Ready to bust a nut at JAV Most? If you’re from the western part of the world like me, you probably have a bit of a fascination with Asian women and the porn that they star in. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I’m pretty sure I’ve narrowed down a few different reasons why I find them so fascinating.For one, due to their culture, Asian women usually are super submissive in most scenes. You know the ones I mean; where a Japanese student begs her senpai to improve her school marks after failing a test by sucking his cock or where a Korean mistress takes advantage of her alone time with her dominant boyfriend.And the ones where they aren't quite and reserved, they're just as nubile and pretty bust out their breasts and writhe around like thirsty banshees within the first few minutes (if not seconds) of the video.Second, Asian directors seem to put a lot more thought into making each and every scene stand out no matter what budget they have and how much set room they are working on. Sure in the West you'll find some clever plot porn, especially from America, but there isn't the same level of consistency. Even on some of the better sites like Brazzers and Mofos, it often seems like there is just a flimsy premise followed up by a wham, bam, "thank you, ma'am" scene.Third, on a related note to the second point, Asian women, no matter whether or not they are submissive or dominant seem to have no limits when they fuck, suck, or get tentacle-shaped toys shoved inside of them.Fourth, there is so, so much great Asian porn out there. Okay, yeah, there is tons of porn of all kinds of colored people out there, but it seems like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Malay pornographers seem to be on a mission to put out more smut than any other race in the world. Of course, having about a billion some people to choose from and cater to probably helps.Unfortunately, with all of this great variety, it can be hard to find it all, unless you spend all damn day searching every Asian porn tube and a lot of premium sites. Fortunately, there are some great repositories of Oriental porn like Jav Most.Sure the name doesn't make it sound like much, but you know the old internet saying, "don't judge a badly translated domain by its title." Okay, I made that shit up, but anyway, Jav Most is a fantastic fap site for Asian smut – so, read on the find out the details why.More Porn Than You Can Shake Your Fist AtOr should I say, they have more porn than you can shake your fist to, but you are welcome to try?I started to count the number of videos that they have but quit before I got to a final number. However, there are tens of thousands of videos, and given the number of future uploads, I think that there may be about a hundred thousand videos soon.And to make things even better, the length of each video is, on average, a lot longer than most Western porn films. In fact, a lot of Asian porn on this site is about as long as a full-on movie since they push over an hour in length.There Is A Lot Of Pixel Porn, ThoughYou probably figured that this would be the case because, after all, it's authentic Asian porn. So, if you're put off by a huge pixel blur in front of a fine female's mouth while she's sucking a dick or covering up her yum-yum, you'll be disappointed. Censorship runs rampant all over this site.On the other hand, while I’m not that into it, there is a certain appeal to it. After all, while you’re watching one of these videos you might find that it is kind of kinky to see one (or more) of these fine Asian ladies go from fully to partially clothed then topless, not really getting to see the final goods can be a nice tease.However, There Is Uncensored Smut, TooIf you are disappointed by the abundance of censored smut, don’t despair! Like the best authentic Asian porn sites, Jav Most has a separate section full of uncensored, raw fucking. That means you get to see unfiltered dick sucking, bare bush, and wet, sloppy penetration without any condoms or censored content.Weirdly though, some of the uncensored videos do show you all of these ladies naked glory but their facial appearance has been modified. And no, I’m not talking about the cum getting splashed on their faces. Instead, some women have black censor bars over their eyes – apparently to cover up their identity.I have no idea why that is, especially since if you watch the videos themselves, the woman’s appearance isn’t altered. So, that weirdness aside, this section actually does have nothing but fully uncensored porn.The Categories Are Exactly What You’d Expect……from a Japanese porn site.Well, to repeat an earlier point, this is an Asian site and has exactly what you would expect when it comes to video categories. Sure, there is the regular stuff like solo, big tits, and cream pie. However, there are some categories which are somewhat or completely different than what you might find on a Western website.For example, there are a lot of videos in the Mature Women section. In fact, with over six thousand videos in this section, this category is super popular. At any rate, the reason I brought up this section is because the women on this site are certainly older and clearly have a lot of wisdom when it comes to how to fuck, but don’t really look it.I mean they are Asian, so as they get older, they don’t really show it all that much. They might “look” a bit ripened, but they still have curves in all the right places, everything falls and holds where it’s supposed to, and the equipment still looks like it’s in mint condition.But I'm sure you are far more curious about the weirder stuff on Jav Most. Well, some of the more unusual categories include incest style porn wherein naughty brides are getting fucked by their in-laws or blood relatives. There are thousands of squirting videos where ladies splooge all over themselves, their female friends, and even guys.There are super-specific categories like Bride, Virgin Man, Bukakke, Young Wife, and something called Subjectivity. Do you speak Japanese and like filthy fuck talk? Well, you’re in luck cause there’s even a Dirty Words section. Basically, if you can imagine the fetish they’ve got a video of it on Jav Most.And yes, of course, they do have a few different school girl uniform sections, too.The Site Design Is Tots UniqueI've you've seen as much porn as I have (or even if you haven't) you've probably noticed that a lot of porn site follow the same design pattern. You know what I mean, usually a vertically top-loaded menu bar with links to the homepage, video section, photo galleries, and bonus stuff. Asian sites, on the other hand, are far more mold-breaking, I've found.In the case of Jav Most, there is a laterally left-mounted menu, but the links take you to the categories section as well as lists of porn stars, directors, and other filtering buttons, like a lot of other sites. But each page is packed with hundreds of links to smut videos. These thumbnails, rather than have a simple teaser or a preview thumbnail like you might be used to, has two, three or even four preview pics packed with writing about what you are going to see. That writing is, of course, in Japanese, though.Further, each page is set to infinite scroll but at the top and to the right of each page has a numbered page system which jumps you to sections of the page. So, I think this website is both minimalist and maximalist at the same time.You can search the site using a built-in search engine, and actually does work pretty well. And just like a site like YouTube, with an account, you can live notifications through a bell icon located on the far upper right side of the page.You’re Not Going To Be Bombarded By Ads……as long as you have good ad-blocking software, that is.Like most free Japanese smut sites, there is a good deal of potential popups and redirects. So, getting AdBlocker or a similar extension is a must when using this site. Along with that, most movies have ads plastered on the screen which you'll have to click through.Super Strange TitlesOnce again I have to say, like a lot of other Asian sites, Jav Most has some weird-ass video titles.For example, one particularly fascinating title is called “SDAB-085 An Overwhelming Talent Who Can Speak Six Languages Takami (Takami) Haruka Hara Is An Idiot At All D.” Yes, that is the entire title. Of course, if you watch the video, you’ll see that Takami Haruka Hara isn’t an idiot at all – particularly when it comes to handling the D.I mean, I've heard of keyword stuffing, and I've heard of close but still off translations. But I don't think I've ever seen keyword packed titles which are definitely decipherable but still don't quite read well.That said, it’s not terribly distracting and sometimes even a little bit funny.On the plus side, below each title the release date, run time, movie rating, starlet, and other details are listed. On top of that, the video’s star’s name along with the genre, director, publisher, and tags are all intractable links which will take you to related content with a simple click.There Are Several Filter FeaturesBesides the links listed below each video, you can easily get around the site thanks to the numerous filter options located in the main menu. For instance, this site has one of the best advanced search engines I've ever seen. You can search by movie or star name, select one or more of several categories (like creampie, married, and slut) or add your own, and even refine your search by year the movie you are looking for.Moving on, with a left-click you can see pages listing the Porn Stars, Director, Maker (aka studio) by name, along with the Top Viewed, Newly Released, and Best Rated videos.So, What’s Popular?The people who hang out on Jav Most have some unusual and eclectic tastes. The vids in the Best Rated section are pretty varied but mostly have anal, creampie, and solo vids. The same is generally true for the Top Viewed section although there are a few more “exotic videos.” I say exotic because there are movies featuring Eurasian and even white women. How rare is that?And What’s The Code Page?You might notice if you check the menu that there's a page called Code. Click on it, and you will find hundreds of videos with weird acronyms like STAR, MYDY, and VENU. I looked into it and found that those are all tags of some kind, but I'm not sure what they mean. If someone does, let me know.Should You See This Site For Yourself?When it comes to Asian sites, Jav Most (often misspelled as "jav5", "5javmost" and "jav5most") really is one of the best that I've reviewed. Sure you'll have to put up with some ads from time to time, and the titles are awkward as hell, but all that's typical on competing sites. Besides, there are far more benefits than drawbacks.The video selection is in the tens of thousands, the fetishes are as varied as your imagination, and the advanced search option is the most advanced that I’ve ever seen. And the Random button is really fun to use, or at the very least, eye-opening.