It would be impossible to know just how many porn sites there are on the internet. New ones are being created all the time. Old ones get taken down every day. Needless to say, though, the number, if you could somehow figure it out, would be staggering. Since there are so many porn sites to choose from, that means that there are a lot of shitty ones. And only a few really great ones.That is why I am here, to help you to figure out which ones are worth your time, and which ones you can skip over along your never-ending quest for high-quality porn. I know you are a busy man … you have many very important computer games to play (fucking loser). So, naturally, an important guy like you just does not have the time to spend looking through porn sites to separate the duds from the gems.What makes one porn site better than another? That is a very good question. There are a few factors to take into account when judging a porn site. Obviously, there’s the quality of the porn (arguably the most important factor). Then, there’s the quality of the site itself (is it designed well? Is it easy to navigate?) There’s also the matter of quantity and diversity (you want a shit ton of videos and you want a good range to choose from).Overall, though, at the end of the day, it is really about the experience and the site’s intent. Based on what the website appears to be trying to achieve, does it do so successfully? Also, regardless of the site’s intentions, is the overall experience of visiting and navigating the site a pleasant one? Is it easy to use and designed to make your life easier (and more pleasurable)? That is the whole point of visiting porn sites, to begin with, isn’t it? To relieve stress, not to create more.The Google of Porn?So, it is with those criteria in mind that I will be taking a look at the Japanese porn site known as Avgle. Their name, at least judging by their logo, looks to be a sort of play on “Google,” I think? They have definitely borrowed the iconic lowercase font and multicolored aspects of the Google logo at the very least. If that were to be the case, then, I’m left to assume that the “AV” in Avgle likely stands for Adult Video, as in Japanese Adult Video (JAV). That means that Avgle is making quite a large claim right out of the gate then … that they are the Google of adult videos. Hm … whether or not that is true remains to be seen.From the moment you land on the home page of Avgle, it looks pretty familiar as far as porn tube sites go. You’ve got a menu bar up at the top of the page, and a bunch of thumbnails down below, grouped off into different sections. In the case of Avgle, you have “Videos Being Watched,” then a list of categories, then “Featured Videos,” “Hot Videos,” and “Most Recent Videos.” All pretty standard for a site like this.Above the thumbnails is the menu bar, which is simple and not too cluttered. Choose from “Videos,” “Dating,” “VR,” “Collections,” “Categories,” “Live Sex,” “Upload,” with a search bar all the way to the right. “Live Sex” and “Dating” can be ruled out, more or less, as bullshit (at least as it pertains to this website) … they both take you to third-party websites. In the case of “Dating,” some spammy ‘get laid tonight’ site designed solely to get your contact info; in the case of “Live Sex,” you are brought to Bongacams, a pretty popular adult cam site that will require registration and payment of its own to enjoy.But the VR section is legit, and a cool and useful addition to a porn tube site, allowing you to easily filter through all of Avgle’s videos in order to only be shown those that have virtual reality capabilities. It is also a treat to find a free porn tube that has VR videos available at all, let alone one that caters to them specifically (in addition to all of the more traditional content).(Lack of) Some Community FeaturesAs far as additional interactive features go, though, you are a bit limited. You can “like” or “dislike” a video, or easily access a link to embed it to your blog, social media post or whatever, but it doesn’t look like you can comment on videos or that there is any sort of means for discussion or community on this site. As far as registering to use the site is concerned, I would skip doing so unless you plan on uploading your own content. There just doesn’t seem to be enough features to warrant it otherwise.That being said, though, if you are looking for a site on which to find tons of great porn Japanese porn, Avgle definitely has it. I understand that not everyone requires those additional, kind of above and beyond features that other sites offer (like a forum, chat capabilities, a profile, social media features, a blog, etc.). For many, all that is required is a convenient and easy site to visit for a quick fap and go.If that is what you are looking for, maybe Avgle will be for you. There is certainly something to be said about how many HD, full-length movies they have (I’m talking hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of hours of content. Avgle has more hours of porn available than you likely have hours left to live. You’ll definitely never run out of fap material, that is for damn sure.Unless they develop a way for us to keep fapping past death … On second thought, though, I’m not sure I want to live in a world of undead fapper zombies. Actually, I know for a fact that I would not want to live in that world. Here’s to hoping that technology is never invented.Ads Ruin the ExperienceFor all of the great, high-quality videos Avgle has available, there are almost as many ads. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but there are definitely way too many fucking ads. More ads than any site should ever need to survive. Each click leads to like three fucking popups. Ridiculous, right? Plus, you get ads when you try to play videos and pause videos. And if you have an ad blocker activated, Avgle will try to persuade you to disable it on their site, saying, “we know ads are annoying, but …”If you know they are annoying (and you really gave a fuck about them being annoying), you would have found another way to make money than using them in the first place. This acknowledgment of the issue is simply not enough to undo the problem you created in the first place.So, no, I will not be disabling my adblocker, Avgle, nice try though. How about this … instead of making it seem like me and my adblocker are the issue, why don’t you try to find a less parasitic way to make your money? It is clearly not impossible. I mean, just look at theporndude.com. I make bank and don’t need to use ads to it.Avgle Could be Great…Okay, now that I got that out of my system … I think that, if you can overlook the ads, Avgle (often misspelled as "javgle" and "avgel") is a pretty good porn tube site with tons of high-quality content. Is it the Google of adult videos? Absolutely fucking not. That is a ludicrous comparison for them to make. But, on the other hand, is it the worse porn site I’ve ever seen? No.The site’s design is decent (not too cluttered or sloppy), it features a good range of types of content (both traditional porn and VR), it has more porn than you could ever watch in a single lifetime, and the everything is of extremely high quality. It’s a shame, too, that they had to go so crazy with the ads … this could have easily become one of the better porn tube sites I’ve ever seen.Well, maybe they’ll clean up their act one day and get rid of these ads. Until then, I’ll probably be fapping elsewhere.