VR Temptation

VRTemptation has been hitting me a lot ever since this fucking pandemic started. We’re not supposed to go outside, pick up drunk chicks at bars or even enjoy the erotic offerings of the local crackwhores. Pornography has arguably always been my best friend, but these days it’s filling more than just the usual holes in my soul. If you’ve got a futuristic virtual reality sex helmet, you can fap to porno that brings you a few steps closer to the real thing than your typical 2D blowjobs and threesomes.VRTemptation.com is, you guessed it, a premium VR porn site from the pornographic masterminds at MindGeek. Even if you don’t immediately recognize the name, you’ve certainly beaten off to a shit ton of their dirty movies. They’re the company responsible for some of the very biggest porn sites on the web, from Reality Kings and Brazzers to the king daddy of all free porn tubes, PornHub. VRTemptation has only been online a few weeks now and horny motherfuckers are already streaming in by the thousands. Strap on your VR gizmo and your motorized cock-stroking device; it’s time to masturbate into the future.Giving in to VR TemptationGiven the source, I had high hopes going into VR Temptation. The new-fangled 3D stuff always has high production values anyway, as the equipment isn’t exactly cheap. MindGeek has basically infinite resources compared to just about any other smut operation, so this shit has to be good, right? The tour page starts making a compelling case right away. It’s clean and flashy, with some drop-dead gorgeous sluts getting into some seriously naughty adventures.The first-person screengrabs sliding by the top of the screen show pornstars blowing kisses and riding dicks. One sexy blonde takes a fucking monster up the ass, and another pretty lady is tonguing her girlfriend’s butthole. There’s a cutie with a dick in her hand and sperm running down her smiling face, and I know immediately I’ve got to experience the full version in full 3D.I’m a little surprised I don’t recognize more of the pornstars. I figured MindGeek would hit us with some really big names right from the jump, but I see a lot of up-and-comers on the Pornstars page. If you consume a fair amount of dirty movies, you’ll probably recognize a handful of the babes. I’m happy to see Rebecca Volpetti, Angel Wicky and Taissia on the list. They’ve shot movies with a couple of dozen babes already, and they’re all sexy as fuck.Virtual reality porno is all about making you feel like a real porn stud, and VRTemptation looks like they’ve got some killer scenarios to drop you right into. LIVE YOUR OFFICE FANTASY, they say, screaming in all caps, or TRY ANAL WITH A VR STAR. You can even EXPERIENCE LESBIAN SEX, in first person or as just a masturbating observer in a realistic VR room. I got horny as shit just imagining the possibilities, so I made my way to the sign-up page.Three Dimensions for the Price of TwoEverybody has wanted VR porn forever, but it hasn’t really been workable or accessible until the last couple of years. New paysites have been sprouting up and I’ve been reviewing them along the way here at ThePornDude. One thing I’ve noticed is that the membership prices have often been lower than a typical premium porn library, probably to get new users onto the VR smut bandwagon.Well, Oculus Quest 2 just dropped a couple of months ago, bringing us a step closer to VR in every household. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but VRTemptation.com ain’t offering a cut-rate like almost every other VR site I’ve reviewed. It’s 30 bones a month, just like a typical 2D paysite. That’s not a terrible price, but it makes me worry the days of cheap VR smut are finally coming to an end.New sites are sometimes a hard sell because they haven’t yet had time to build their back catalogs. VR Temptation is only a few weeks old, but they dropped a few dozen immersive fuck flicks on their first day. They’ve currently got 43 movies available, and they’re updating every week. It’s a small collection compared to other MindGeek sites like Brazzers, but not bad for a brand-new virtual reality site.Being the biggest porn company in the world, MindGeek often sets the trends that other porn sites follow. That means they hold a lot of responsibility for the disappearing downloads on paysites everywhere. Since VR still looks a whole lot better when downloaded at maximum resolution for your device, downloads are included at VRTemptation. They offer 3 formats, fewer than other VR sites, but they’re compatible with all the major sex helmets. I’m sure they’ll start charging extra for downloads when home Internet connections are fast enough to stream the full-res films, but that’s still a few years away.What Do You Want to Do in VR?What kind of porn are you into? The reason I ask is because it looks like VRTemptations.com is trying to cover their bases right out the door. It’s “only” a few dozen flicks, but there’s a nice variety of sexy 3D action going on. Unless you’ve got a deep-niche fetish you need indulged, there’s definitely plenty on the menu here that’ll get you hard and happy.This week’s video is a solo show starring a stunning teen with small tits, masturbating to squealing completion. Last week was a kinky BDSM romp with a young blonde slave giving you a footjob and sucking your cock when you ain’t spanking her. If the dungeon sex isn’t your bag, how about titty-fucking a girl in the workout room or backwards cowgirl by the pool? You can watch lesbians fuck or become a lusty lady yourself in first-person POV flicks about carpet munching and scissoring.Maybe it’s just because I haven’t had any breakfast besides the hot mug of Viagra, but the kitchen scene in Your Personal Pussy Chef caught my eye. Actually, it was probably the tatted-up Lucia Deville bouncing on a dick in the thumbnail that did it for me. Either way, I waited patiently for it to download and then put on the 3D space goggles.Banging Girls in Immersive 3DI often skip the intro in 2D pornos, but VR brings magic to a hot girl just walking into the room. Lucia comes in, touches you lightly through your clothes and then heads over to the kitchen sink, where she briefly pretends to do kitchen stuff. I could watch this girl do fake dishes all day, especially with her ass showing like that. She comes out of the apron quickly, teasing the viewer with a luscious rack.I honestly wish the intro tease was a bit longer, but it’s only a 21-minute video. Besides, she’s not as a crisp and clear in the middle distance over by the sink. The video clarity is flawless as she comes back to the couch, straddles you and makes eye contact while eating a banana. She sticks those tits in your face next, already moaning a little before taking her panties off.Lucia’s ass is one of her greatest assets, and she uses it well, grinding it against the cameraman’s jeans. She sticks her shaved twat in your face next, gyrating her pelvis, rubbing her clit and moaning lightly. I can almost smell her cunt as I tongue the air, slurping away at nothing while pretending it’s Lucia’s fragrant essences. I’m sure the other Starbucks customers looked at me funny the whole time, but I really wanted to enjoy this.I appreciate all the different sex acts VRTemptation.com has managed to cram into a sitcom-length VR flick, though it feels a little stiff at times. The best pornos feel like they’re unfolding and progressing naturally, but this one seems like they made a list of what they were going to do and then allotted a certain amount of time for each act. Whatever the case, I blew the biggest fucking nut during the backwards cowgirl bit. Seriously, this girl’s ass is amazing!VRTemptation.com may be new as hell, but they’ve certainly made a strong impression on me with just their initial offerings. Who would have thought the biggest porn company in the world would know their product so well? Their biggest drawback right now is just the relatively small collection size compared to VR paysites that have been around a few years already. As the VR Temptation library grows, though, they’re definitely going to give the other sites a run for their money.