Jav Rave! Pass the molly; it’s time for a rave! Actually, pass the Viagra instead, since JAVrave is a JAV site. Actually, maybe you’re better off taking a handful of both. Japanese Adult Video is known for being some of the kinkiest shit on the face of the planet, so hopefully, we’re in for a treat today.JAVrave.club is pretty fucking new to the Internet, but like a lot of other JAV sites, it’s enjoyed a meteoric rise to online pornography prominence. They’re getting around 5,000 visits a day as of this writing, just a couple months after starting from nothing. What’s the key to their success? Well, a banner at the top says they’ve got 13,575 pornstars starring in 72,253 free Asian porn videos. I hope you like your pussy raw like sushi.Tons of Free, Uncensored Japanese Adult VideoFree JAV sites seem to operate on rules of their own, separate from the rest of online smut. For one thing, they never seem to abide by the rules of modern web design. JAVrave.club looks pretty old and hit for such a new site. It seems like something that would have been on GeoCities, a website your grandfather remembers from the ‘90s. The logo is ugly as fuck and looks like it was designed by a kid who just got Photoshop for his birthday.JAV sites are also exempt from the regular rules of censorship on porn sites. Nobody in their right mind would visit PornHub if, all of a sudden, they stopped showing dicks, cunts, and penetrated buttholes. Japanese Adult Video is different because it might be illegal to show those things in Japan. Nobody is really sure, but few producers are brave enough to test the waters. That’s why so much JAV is censored with pixels where the privates should be.JAVrave has it both ways, including a ton of uncensored JAV. They’ve got Uncensored JAV and Uncensored Leaks listed as a couple of their main categories, and the top half of the landing page is devoted to their uncensored offerings. Scroll down a bit more and you’ll find the censored stuff. Personally, it’s still hard for me to get past the obscured genitals, but I get the appeal. Sometimes you just can’t find this stuff on Western porn sites.The censorship issue is crazy because Japan is known for having some freaky porn. One of the recent movies in the censored section of JAVrave.club features a chick tied to a cage with her tits bound and her legs strapped wide apart. A long pole plunges into her restrained cunt, but the movie is censored where the flesh meets wood. It’s one of a handful of recent DVD rips of bondage movies scribbled on in this way. It sucks, but it’s still unavoidable at this point in history.Top AV Idols in JAV From Top StudiosJAVrave.club is easy enough to navigate that any newbie to Asian porn and Japanese Adult Video can just dive right in and start fapping. If you’re a fan of the genre, though, with a bunch of personal favorites, you’re in for a treat. The site has an extensive menu of Japan’s top pornstars and AV idols. They’ve got some white girls on the list, including Abella Danger, right at the very top for some reason, but it’s mostly the hottest women of the Land of the Rising Sun.All your favorites are here, in abundance. They’ve got almost 100 movies featuring sweet-faced Rei Mizuna, and the same amount for Ai Sayama. Ai Uehara is in nearly 200 flicks, and you’ve also got a ton of girls with more modest careers, like Asami Nanase and her 13 JAVrave pornos. Most of the chicks here are basically Asian amateurs, with only 1 or 2 movies to their name.They’ve also got a Studios page, linking to a wide selection of movies from the top JAV studios out there. It’s not an unusual feature on a JAV site, but the list here seems way more exhaustive than I’ve seen before. It runs for pages and pages instead of just a dropdown with a dozen or so. I only actually recognize a handful, like 1Pondo, 10Musume, and Pandora. You weeaboos and Asian porn connoisseurs are going to have a really fun time digging through the catalog.A Massive List of Super-Kinky CategoriesA handful of the top JAV categories at JAVrave are listed at the top of the landing page. I’m all about the Uncensored Leaks and Uncensored JAV, but people also love Mosaic Removed, Time Stop, Sex Game Show, and Old and Young. They’ve got a Western Porn link in there, but it actually links to a sister site, AVrave.On any Japanese Adult Video site, I like to browse the full list of tags. You always find good shit in there, and this place is no exception. If you’re vanilla and doggystyle is as kinky as you get, you may want to sit down and brace yourself, or at least get a bunch of lube and some tissues ready.They don’t actually have a singular Tags page, but a thumbnailed list stretching 11 pages long. They’ve got your standard porn categories like Anal, Amateur, and Asian, but you expect them on any free porn tube. I’m here for categories like Abuse, Action and Fighting, and Adopted Daughter, and those are just in the top two rows!JAVrave runs deep with porno categories that you won’t find on non-JAV tubes running right alongside the classics. Beat off to some regular ol’ Group Sex, then take it really old-school with Grandpa JAV. Do it to yourself while watching a Handjob movie, then treat yourself to a Gyno Exam and Scatology before seeing a girl get banged under Hypnosis.The layout might have a general crustiness to it, but I appreciate all the effort they’ve gone through to tag and thumbnail all these categories. Likewise, all the movies are tagged with the appropriate pornstars and studios, making the massive and growing collection easy to search. Poor organization is a dealbreaker on the shittier tubes, but there’s a Rainman-level of autistic detail here that’s going to help you get in some really good fap sessions.Full-Length Asian Fuck Flicks and They’re All FreeWith my spam blocker running, I didn’t see any spam at all until I tried to play a movie. When I hit the button for Karen Hazuki – Schoolgirl Taken Home By Classmate, I got a quick pop-under that my plugin killed before I had to click it away.I had to wait a good 30 seconds or so before the movie actually started playing. Buffering is the biggest issue I had with JAVrave. It’s a common problem on JAV sites, and how bad you get it may depend on what time of day you check out the website. The problem stems from the fact that they’ve got a lot of full-length DVD rips, but they’re hosted on third-party filehosts. If the porn hosts in Siberia or Bumfuck, Egypt, ain’t running on time, neither is your JAV.Once the movie started, though, I was able to begin my real fap test of the site. It’s an HD stream, but the quality is visibly lower than most modern porn because it’s a DVD rip. That’s standard in JAV and not a fault of JAVrave. The detail is definitely good enough that I’m already rock hard watching this sweet Asian schoolgirl invite a bunch of dudes into the room and serving them tea with her white panties peeking out from under her skirt.It’s a two-hour movie, and Karen is cute and bubbly as it begins. A few minutes later, though, she’s passed out and getting undressed by her classmates. I don’t want to spoil too much for you, but in the following hours, the teen gives a ton of deepthroat blowjobs, gets fucked doggystyle and cowgirl, gets tied up and takes a bunch of cumshots. She gets humiliated, but she loves it enough that she ends up squirting.JAVrave.club has a lot going for it; namely, it’s massive stash of Japanese Adult Video. I’m partial to all the uncensored stuff in their archive, but even the censored part of the site has a lot of kinky delights to offer fans of Asian porno. It’s all free to fap to and organized really well, so whatever gets you off is right at your fingertips.