Anyone looking for JAV HD today is definitely on the right track, because that’s actually what this next site is called. I don’t see a lot of .today domains, maybe because they usually look and sound pretty clunky, but this one has a nice ring to it. Then again, I’m probably biased because my yellow fever has been flaring up since I got out of bed this morning. It’s funny how it’s called yellow fever, but the main symptom is blue balls.JAVHD.today is home to best known treatment for my ailment: a ton of free Japanese Adult Videos in HD. In that sense, it’s kind of like one of those telehealth sites that aims to treat what ails you via the magic of the Internet. Then again, the nurses on these sites are rarely registered, and I’m pretty sure all the doctors are just perverts in white jackets. Maybe you shouldn’t rely on the joint for real medical advice, but 17,000 visitors a day are using it to produce sperm samples in their homes, office cubicles, and afternoon bus rides.Which JAV HD Are We Talking About?I’m sure some of you weeaboos recognize the name JAVHD, even if you’ve never heard of JAVHD.today until today. Well, if you drop the today and add a dot-com to the end, you end up at one of the biggest and arguably best JAV paysites out there today. (In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve got it ranked at the very top of my Premium Asian Porn Sites here at ThePornDude.) Maybe these guys at the free site are taking advantage of an already-popular name, but perhaps they’re just saying what they’ve got on the menu. Either way, the thumbnails sure point to a rich selection of exactly the namesake product.The overall site layout is pretty standard in the world of free smut, so by default, you’re seeing the newest shit first. I don’t know where they’re sourcing the material, but goddamn, they’re building this library fast. All 35 of the movies in the main front-page scroll were added in the last 2 days. They’ve also got a trimmer selection labeled as New Releases below, added within the last week. I think these are new releases in a couple of senses; not only were they just added to JAV HD, but they’re also new to the Internet. A lot of free tubes make you wait for stuff to trickle in, but these guys are on the ball for a lot of material.They’ve got a simple but clever logo, all caps with an embedded boner in the A. Below that’s a basic header with some quick links, and the rest of the front page is devoted to JAV covers. They do full-length movies and DVD rips around here like any decent site in the genre, and damn, most of these pretty Asian ladies are looking pretty innocent, downright wholesome even. There are big-titted MILFs with big smiles, classy-looking teachers in long skirts grinning, schoolgirls with teddy bears, and the most virginal-seeming chicks I’ve ever seen sitting on a dick.It ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, though. There’s also a sailor-suited teen getting groped in a dark room, a leather-strapped dominatrix with a friendly face coupled with instruments of torture, and a photo montage of bound Asian women screaming on one of the less-subtle covers in JAVHD.today’s listings this week.To sum it up, they’ve got exactly the kind of Japanese perversion you expect from a site called JAV HD. It’s a wide mix of material that hits all the right notes, like naïve schoolgirls and pantyhosed office ladies, housewife fantasies and cosplay freakouts, light masturbation and hardcore BDSM. I’ve already seen some great shit I want to dig into, and I’m still on the front page.65 Kinky Asian Porn CategoriesJAV HD Today has a rich selection of Asian porn subgenres, and they’ve done a good job organizing it. A lot of JAV sites have these Categories or Tags pages that go on and on for pages, with thousands of overlapping genres like Schoolgirls Ass Grabber, Ass Grab Schoolgirl and School Girl Ass Grab. Since those pages are often auto-generated by machine, based on user-added tags, those issues are sometimes hard to avoid. JAVHD Today goes around the problem by hand-curating a streamlined Video Categories page with 65 thumbnailed categories.The downside is that you’re not going to have all those super-micro-niche categories, like the aforementioned schoolgirl groping. If you wanted to find that here, you’d probably look under School, though you’d have to sift through 10,335 movies. I think they’ve done a good job covering all their bases, though, including a lot of the traditionally weird Japanese fetishes like Bukkake, Dead Drunk, Fighting Action, Rape, and Piss Drinking. The usual categories are there, too, like Facials, Handjobs and Hardcore, though their Outdoors thumbnail features a naked lady tied up in the woods. You’ve got to keep it kinky sometimes, I guess.I got curious and took a detour to the Fighting Action page, where I found a mix of sci-fi and superhero cosplay and some hardcore BDSM. In the aptly titled Violence Of The Underground Wrestler Rape Huge Woman, a giant fat lady in a mask steadies herself by putting her palm on the ceiling. At the same time, she grinds some dude’s balls underfoot, while another fat lady in a mask smothers him in her armpit. It was not easy to masturbate to, but if that’s your kink, you’ll be in heaven. Where else are you going to find shit like this?Like the Categories page, the Studios page on JAV HD Today is also an upgrade from the usual list on other Japanese porn sites. Instead of just stringing the names together, they’ve included some info about each studio. That makes it a hell of a lot more accessible to casual masturbators who don’t sleep with a waifu pillow. I’m a professional porn-watcher and I only know a handful of these, but I know from this list that Das does hardcore creampies with famous actresses and Attackers specializes in violent sex, hence the name.Speaking of names, if you know them, you can browse the Pornstars page. They’ve got movies starring all the biggest Japanese pornstars and AV models. Yumi Kazama alone has nearly 60 movies on the site, and Yui Hatano reigns queen with over 1100. I don’t know a lot of Japanese pornstar names, so without thumbnails, the 70-page list isn’t all that useful to me except for telling you that Rei Mizuna has 130 flicks and Ruka Inaba has 138.How Much Asian Porn Do You Need TodayI’ve already hinted at the massive collection size at JAVHD.today, but I haven’t actually given you the full scale of it yet. As of this writing, they’ve got just over 100,000 movies in the catalog. Considering the format is pretty much all full-length DVD-rip movies running an hour or two long, you and your extra-small silicone vagina really have your work cut out for you.A lot of you are probably wondering about the censorship situation regarding those 100k videos, and well, it isn’t good. To start with, there’s no Uncensored tag. A search for the term brings up a measly 20 movies, and they’re the Japanese version of “Uncensored,” meaning you can expect softcore movies with some pubic hair but really nothing else visible. I’ll never get over how the country that invented tentacle rape and bukkake won’t let you look at any private parts.Honestly, that isn’t at all surprising, nor is the spam, which you’ll find on any free JAV site. What genuinely surprised me, though, was that the movies really are in HD, as in JAV HD Today. I was watching a secret sex agent nipple-licking movie and realized it was streaming at a toaster-quality 480p. On a lot of JAV sites, low resolution is standard, so I just figured that was all I got. When I clicked the resolution icon, though, I found options for 720p and 1080p. It isn’t 4K UHD, but it’s a lot better than what you’ll find on most sites in the genre.There are a fair number of free JAV sites out there that offer massive catalogs, kinky fetish categories and daily updates. There really aren’t a lot of them that release the movies in modern video resolutions, though, which is going to make JAVHD.today a much more attractive option for anybody whacking off on anything but a last-generation smart phone. If you love Japanese porn, you’re broke, and tired of settling for Tetris-quality movies, check these guys out.