Ready to see some Asian chicks at Jav Guru? Have you got a case of yellow fever? Wait a minute, that’s not politically correct. Allow me to rephrase. Do you like furiously stroking your own cock while watching videos of hot Asian women getting their brains fucked out? If you answered yes, you might want to check out JAV.Guru.What does JAV stand for, you ask? Could it be Just Anal Virgins or Jolly Amateur Vixens? How about Jelly-Ass and Voluptuous? Jerking At Vaginas? Nah, it’s much simpler than that: Japanese Adult Video.That’s exactly what you get on Jav Guru. Videos for adults, made in Japan. Pornography from the Land of the Rising Sun.Watch Japanese Adult VideoDon’t worry if you can’t read Japanese. I’m sure you’d try to poke through a wall of foreign text just to see some tits and ass, but no, that’s not necessary. The DVD covers that dominate the layout are written in Japanese, but all the website text is in English.The DVD titles are translated, but nothing else on the box is. You get enough information from the video names and the pictures. Click through and you’ll get a bigger pic of the cover and some screengrabs. The caps of a big-titted cheerleader being held down, cum spraying in her face, gave me a pretty good idea of what I could expect from Cheerleader With Colossal Tits - Monami Takarada.Each video has a link to buy it and a few options for streaming it. The choices are a good idea since the first stream link didn’t work for me. I did get an intrusive pop-up ad that got by my filter, made its own window, and told me my computer was going to reboot. Fuck off.The video itself played just fine once it loaded. Clicking the full-screen button got me a new tab with a fake CRITICAL ALERT from fake Windows, but the vid didn’t go full-screen. Second time’s a charm, though. The Japanese Adult Video filled the screen, letting me study the rich detail offered by 480P. Since it’s a DVD rip, I got a full two hours of that cheerleader with the huge boobs and her sexual adventures.DVD rips are JAV.Guru’s thing. Other sites offer a bunch of short Asian clips, but here they focus on bringing you full movies. Apparently, a couple of dozen physical JAV titles come out every day. This site does its best to bring you as many as they can.I watched the cheerleader video on my laptop, but it’s worth noting their claim that all videos are mobile-ready. That’s going to be a long “bathroom break” at work. Tell your boss it was bad sushi.A short review divides the links and the screengrabs. The dude who writes for JAVGuru thought the cover sucked, but the movie was great. I can see where he’s coming from. The cover isn’t half as explicit as the movie. I agree with him when he says, “the best thing was the pair of humongous tits she has. DAMN.”If you need to save the clip for later, and I wouldn’t blame you, there are a couple of different download links provided. I’ll probably grab the mp4 of Cheerleader With Colossal Tits.Maybe I’ll just bookmark that clip for later instead. You’re an adult, though, so I’m not going to hold your hand or tell you what to do. Download at your own risk.So Many Categories of Asian PornIf you click TAGS in the header, you get options to sort the videos by Tag, Studio, and Actress. Each one will take you to the respective list, or you can get them all on one page by just clicking TAGS.They’ve got a huge set of category tags to narrow down your search. You’re probably already thinking there’s going to be some distinctly Japanese categories like bukkake or cosplay with a screengrab of a chick in a Chun Li outfit. You’d be right, of course. You’ll also see all the standard stuff you’d see on any porn site: Creampie, Big tits, Voyeur, Facials, Squirting.If you’re into super freaky fetish porn and have never seen the kind of shit coming out of Japan, you’re in for a real treat. Other tags include restraint, piss drinking, groping, and tentacle. I clicked on Fighting Action and got a page of DVD rips featuring women dressed like superheroes, princesses and pro-wrestlers.Here’s where it gets ugly. I clicked on a DVD cover that looked like some kind of extra-sexy, grown-ass Sailor Moon. Instead of pulling up the normal page with the view and download links, Chrome gave me a bright red page warning me that “The site ahead contains harmful programs.” I clicked the back button. I’ll have to miss the fake Sailor Moon getting things shoved up her ass, but at least I won’t end up with malware shoved up my computer’s ass.The flicks aren’t tagged as well as they could be when it comes to categories. That cheerleader movie I watched is only tagged with Beautiful Girl, Huge Butt, and Ultra-Huge Tits. Even a look at the cover will give away some other obvious tags they missed. The film also contains Doggystyle, Facial, Masturbation, and Toys, but it’s not going to come up if you click one of those tags.The Studio and Actress tags work a lot better. Starting at Cheerleader With Colossal Tits, I clicked Monami Takarada and found out she’s in 17 more DVDs on the site. I guess I’m going to be pretty busy tonight.You might be wondering if they have a section of Hentai, or Japanese porno cartoons. There actually isn’t any on JAV.Guru, but they’ve got a sister site that has it. You will sometimes see a few pages of scanned porn comics along with the movie screengrabs.Listen to These Smart MotherfuckersThere seems to be a higher level of discussion on JAV.Guru than on other porn sites. Earlier today, I reviewed a site where the commenters all said dimwit shit like, “lol her boobs r biggest put in my face plz.” Here, they write full fucking paragraphs about the film making, the cover design, and extensive career backgrounds of the actresses.I’m sure a lot of JAV.Guru users are casual masturbators, willing to crank one out to almost anything, but some of them seem like goddamn scholars of the entire JAV genre. The FAQ on the site delves pretty deep into the history of smut censorship in Japan, obscure film codes, and where to dig up info on JAV actresses.The JAV glossary is worth a click, even if you’re just looking to see what kind of weird shit is available. Chikan means molester, usually used in porn about groping on public buses. Gokkun is the sound of swallowing in Japanese, and a style of smut in which a woman sucks off a number of guys and plays with the cum. Kintama tsubushi is torturing a dude by squeezing his nuts.Don’t get me wrong. Most of the glossary is translations of your standard porn stuff, like seishi for sperm or shiofuki for squirting. I just love seeing how unreserved Japan is when it comes to that kinky stuff. They don’t quarantine it off by itself like so much of the porn world.There are plenty of places to watch Asian porn on the Internet. In fact, it’s even a major category on most sex video websites. JAV.Guru focuses on one very specific type of Asian porn, JAV DVDs, and they may be the best English site that does so. Their collection is huge, growing, and it’s free to watch or download.