After reading the title, I’m sure some of you are thinking, “who the fuck is Jav Doe?” “Is she (or he) some porn star who performs all kinds of naughty nastiness under a weird alias?” “Is she a mysterious porn producer who chooses an alluring, albeit confusing, professional name, kinda like Mr. Him?” (If you don't know who that is, check her out – she’s made some decent stuff.)No and no. Jav, for you uncultured newbs, is an abbreviation for Japanese Adult Video. JavDoe.com aka JavDoe.tv is the main name of the Jav network which is made up of eight main free-to-watch sites, plus 16 premium specialty sites. While not really a porn site since all of the clips and vids are hosted on other platforms, Jav is a repository for some of the best Japanese video and streaming you’re going to find anywhere.And if you know anything about Japanese porn you're in for a wild ride you're going to want to try again. If you don't, then buckle up cause this is going to be interesting.Unique Niches You’ve (Probably) Never Heard ofThe first you’re going to want to know about Japanese porn is that there is a shit-ton of creativity put into a lot of their porns. Yeah, you get the typical dick sucking, cock riding, switch to anal, and cum on the face like most sites. But with Japanese porn, you get erotic and kinky shit presented in ways you typically don't see from Western pron.For instance, after just scanning through Jav’s content I found complex scenarios involving anchorwomen, scenes imitating soap operas, and stuff even crazier. Forget about girls munching on fish tacos, I’ve seen a clip of a woman sucking on sashimi. So just about whatever your fetish is, or soon will be, Jav probably has it somewhere on their network.Don’t misunderstand, I ain’t mad about, just a little confused. If anyone wants to explain, let me know.If you’re in the mood for some additional variety while cruising around Jav’s sites, there is a section for “foreign” girls, or in other words, white and black chicks from European and American sites.On top of that, there’s a whole section for censored and uncensored porn. Yeah, you read that right. Jav's sites feature typical (and not so typical) hardcore porn with full-on nudity. They also have a whole section just for vids with pixilated clits and dicks. So if you like a hardcore tease, there ya go.Decent Web DesignThe layout is pretty good, but nothing great. Everything seems to function well, although the menu could be designed better. As I already talked about, the categories section is really, really thorough and includes stuff like car sex, glasses, kimono, and, of course, uniform. Seriously, it seems like porn peddlers in Japan made it their mission to cover every possible fetish, then make up new ones no one else had ever thought of.Anyway, near the top of every page below the search bar is a bunch of categories like MILF, ass, big tits, etc. I can tell if these are trending search terms, but I think they might just be random. While their placement is a bit awkward it doesn’t really distract from the JavDoe experience.There is one other thing that kinda throws me off. When surfing around, I found that a lot of Jav's video thumbnails are all written in Japanese. Once you click on the video, though, all of the information and the categories are written in English. But if you start searching without using categories or get videos from a channel which has the kind of content that you’re familiar with, you might be a bit confused just by looking at video preview pics.Get a Money Saving MembershipToo many porn sites these days seem hellbent on breaking the bank while providing mediocre content. Fortunately, joining the Jav network for a three-day trial costs only a dollar. That’s right, one smacker, a single greenback, 0.88 of a Euro or about three-quarter quid. That said, paying $50 a month sucks, but if you sign up for six months, you get six months for free. And for those of you who suck at math, that breaks down to just $20 bucks a month.For that puny amount you get to be one of 50,000 other members who have almost unlimited access to 16 niche sites, thousands of videos with new ones added daily, and tens of thousands of sultry pics from hundreds of models.Put it another way, you get access to a four and a half-terabyte archive all in 1080p high definition cum worthy content, plus new premium content which is uploaded all the time. Have any problems using the site? No problem because with membership you also get live customer support 24/7. Curious about how it’ll look on mobile? Exactly the same. Like any good smut site, the Jav network websites look just as good and navigate just as easy on mobile.Signing up is simple and super easy, and all payments are kept completely anonymous and are completely secure. Still not impressed? Then check out their HD video section. While you won’t get full access, you can get previews for their premium videos without charge.Stay Up-to-Date with Titillating TrendsWho doesn’t like to be on top…of someone else or the latest trends? I for sure like both. With the Jav network’s trending report this is easier than ever. With this feature, you can check out all of the hottest, most popular stuff on the site which is constantly updated.Unlike other sites though, which might just show trends in categories or performers, with Jav you see a bunch of searched terms including the names of actresses, sexy screen acts, and content from specific studios.Cock Pleasing CamsOne of the best aspects of this network is the live cams page their partner cam site Sakura Live. Navigation is easy, everything is categorized well, and there is a free chat option. How cool is that? While most cam sites nickel and dime ya just to see a little bit of skin, with Sakura Live you get to be apart of the experience for free.Of course, getting a paid membership gets you a lot of fun perks like cam2cam chat options, remote toy control, and unlimited free previews. Not sure if you want a membership? Then you can sign up for a $20 value free trial.The one thing I have to bitch about is how the default setting for cam pages is set up. Instead of opening up in a new tab, a cam page opens up in a new window which might make you think the page has stalled and just brought up a pop-up.Anyway, while most of the girls are Japanese, I found that a lot of them do speak and write some English. Even the ones who don't won't be a problem, though, since Sakura Live offers free translation software to make your chatting experience a breeze.In fact, this cam site's content is so good that they’ve won the award for best Japanese Adult Cam site in both Japan and China for 2015, ‘16, and ‘17. Given how great these gorgeous gals are I wouldn’t be surprised if they snatched that same award (and maybe more) this year, too.Summing Up This Smut SiteObviously, it’s no secret at this point that I really like this network. Between all of the nubile Japanese nudity and the occasional variety of foreign (aka Western) flesh, there’s tons of peen pulling content. Plus, since Japanese porn producers have to be different, you're going to find girls doing things you'd never dream of. Or perhaps you did you filthy fuckers. ;)The more expensive but still worth it content like the cam site and premium videos are awesome, too. Some of the design and site execution but could be better, but it’s not so bad that I’d say it sucks. Overall, the Jav network is not only one fo the best Oriental-oriented porn sites I’ve seen but one of the best aggregate sites period. I give it five out of five me-oh-so-horny hands.