One Does Not Simply Review A Site Like This AV…when it’s as unique and wacky as this one.When reviewing, I wasn’t sure whether or not it was programmed by an amateur, horny yet driven 12-year-old or a particularly sophisticated but still limited AI. Some aspects of the site run well, while others are either broken or ugly as shit.In a certain sense, this site is a perfect representation of the phrase “welcome to the internet.” So, buckle up fuckers, this review is going to be a raunchy, weird, and wonderfully whack worthy.Oh, and brace yourself, more memes are coming.Why Isn’t Anyone Giving This Site More Attention?Well, for one, the main vid section is hit or miss.Since this is an Asian site, there are plenty of pretty women, but the stuff that they star in can be nice or shite. The main reason for this is because a crazy number of videos are literally two minutes to ten seconds long.The quality can be bearable, though you’re not going to find much 4K HD content. Worse, there’s a disturbing amount of footage which is either highly degraded or was recorded in 240p.The other issues are that navigating this site can be strange given the wonky design and shitty translations. On the other hand, I looked like an adventure. A bizarre adventure of trying to decipher this site like an archaeologist deciphering a sexy, strange virtual equivalent of the Rosetta StoneWhat’s Your Fetish? Well, This AV Doesn’t Have AnyOn the site menu, there is a prominent link to a fetish section. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work. I don't know if it ever did, but I'm starting to suspect that a non-functional link was placed there by the web designers as a trolly tease to horny kinksters. If so, well played, dudes, well played.As a side, the links called Uncensored JAV HD, and Uncensored HD don't work either.No, Shadow Piece Isn’t A Section For Yu-Gi-Oh! Parody PornInstead, it seems to be a mix of different kinds of porn featuring hot Asian women in a variety of scenarios. Some of them are very vanilla while others are out there. And unlike the main video pages, these videos are generally the length of a short film or an epic Peter Jackson-type movie.Seriously, some of the vids in this section are over two hundred minutes long. So, in my opinion, this makes up for some of the bullshit micro clips elsewhere on the site.“Is This Classification?”Yes, the classification section is what it sounds like: a category page. And unlike the rest of the site, things actually make sense. For the most part, the categories are relatively vanilla though there are some more exotic and extreme sections as well. For instance, while this is a hetero site, there is a Gay section.Surprisingly, while this is an Asian site, there is even a black woman category. Then again, I do recall hearing that Asian men like them big brown dumplings.And while the variety is good, the page design is absolutely atrocious. On half of the thumbnails the titles don't show up, and not all of the thumbnails are good representatives of the category.The Websites Community Is…InterestingFor sure, there are a ton of users on this site. However, I guess, since they're so reserved, the users are not big about uploading pics of their faces to their profile or avatar. Does that bother anyone else?Having said that, a good deal of the users do upload a tit ton of nudes. The problem is it’s hard to tell just by looking at their username and avatar – so, you might have to search around for a bit.Since I don't understand Japanese or Chinese, I'm not sure how sociable people are on this site, but based on the number of users, my guess is that there's got to be a decent community.You can search users by their film, photo, user name, and even blog.Smut Sites Don’t Always Blast You With Ads – But When They Do, They’re Typically AsianAsian smut site designers clearly love trying to pack as many ads on their site as possible. In addition to banners, you run the risk at opening up a spam link on damn near every link you click on. To be fair, I’ve estimated that it happens only 35% of the time, and This AV is proudly secured by Norton, so while you may have to deal with a dick ton of redirects, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting a virtual virus.The Webcam Site Is So FetchYeah, I’m trying to make fetch happen and so should you.Anyway, the link is Sakura Live which, as you might guess, is kind of like the Asian-oriented version of Live Jasmin. There are tons of girls to choose from and plenty of broadcasting online at any time of day. While this site is optimized for Japanese and Chinese readers, Sakura Live has an awesome live chat translation tool. In practice, it's pretty impressive to watch and it works so quickly that you won't have a problem dealing with delays in the chat.Moving on, all of the best features on other cam sites are on here as well. You can join for free, chat in public shows without charge, and get credits with your trial account. Furthermore, there is even a free video section showing off some of the best performers on the platform, too. How many cam websites offer that?The filter tools are pretty comprehensive, and there’s a nice FAQ section in case you have an issue using the site.Oh, I should mention, since this site has to be either unusually badly translated or designed to be as cryptic as possible, the link to the cam site is called ‘Japanese younger sister Nuka.’At Least The Search Engine WorksOne of all of the things which surprised me was the fact that of all of the things where are broken or wonky, the search engine and filter features work super well and are super responsive. Further, the search engine ain’t too shabby when it comes to bringing up results in different languages like English as well. At least usually. Some of the results are completely different which, on the other hand, is kind of fun.There Is Even More QuirkinessBesides everything that I brought up already, there is still other stuff I could comment on which make this site stand out in all of the best and worst ways possible. For one, while each user's profile page is generally outlined pretty good, If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll see a series of numbered buttons to sort through a gallery. And for some reason, I've found that the digits are usually represented by numerical symbols, though sometimes they are represented by having a whole number spelled out.The strangest thing is that this site uploads text either in Japanese or Chinese. Yes, you read that correctly.On a lot of pages, even those which are translated into a native language you'll see a series of numbers. Not sure hat they are supposed to mean, but they typically crop up next to the text "Additional resources" or "Acupuncture method.” If any of you have some idea of what that’s supposed to mean, let me know.Beyond that, on each page at the bottom on the left side, there is white text which reads "Assistant," but it's not a link to anything. Maybe they were or are going to put a chat box link there, maybe not. Your guess is as good as mine.And funnily enough, there is a link at the bottom center of the page which not only gives you the email address of the person to contact if you want to Advertise on This AV, but also her full name and title, her Skype, telephone number, fax number (who the fuck still uses those), toll-free telephone number, and lists the three languages that she’s fluent in which, if you’re curious, are English, Russian, and Chinese.Furthermore, not all of the icons and text loads correctly no matter how you resize your window. Video recommendations are listed in an awkward manner. And at the top of the screen to the left, there is a section called ‘Target’ which reads of links to tags in a weird reading sentence.In case you check out the site and catch it amidst all of the chaos, I have no idea what the Snoring category (or whatever it's supposed to be) is either. Again, if you've got an idea, let me know.So, if you really want to post a titanic tit ton of adverts on this tube, you’ve got everything you need to get on there.To be honest, that’s only a few of the other chiropteran excrement crazy stuff on This AV and to go off and list in this review would probably double the length of this review. So, while it’s not broken, it’s weird to navigate around this site in Chinese, it’s even stranger in English.So, Should You Brave This Site For A Wank?If you didn’t read the whole review and skipped to the end, scroll up and read it, seriously. This is one of the most acid trip inspired sites that I’ve ever reviewed.But to sum up, the design is admittedly decent and can be navigated through…but only if you can make sense of some of the bizarrely translated page and video titles. The videos are lovely, or at least some of them, while others are a bit lackluster. Sure you might find some fine females getting down and dirty, only to be disappointed by the fact that the clip you are watching is an appalling eleven seconds long.And the number of adverts and redirects is like the back of Crista Flanagan's head – it’s ridiculous!Still, this site’s quirkiness is strangely endearing. So, while it’s not a great smut site at all, it’s still worth looking at just to see how strange it is.For all of these reasons, I really wasn't sure how I should rate this site. But I guess a fair rating for this site would be three out of five confused and amused hands.