads, and that kind of thing can get a little bit annoying, I'm not gonna lie. It's fucked up, but it is what it is. As soon as you make your way inside WatchJavOnline, you won't be even asked if you are at least 18, but do you know what kind of question you're going to get? Yep, it's about the notifications.Do you want to receive notifications? Fuck no! Notifications suck, advertisements suck, and that's why ThePornDude doesn't use any of these. The world needs to know how much I hate these things, and you should hate them as well. You get an ad popping up in your face no matter where you click. You don't have to click on a picture, or on some highlighted text to get ads up in your face, which is honestly fucking dumb. If you accidentally click on the white space between the videos, you will get your screen filled with some bullshit advertisements.Now, let's get back to the main topic: the membership. First off, let 's get something straight. You don't get a proper trial to see if you like the website. A 30-day payment doesn't count as a trial, right? Thirty days will cost you around fifteen bucks while ninety days will cost you 35 bucks. That's actually pretty damn reasonable for movies like these, right? A 180-day membership exists as well, it costs 55 dollars, and a 1-year membership will cost you around 75 bucks. However, here's a little novelty. You don't usually get to see things like these on porno websites, but there's always a first time for everything! A lifetime membership exists. And it costs you around 370 bucks. Is it worth it? Honestly, I wouldn't know. But hey, someone's going to buy something like that eventually, so something like that is totally worth mentioning.Oh yeah, also, I have to mention that most of these pornos don't have subtitles. Now you're going to ask me something like: "Who the fuck watches porn with subtitles?" My response to that would be:" The dudes who jack off to Asian girls!" Stuff like that is weird to most westerners since you don't hear anything interesting in porn for the most part. Like, you watch Alexis Texas bouncing on a cock, you look at the booty, and you're pretty god damn happy with what you're seeing. You don't pay attention to what she's saying.She's not saying much, either way, she's moaning and whatnot. She'll let out an "oh yeah" and a "mhh" here and there, but that's that. However, Asian chicks apparently like to talk a lot during sex. Well, if we were to believe what Asian pornography shows us, that's the kind of conclusion we can come to. I never actually fucked an Asian chick since there are no Asians here where I live so I really can't tell if they really are like that. Could you imagine how funny that kind of thing would be in real life, though? You get voyeur JAV porn as well if you decide to pay up.The design of the pageWhen it comes to the design of WatchJavOnline, I'd say that the people behind this page did a great job. I like simple pages like this one. And I like seeing some nice colors on them. The background of this page is white, and the letters are all in pink, except a few. However, the names of the movies are exclusively written in pink. There are a few sections on this page, but as I've already mentioned it, plenty of them are locked if you are a free user.So, take a look at the home page and try to find a thumbnail you like. Click on it, and you will be taken to another page. Here you will get to see the thumbnail stretched across the entire screen (okay not really, more like half the screen). Underneath it, you get all the information about the video you're going to watch. When I say all of the information, I really mean it. You get to see the release date, the runtime, the director of the movie, the studio, the label and so on. You get to see if the movie has any subtitles and the channel of the porno (whatever that is).Jav videos often have ID's so you get to see the ID as well and the ID of the DVD. Keep scrolling, and at the bottom of the page, you'll see the languages spoken in the movie and the names of the actresses in the movie. All the positions are noted down there as well. So, if there are any scenes in the movie where the girl fucks in cowgirl or if the girl gets banged by three or four dudes all that once, it will be listed down there. Apart from this, there's not much to say about the design of WatchJavOnline (often misspelled as "Jav watch online").The player and everything about itNow, what I like about this player is the fact that it buffers videos real quick, no matters what. What I don't like are the ads, obviously. Click on the player once to play the video and what you'll get are at least two or three ads all up in your face. However, the videos last like 100 mins, so could you really say that you're not happy with what you're getting? An hour an a half and sometimes you get even more time to jerk off. It's great.The various sections of the pageSo, as I've mentioned it before, the only part of this page you really need if you are a free user is the home page. No categories exist in here for some reason, too. Porn with subtitles is something premium users are entitled to as well. Uncensored and Voyeur porn have their own tabs, but you have to pay for these. There is a (kind of) tab where you can see the names of all the JAV girls, but they are not referred to as pornstars in here. Japanese people prefer to call them "JAV idols," and so, the tab which would usually be called "pornstars" on any other western website is called "jav idol" in here.In the end, is it worth it?The thing with this page is that it doesn't provide way too much content if you are a free user, which is completely fine because the content that it provides to you for free is pretty great. Long HD videos that anyone can enjoy, and they all load quickly. Does a man really need much more than that? Come on in and join the party, you definitively won't regret it!