So you want to know why Pop JAV is listed here? For a relatively small country, Japan puts out a shocking amount of pornography. They must have more perverts per square foot than anywhere else. Japanese Adult Video, or JAV, has fans all over the world, and I bet you’re one of them. Have you seen Pop JAV yet?PopJAV.tv is a newer free JAV site, hitting the Internet at the ass-end of 2018. They get nearly 10 million visits a month, though. Either they pulled the traffic from somewhere else or this site really is some hot shit. Let’s see what all the fuss is about.Sexy Japanese Sluts and AV IdolsPart of the appeal of any Asian porn is that the girls look so goddamn young. Some of those blonde bimbos you see in sex movies end up aging like bananas, but Japanese chicks maintain that smooth, flawless skin even after outgrowing MILF status. Don’t even get me started on how they don’t get fat, either.Like any porn site, PopJAV is populated by some of the primest examples of prime cuts. These beautiful sluts spread out across the front page offer thumbnailed glimpses of the site’s New Porn Videos. Some basic info is included: views, date uploaded, and title. The couple dozen clips out front have all been uploaded today, which is nice growth for any porn site.The thumbnails are still images with no video preview available when you hover over. There’s a good mix of Japanese pornstars (AV idols) and amateur sluts. About half of the ones on the front page have screengrabs for thumbnails, the other half are DVD covers.PopJAV’s spam issue is apparent the moment you load the front page, and it’s intense. My spam blocker tallied 10 blocked ads before I clicked on anything. When I accidentally clicked the background, I got a pop-up. There’s also what looks like a message from my browser asking if I’ll allow the site to send me notifications. When I click Deny, the message stays where it is and I also get another pop-up.Censored and Uncensored JAVHey, did you just hit ctrl+F and then type “censor” to find this section? The issue of censorship is something JAV fans have to worry about basically all the time. Whether or not a Japanese Adult Video site shows exposed pussies is often the most important factor for a lot of perverts.For a country that loves bus molesters, tentacle rape, and the sticky miracle of bukkake, Japan is surprisingly uptight about sex. You can follow an unsuspecting schoolgirl around and stick a camera up her skirt, but don’t you dare think about showing uncensored consensual penetration. Anything officially released in Japan is required to obscure the genitalia.PopJAV, since it’s full of Japanese Adult Video straight from the source, is full of censored content. There are a lot of pixelated cooters on those DVD covers. Another thumbnail shows a girl with her legs up and probably a dick in her, but it’s hard to tell because some goofy little emoticon has been pasted over the private parts.The good news is that there are uncensored movies mixed in there, so you actually can see some real, unhidden action on PopJAV. The even better news is there’s a big UNCENSORED link in the header, so you can jump right to the good stuff. (There’s also a CENSORED link to wrap your head around, a real mystery for the ages. Who the hell would click that?)Let’s Watch These Japanese Babes Fuck!I know some of it has to do with the limits of my browser’s translation software, but goddamn, Japanese porn titles are ridiculous. I clicked on a thumbnail in the Uncensored section showing a dude in a threesome with two young hotties. The video is called Human Wife Loveboy No. 3 Vs Rental Girlfriend Raw Inserted Into The Deep Lesbian World. There’s actually a subtitle, too, but it devolves further into sheer sexual keyword gibberish.My ad-blocker is already having a fight with the page before I click on anything. There’s a Skip Ad button on top of the video player. I click it, even though I don’t see an ad, and then I click the Play button on the clip. I get a spinning icon telling me it’s loading, but it comes with a message saying it definitely is not loading: “The publisher of this file doesn’t allow AdBlock, please disable and reload.”I’m not the kind of guy who takes my condom off, even when the crackwhore behind 7-11 asks really nicely and swears those are just birthmarks and moles, not anything to worry about. My computer ain’t exactly my dick, but I’m not about to let them fuck up my experience with more ads if I can help it.Beneath PopJAV’s baked-in video player are some buttons that will let you load the clip from another server if there are issues. There’s a Download button on the end, which brings up a few options to download. They’re poorly labeled, but the one I clicked sent me to OpenLoad.While OpenLoad did provide a helpful button to download the 526 MB, 56-minute video, the movie also loaded in their player. Within seconds, I was watching these amateur Japanese girls giggle and undress each other on a bed. There’s some light kissing, which leads to fingering, which leads to a 69.I’d seen some weird pixels in the thumbnail out front, so I was a little worried they lied about the Uncensored action. Fortunately, their tight, shaved cunts were on full display. When the dude showed up later, his boner was unhidden from the viewer. Weirdly, though, his face is blurred out. He’s probably some kind of criminal, wanted by the feds, or maybe he’s just a world-famous Porn Dude trying to be incognito. You’ll never know.A Wide Range of Japanese PerversionBesides the Censored and Uncensored links in the header, there’s also quick access to PopJAV’s collection of Amateur, Pornstars, and VR collections. The VR stash is a couple of pages deep, which is bigger than I expected, but I couldn’t get anything to work with my device. That shit’s hard enough when you’re not navigating a maze of download servers through a wall of spam.You can also hit up the Category page via the header. The categories here are different from most porn sites. There are only three categories: Uncensored Maker, Amateur JAV, and Censored Maker. Each one is full of producers, some with thousands of videos on the site. Heydouga, a maker of uncensored JAV, has 1,976 movies here right now.The Tags page is a more traditional list of porn sub-genres. Well, as traditional as the list can be in Japan. It’s got the regular stuff like Anal and Lesbians, but also hundreds of categories like Pussy Bukkake, Rape, Sailor Uniform, and Kyonyu. Like the Category page, video totals are listed beside the Tags. There are 1,081 Bareback videos but only 17 Futanari ones, so apologies to the tranny fans.My biggest complaint about PopJAV is easily the spam. You get ads on any free porn site, but it really gets in the way of the fun here. It’s difficult to even watch a single video without fighting through some spam. The site wants you to turn your spam blocker off, but has there been a single time that has improved your masturbating experience? I didn’t think so.I found a few dead links while I was browsing, too. That’s not a huge deal and probably should be expected when you’re dealing with a collection this big, especially when external file hosts are involved. The spam exacerbates the problem, because dead links are much more annoying when you had to fight to even reach them.That collection, though. Despite the spam and the dead links, this is one hell of a JAV collection, massive and wide-ranging. It’s no wonder the site is getting such a crazy amount of traffic. People will put up with some serious bullshit if you offer them free porn. Is that bullshit worth it on PopJAV? That depends on how much you like Japanese Adult Video.