Let’s talk about JAV Seen on the Internet, as I often do here at ThePornDude. The format, also known as Japanese Adult Video, is famous around the world and especially among weeaboos for a number of pornographic tropes. For example, the beautiful Asian women who make up the bulk of the images are typically more submissive than your average American pornstar. JAV is also known, ironically, both for its deep level of depravity and the fact that all the genitals are usually censored by flesh-colored Tetris blocks.JAVSeen.tv, as you may well have guessed from the title, is a massive, freely streamable collection of Japanese Adult Video. If you’ve perused my growing selection of Premium Asian Porn Sites I’ve got listed elsewhere, you already know that the Japanese stuff typically costs more than your average Western porn site. Let’s find out how good the dipping is today.Free, Full-Length JAV? Count Me In!JAVSeen has a somewhat different setup than your typical free video tube. As with other JAV sites, they specialize in full-length Asian porn movies and Japanese DVD rips. That means that instead of the usual thumbnail view of tit-fucking and ball-sucking broads you find on other tubes, the images out front show the covers of the newest JAV movies added to the site.You’ll start seeing that censorship I mentioned pretty much as soon as you hit the landing page, which sucks, but you’ll also immediately see that deep depravity I was talking about. There’s a cute little dark-haired chick in one of the recent movies with her unshaven muff blurred out, but she’s strapped helpless onto a rack with a bunch of electrodes attached to different points of her body. Japanese text screams in bright colors from the cover, but I don’t read Japanese, so I have to settle for the catchy movie title: Electrical Shocks Turn A Barely Legal Babe Into A Total Sub Willing To Do Anything You Want – “Pavlov’s Dog Experiment” – Confinement Technique.The other movies have long titles too, in keeping with the Japanese aesthetic, though the level of kinkiness varies quite a bit. Out front, I also see a sweet-looking lesbian couple, a busty wife looking to please a man, some chick getting stuffed raw at the massage parlor, and a mature woman compilation that proves, once again, that Japanese broads barely age. There are also big asses, crossdressers, masturbation clubs and some more BDSM.Censored or not, these chicks are doing pretty much everything that’s sexually naughty but still legal. Just because you’re into Asian sluts doesn’t mean you have to settle for some softcore shit or porno that doesn’t touch on all your fetishes. On the contrary, Japanese women aim to please, and the girls at JAVSeen.tv back up that assertion with all those tight, moist, and oft-hairy holes open for business.Where’s All the Uncensored Stuff?JAV Seen is pretty good about listing metadata for their flicks, and they list the JAV codes with their movies. If you’re unsure what I’m talking about, it’s those seemingly random strings of digits like KIDM-613 and BTHA-035 you see before a movie title. I recently learned that you can often use these to help find the uncensored stuff on these sites. Typically, the censored stuff released for a Japanese audience has a few letters to denote the studio, followed by some numbers. The uncensored stuff usually has a 6-digit release date followed by a studio abbreviation.Just going off those guidelines, I don’t see anything on JAVSeen.tv’s front page that looks to have unobscured penises penetrating pussies. I made my way to the Categories page, where I failed to find an Uncensored tag. Typing “uncensored” into the search bar brought back a meager couple pages of results, and the results are kind of mixed. The first video showed some girl getting her uncensored pussy shaved, but some of the other ones were really softcore, showing uncensored pubic hair but no real pussy shots.I feel like there are probably more uncensored movies buried in the JAV Seen collection, but if so, I can’t figure out how to find them. The reason I think there are more is that the overall size of the collection is fucking massive. The total video count as of today is over 100,000 JAV movies. That’s impressive by any measure, but even more so, when you’re sticking so tightly to a niche like Japanese porno.It’s growing really fucking fast, too, with new movies hitting the site every day. They’re on the other side of the world from me, so I’m staring at tomorrow’s date on the newest half-dozen uploads. They’ve got the crazy, sexy, cool titles you expect from the genre, too, like Aesthetics Of Facial Cumshots, A Carnivorous Round Girl Who Eats, and Chest Feces NTR Worst Depressive Erection Video. I told you they were fucking kinky in Japan!A Deep Index of JAV MoviesWhile there’s no Uncensored tag on the JAV Seen Categories page, it is a pretty nice breakdown of Asian porn subgenres. I like that they’ve kept it relatively trim, cutting out a lot of the repetitive Tags, so they can display the index on one streamlined page. Numbers beside each tag tell you how many vids you’re getting, and it’s impressive. I’m talking about 2,000 Bukkake flicks, 7,000 Squirting movies and nearly 20,000 Amateur films. There’s also 134 filed under Piss Drinking, over 5K with Humiliation, and a cool 2775 Rape pornos for those who like it extra rough.They’ve also gone through the trouble of breaking down the subcategories by Situation, Type, Costume and Play. It’s a really nice index and I wish I’d see more free tubes and even premium sites do something like this. You’ll find your Footjobs and Gang Bangs under Play, your Bunny Girls and Miniskirt Police under Costume, and your Chubby girls, Tall Girls and Hermaphrodites under Type. Meanwhile, you’ll find pornographic scenarios on the Situations list like Martial Arts, Older Sister, Race Queen and Stewardess.The Actresses section is similarly well-documented, with 170 pages of thumbnailed Japanese pornstars and AV idols. I’ve seen other JAV sites that don’t have images in their pornstar directories, which makes them kind of useless to all but the hardcore otaku masturbators who know their Asian models by name. At JAVSeen, you can browse by pretty face to see which you’d like to see filled with cock and slathered with jizz.Another shining example of JAV Seen’s stellar organization is their index of Studios, accessible from the header. Usually, these pages just have a sterile list of studio names without much information. These guys have gone through the trouble of writing up little blurbs for each, so even newbies can browse easily. For example, Ruby specializes in MILFs and married women, Prestige deals with amateurs and creampies, Kawaii does cute sex and Karma is on the other end of the spectrum with Japanese rape porn, voyeur videos and armpit fetish films.The Last Temptation of Step-sisThe first movie I actually cranked off to at JAVSeen was one of their most popular videos: Temptation Tour Our In Your Sister In Laws Relatives Of. (I have to assume the full title got cut somewhere.) There’s more spam on JAVSeen than your typical free tube, but about what I expect for a JAV site. After closing out some ads that slipped past my adblocker, I got the movie started. The resolution is grainy and low-res compared to modern HD standards, which is another expected bummer on any JAV site.It opens with this sexy Asian chick in blue underwear showing off her body for the camera before moving to the shower. We watch her bathe for a bit before sitting down for what seems like a SFW dinner with a young dude and an older dude. I skipped ahead a few minutes and the family-friendly façade had faded. Our heroine was licking a dude’s shaft up and down.JAVSeen.tv has the same minor issues you’ll find on most JAV sites, like censorship, low resolution and spam. That said, they also have an impressive collection of over 100,000 full-length movies, and they’ve built one of the best genre/pornstar/studio indexes I’ve ever seen on a free Japanese porn site. The organization alone makes this one worth a look if your usual JAV tube hasn’t been cutting it, since you’ll be able to find your preferred Asian smut a whole lot easier.