Nothing’s hotter than a squealing JAV slut getting dicked down in HD. Well, unless I had her right there in front of me. But that just isn’t realistic for most of you sex-starved betas. So, you’ll have to settle for the next best thing. Well, I went out looking for the best of the best. I know you weebs don’t want old videos shot in 480p that you can’t even download to your massive spank bank of Asian whores. So I rolled up my sleeves and went digging for the best damn JAV site that I could find. And, as you fucks probably guessed, I stumbled across a website that I think you fappers will love.It’s called Javitful.com, and it is jam-packed with the hottest full-length videos of the best JAV stars out there. We’re not talking about shitty clips that don’t even give you time to bust a nut. These 2-3 hour-long movies will be more than enough for even you, high-endurance cucks out there. That said, still, this site is relatively new to the party. It launched back in 2019 and has quickly become a hub for horny weebs. Seriously, nearly 3 million of you JAV addicts shoot your goo to the content on this site every month.Sleek Site Theme with a Reasonable Amount of Ad ClutterJavitful.com has the sort of premium layout and smart design that I like to see from a modern site. It doesn’t look like it was all vomited onto a webpage as some websites do. This site has a dark black and red theme that will make it easy on the eyes no matter when you’re browsing. Plus, the hot borderless previews that take up most of the page are even nicer to look at. Fuck, JAV movies always have the best cover shots. These big-tittied babes with thin wastes and fat asses never cease to amaze me.Besides, you’re not immediately slammed with annoying pop-up ads or anything like that. Sure, yeah, there is some ad clutter. There’s almost no getting around that when it comes to free JAV content. You’ll run into the occasional redirect and pre-roll ad, but it’s nowhere near as bad as it is on other popular free porn sites. You’ll be able to get around Javitful without worrying about malicious ads or any bullshit like that.Over 10,000 Full-Length HD Movies to Choose FromThe homepage makes it easy to browse through and find the perfect video to jerk your dick to. This is good since there are well over 10,000 full-length movies to pick and choose from. The landing page gives you previews for the most recent, trending, recommended, and currently being watched movies. As for filter options, you can head over to the category or the actress page to narrow your search down. There are plenty of fetish sections for you degenerates to have some fun with. You’ve got shit like “big tits, affair, nurse, sister-in-law,” and much more.I wish that the site told you how many videos were in each section. I like to know how much content I’m working with. But that’s really only an issue when the sections are sparse. Each one of these categories has at least a thousand movies to jerk your dick to. But then, this site goes ahead and gives you the number of videos each star is in over on the actress page. So, why the fuck can’t they do it for the categories? It doesn’t make any damn sense. But, yeah, you can check out content from your favorite JAV sluts with ease. These bitches are even ranked by how many videos they’ve got on this site.Plenty of Search and Filter Options Make Finding the Perfect Video EasyPerhaps you would prefer to do this shit the old-fashioned way and plug what you’re looking for into the search bar. Regardless of how you search, you’ll have a long list of previews to scroll through. Each page will have a few extra filter options. You can narrow down your fap list by upload date, trending, longest, most viewed, most commented, and a few other options. Hot damn, this site isn’t fucking around. They make it a breeze to sort through this sea of sexy JAV movies.The previews on Javitful are great. They get you the cover shot from the movie, but you can also hover your cursor over each one to get a little taste of what is to come via a 5-10 second clip. Then there’s the title with a JAV code for easy browsing, a tag for the video length, and the view count. So you weebs will know what exactly you’re getting into before you click over to the full video page, which is how it should be. I hate it when sites have shitty previews that don’t tell you a damn thing about the video. It always ends in disappointment.Download as Many Movies as You Want for FreeDamn, these videos are so fucking nice. You get a large player, and most of these movies are going to be in 720p HD. You can scroll down below the player to see who the hottie is starring in the video and which fetish tags it has. But, best of all, it’s free to download any video that you see here. You’ll have to go through a third-party file host unless you dish out the dosh for a $3.50 a month premium membership. But still, I don’t mind going through a third-party site if it means free HD movies of hot JAV babes getting railed.Solid Mobile ExperienceIf you want to take this fap-worthy content with you on the go, then you’ll want to check out the mobile version of the site. The ads were a bit more annoying, but it was still usable. It’s a well-formatted mobile site with all of the same filter options, pages, and menus as the desktop version. You can even download videos right to your phone. Just make sure you’re packing enough storage because these aren’t low-quality videos that are only a few megabytes. You’ve got some hulking files to deal with if you want to take these fap-worthy movies with you.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesFree JAV porn. How can that not be my favorite feature? It’s not often that you see a free JAV site that offers full-length movies, HD content, and free downloads without hammering you with ads. This is like finding a goth slut without daddy issues. It just doesn’t happen very often. Aside from all of that good shit, this site was simply a joy to browse. It had a ton of great filter options and categories. Hell, you can even search through the catalog for movies featuring your favorite JAV stars. Those are the sort of user features that I love to see. Nobody wants to muddle through a clunky site with lackluster menus.It’s not often that I bring up a premium membership in the favorites section, but, man, 3 bucks is nothing. The membership is well worth it if you plan to spend a lot of time on this site and don’t feel like messing around with third-party file hosts. It also gets rid of all of the ads. So, you can kick back and browse this site in style for just a few bucks a month. You cucks probably spend more on coffee every day, let alone every month.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy only minor gripe is that the category sections don’t have a tag for the number of videos in them. That’s it. I can’t think of anything else negative to say about this site. If you’re looking for free HD JAV videos, look no further. This site delivers in pretty much every area that I look for and then some.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Javitful.com is a must-visit JAV site. It’s got it all. You can stream or download full-length HD videos with a few short clicks. You’ve got over 10,000 videos to choose from, and they have content here from all of the best and hottest JAV babes and big-name studios. It’s hard to beat that, especially when you consider that it’s all fucking free. I highly recommend that every single one of you bastards go and check this site out.