StasyQ VR

StasyQVR! Looking for some erotic striptease in VR? The new wave of virtual reality pornography brings a new level of realism to the game and with it an unprecedented level of intimacy previously unheard of in sex films. It’s hard not to feel like the sluts are really into you when they stare directly into your eyes while slurping your penis clean. It’s this feeling of familiarity that breathes new life into relatively softcore solo and striptease scenes, like the kind you’ll find on StasyQVR.StasyQVR.com is the virtual reality offshoot of StasyQ. Check out my full review of that site if you want the skinny, but their whole gimmick is Euro babes showcased in high-class smut. Break out the Courvoisier, fire up your finest cigar and strap that virtual sex box to your face.The Playboy of Virtual Reality PornoThe landing page for StasyQVR loads with full-motion video taking up almost the full screen. I see naked blondes beckoning and brunettes pretending to hide their titties from a surprise visitor. There is a chick in some kind of sexy yoga pose and lingerie, and another beautiful woman on all fours on a bed, back arched, butthole and twat in the air.The text at the very bottom of the screen offers one update a week of “Exclusive Playboy style VR Erotic with perfect stereoscopic video.” That’s a pretty goddamn fancy way to say they’ve got virtual reality porno ready to pump directly into your bloodshot eyeballs by that high-tech new sex helmet just picked up. Then again, being pretty goddamn fancy is StasyQ’s whole deal, so naturally, that’s what I expect with the 3D version.I think “Playboy style” is the key here. The material is modeled after that old-school smut that showcases the beautiful women without hosing them down in gallons of hot, sticky spunk. It just screams class and refinement even while you’re on the other end of the tube, breathing heavily while sweat pours from between your fat rolls and you sloppily work yourself to yet another stain on that pube-and-cat-hair encrusted the couch.Scroll down a bit for better previews of their weekly updates. If you’ve come for hardcore virtual reality fucking, you’ve come to the wrong place. Other sites on my VR Porn list will drop you into a room with a porn star bouncing on your dick. StasyQVR drops you into a room with a beautiful young lady dancing, stripping, and showing off every inch of flesh on that perfect body in a private show just for you.Taking the VR Girl for a Free SpinThe offerings here are a lot softer than most VR sex sites, that’s for sure. They seem pretty confident you’ll be into it, though, because you can check out a free scene without even giving them a credit card number.Like the rest of their catalog, Stasy In Fishnets is available as a download compatible with any of the major VR devices: Oculus, Vive, Windows Mixed Reality and even the phone-based VR gizmos like Google Cardboard and Daydream. You can stream the movies, but unless you’re working at the server farm or you’re reading this in the future, your connection speed just isn’t fast enough to do the 2048p resolution justice. Remember: these pixels will be right up against your fucking corneas.The scene opens in a loft apartment somewhere downtown. You’re staring at a plush white couch, which is quickly occupied by a sexy young blonde in fishnets. I think this is her first time on furniture, because she keeps trying all different positions and it’s like she just can’t get comfortable. She rolls around, sticks her ass in the air, lifts her legs, and even tries standing next to the couch wiggling her body.Oh, you know what? It’s probably hot in there, because three minutes in her top comes off. She gyrates to the music so we can get a better look at that tatted-up body. Good goddamn, this bitch is a tease with those fishnets. She keeps acting like she’s going to pull them down and then doesn’t! Your VR stand-in apparently gets tired of waiting, too, because he reaches in for a handful or two.I’ll be honest, even after she gets fully naked it’s still pretty softcore compared to what I’m used to. That said, the VR element adds a new level of immersion that makes this a million times better than watching a striptease on a flat-screen. I can look the babe up and down like a piece of meat, and it genuinely feels like she’s shaking her ass in my face.When she layed back and held her feet up under my nose I blasted a geyser of sperm all over them. At least, I thought I did. I looked around in virtual reality, wondering where all that wasted seed went. All I saw was a clean, gorgeous babe on a clean, expensive couch. I took off my Oculus Quest just in time to see the librarian pointing me out to the police.Cheap as Hell, What’s the Catch?It turns out the legal costs associated with indecent exposure are pretty fucking expensive, especially when it’s your fourth offense. Fortunately, StasyQVR is a pretty cheap premium porn site.The going rate for an adult paysite in 2019 is about 30 USD per month. StasyQVR is only half that and the whole thing is in futuristic 3D. So what the hell is the catch?The immediate, obvious catch is that you’re not going to see any of these beautiful girls get dicked down. As I said, it’s pretty softcore.The second catch is that these weekly updates are not very long. The preview movie I watched was just under 10 minutes. As soon as I got logged in, I checked out this movie that had caught my eye and made my wiener start dripping when I saw it out on the preview page: Naughty Red Riding Hood. This one features a dark-haired hottie in red heels and a red plaid schoolgirl skirt. It’s hot as fuck for just under seven minutes.One update a week isn’t terrible for a paysite, but you generally expect that one update to be a full-length fuck scene. These aren’t fuck scenes, and they sure as fuck ain’t full-length.The final catch? StasyQVR has only been online since 2016, and their one update per week ain’t setting any records for speediest porn site growth. As of this writing, there are just under 100 short solo scenes on the site.But Look At All These Pretty Girls!I know I lost most of you when I said the content on StasyQVR is soft, without humping, but you boujee motherfuckers are still reading. You understand the appeal of an intimate encounter with a seductive beauty with an absolutely flawless body she wants you to gawk at. Man, you’ve got to check out the fucking menu here.The Models page lines up all 40 (so far) of the chicks who have done movies so far. I’m really feeling this chick MonroQ, who has kind of a Jennifer Lawrence vibe, and KiraQ’s black hair and pale skin makes me feel a little sticky in the pants area. Sasha Pea and Eva Jane are exotic young hotties and I need to see their videos now.Most of the models on the site have done multiple virtual reality nude scenes. I developed something of a crush on this perky-breasted slut named Liya Silver. All of her scenes on StasyQVR are under 10 minutes, but at least she has four of them.StasyQVR.com offers something different than most of the 3D sex sites out there right now. The scenes are softcore, always solo, but they showcase the women and their bodies in a refined and classy way. You get the sense with each scene that the girl is putting on a sensual show just for you, and the VR immersion increases the intimacy to a level you wouldn’t have expected from what would otherwise be a simple striptease scene. It’s a cheap paysite by any measure, and they’ve got a free video to download if you’d like to try before you buy.