KissJAV (ShyAV)

What's Kiss JAV aka Shy AV all about? You perverts out there with a fetish for Japanese girls probably already know this, but JAV is an abbreviation, short for Japanese Adult Video. Add a kiss in front of that, and you have one of the largest Japanese porn tubes on the web. Kiss Jav specializes in more than just Japanese videos, though; they have tons of Korean JAV and Chinese content as well. It is the Porn Hub of exclusively Asian content.With over 2,500 pages of videos and counting, you are unlikely to run out of content anytime soon. Many of these videos, however, are censored. The dicks and pussies of the actors are pixilated or blurred out due to Japanese obscenity laws. And, seeing as most of the content on is produced in Japan, most of the content is, therefore, going to be censored.I’m not entirely sure, but maybe that is part of the allure for people with a Japanese kink. Something about craving a taste of the forbidden fruit. That would totally make sense. Us men are notorious for wanting what we cannot have. If that’s the case, there will be plenty of censored content on Kiss Jav for you to let your imagination run wild with.Who the Fuck Wants to Watch Censored Porn?For those of you who are not as interested in watching porn if you are not able to see the penetration (count me in this group), KissJav does have an uncensored section—although it is significantly smaller. Just under 500 pages of uncensored videos (about 1/5 of their total content). So, if you can’t deal with the censored stuff and you don’t mind too much if the girls aren’t Japanese, you might be better off checking out some of their Korean or Chinese content.The lack of uncensored JAV content on this site, though, to be clear, is not exactly Kiss Jav’s fault. Japan is dead ass serious about their laws, so it’s somewhat rare that uncensored videos are even made available. And they are usually done so through someone in a Japanese production studio leaking the videos online before the censorship editing process is done. In other words, some Japanese dude who’s just trying to make an honest living is putting his ass on the line so that you can have some uncensored JAV. Hey, I’m glad he is; there are some really fucking hot Japanese porn stars out there.Community and Site DesignOne thing that I definitely appreciated about Kiss Jav is its community features. Much like Porn Hub, users are able to register with the site and like and share videos, upload content, follow their favorite users, comment on videos, and create customizable playlists. Although the community doesn’t seem quite as active as Porn Hub’s (it is, after all, a much smaller, lesser-known site), I still think it’s really cool that the options are there. Especially for a site that caters to such a niche demographic—I feel like it’s even more important that users are able to interact, discuss, and share videos with one another.Kiss Jav’s website design is pretty standard and really minimalistic—white background, navigation and search bar at the top of the page, a section displaying trending videos, one for most recent, a spot for suggested tags based on user activity, and a featured categories section at the bottom. Overall, the site is well-organized and easy enough to navigate, and, although I’d kind of like to see them put a little more thought into the design, I am a fan of the minimalistic aesthetic, so that doesn’t bother me much.These Motherfucking Ads Though…What does bother me, though, are the ads on this site. No exaggeration: almost everything you click on opens a pop-up ad. No bullshit—every video, every category, every tab, the play button on the videos, even the search bar. What’s worse, is you have to click on everything two or three times just to get the damned site to do what you want. It’s not like other sites that may open a pop-up when you click, but also at least go to where you wanted to go on the site. This one doesn’t even function on the first click. The first click might as well have just been on an ad, even if it’s on a thumbnail for a video on Kiss Jav. I fucking hate this.I must have spent like two or three minutes just trying to figure out how to get a fucking video to play because clicking on “close ad and play” does exactly the opposite—it opens a new ad and doesn’t fucking play. This is ridiculous, and, frankly, unacceptable in this day and age of thousands of porn sites to choose from. There is some stiff competition out there, Kiss Jav, I highly suggest you step your game up if you want to stick around.On top of all of this click-ad fuckery, there are more traditional advertisements all over the place on every page you can muster up the patience to click into. You’ll find ads on the margins, under videos, on top of, when you pause, on the home page. Every single place you can imagine could have ads, does. Fucking unbelievable.Does User-Uploaded Content Have to Mean Sacrificing Quality?Okay, now that I’ve gotten that shit out of my system…let’s talk about Kiss Jav’s content. Much of it looks amateur in quality. I’m not sure if that is due to the porn industry in Japan or not. I do seem to remember seeing some really high-quality JAV stuff on other sites, though, so maybe that is just the nature of Kiss Jav allowing for and promoting primarily user-uploaded content. Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely some nicely shot, thought out and well-executed content on here, but the problems I had with it are twofold: 1.) it is usually not of actual Japanese girls fucking (more like solo nude modelling or masturbation stuff), and 2.) such videos are few and far between.Again, this may not be a fault of Kiss Jav’s. This could just be a consequence of the complicated legal implications of the Japanese porn industry. However, I can only judge a website based on what is actually on it, and I’m not gonna sugarcoat it for you. I will only bring you the truth, and nothing less.As far as the Chinese and Korean content is concerned, it looks to be suffering from the same problem. So, I guess this is more an issue with the quality of content that users are uploading onto Kiss Jav than it is an issue with legal labyrinths making it difficult to find quality content. That being said, if you are going to upload your own content onto this site or any others like it, please do yourself (and the rest of us) the favor of putting some goddamned time and energy into it.I love homemade porn, don’t get me wrong, but I really wish that the people who made homemade porn would try harder to make it of better quality. Try a nicer camera, steady your fucking aim, have someone else shoot it if you can’t figure out how a camera works. Whatever you do, just respect the art form a little more. I don’t want to see any more fucking 10 second videos of you trying (and failing) to get your dick in a girl’s asshole. What would possibly possess you to upload that? How the fuck did you play that 10-second clip back and say, “you know what? The world needs to see this!”So, once again, I have to call on all amateur porn makers: get your shit together and make videos that look like you actually tried. For those of you who are already doing this, thank you, please keep doing what you’re doing, and you know who you are. But, as for the rest of you, step your fucking game up.All in all, Kiss Jav is a great archive of Asian porn and a really convenient place to find uncensored Jav content without having to sift through hundreds of pages on other tube sites to get to the good stuff. They have community capabilities (which is great), but its members really need to improve their craft. Kiss Jav could be an awesome porn tube if they chilled the fuck out with the ads. Fuck, now I’m pissed again just thinking about it. Time to go have an angry wank and forget.