Bit Porno! Looking for a social adult video sharing site that allows you to share whatever fucked up videos that may be in your possession with the rest of the fapping world? Or are you just too lazy to fuck and are looking to jack it off using porn collections from other pervs? Welcome home motherfucker!There is no better way to watch porn than checking out what other horny freaks are getting off and considering the amount of twisted freaks roaming the streets of the good old internet, you know you are up for some pretty colorful depravity. Whether you are into kinky fetishes like cunnilingus, deepthroating, squirting, double penetration, or you simply prefer the vanilla side of adults fucking each other, you owe it to yourself to read what I’m about to write, namely, an in-depth, expert, and honest review of Bitporno, a free site that should be your companion when it comes to sharing and watching porn. Let’s dive into the deep end straightaway.Design is not over the topThe first thing you notice is the simple yet plain and bland outlook. Granted, you will be able to pick everything you are looking for with relative ease, which is kinda the whole point, but these guys won’t be winning too many awards for innovation any time soon. There is a nice and short introduction at the beginning that sort of tells you what you should expect (which is a nice touch by the way), but the site doesn’t seem to have too many features. They claim to have done all the dirty work for you and providing you with all the necessary features, but while there is a search feature at the top and a browsing menu at the bottom, there is not much else as far as I can tell.About a quarter of the welcoming page where you have the main navigation menu and the aforementioned short description has a good design to be fair, but once you start scrolling down for the videos, you get a fucking white background that won’t do you any favours if like your boy, you only have time to browse porn at night. Why couldn’t these fucks just keep the background black?Anyway, I’ll stop bitching about the design since I have a long list of things I know make a wonderful design but since you are here for the porn, I won’t get into the details. Is the site visually appealing for my liking? Don’t even go there. But the simplicity doesn’t do you harm when it comes to looking for hardcore shit so can we fucking move on?What kind of videos should you expect?Glad you asked. The main page welcomes you with a lineup of the ‘featured videos of the month’ as uploaded by users. Unfortunately, they have no thumbnail previews and you will have to click to know what the fuck is going on. That said, you can tell when the video was uploaded, from which source, and by who. The number of views have also been indicated although something immediately stands out; Bitporno is nowhere near as popular as it should be. Videos that were uploaded up to 6 days ago are struggling to gain 1,000 views. What the fuck is this all about?That said, there were 2,571 videos in this section at the time of writing covering different scenarios. I could see lesbian teens busy with their tongues and soft hands all over each other, a Brazilian goddess getting fucked on the beach, plenty of pussy sucking, outdoors sex and so much more. The name of the uploader is clickable and you can see the list of the videos they’ve uploaded.It won’t take anyone with a functioning brain long to realize that the videos are sourced from other pay porn sites which is not an entirely awful thing if you ask me. When you see names like Brazzers, HD Porn, Blacked, Pornhub and such big ass porn tubes, you know you will be jerking off to flicks in decent qualities. And that actually turns out to be the case and I watched quite a good number of videos in the HD ready 720p which for a free site is not bad at all. Some even offer full HD 1080p! Some of the videos offer you the opportunity to stream in lower qualities, but why the fuck would you do that? Unless grainy fucking shit gives you a hard dick.Perhaps even better, the video player is embedded and you won’t have to fret about being redirected to outside sources. The videos play without any major issues while below the video is an option to download, again with different resolutions offered. You couldn’t ask for more.Wait, there is moreYou didn’t think I was gonna talk up a site for having a few thousand videos, did you? There is obviously more to Bitporno than just the featured videos and clicking on ‘videos’ from the top navigation reveals the extent of the moral decadence in here. The number of videos here read 315,265 which is not overwhelming, but still a really solid collection. How long do you think it’s gonna take you to fap to all those videos before you run out of sperms?At the top of this section is a list of categories that prove how diverse the collection here is. You will be jerking off to anal, amateurs, solo masturbation, fingering, interracial, cumshots, group sex, strapon, big tits, and pretty much all your basic categories. There is even categories for orientation-specific smut that includes bisexual, shemales, lesbians (though I actually consider this porn for straight people), and gay. You wanted free porn, Bitporno has duly delivered. There is a little bit of everything for everyone. Hell, they even have a good portion of Asian pornography which is definitely my favorite. Nothing gives me more joy than watching horny Asian babes squeak as their pussy gets ravished by hard dongs. Remember you can view the videos by newest, oldest, and most viewed while you can use the time filtering option to watch the videos by anytime, this week, this month, and this year.Upload smut with the push of a buttonNot satisfied with the collection of videos at your disposal? Don’t fret. You can easily upload whatever porn that’s in your possession as long as it’s not illegal stuff (like child pornography and in some cases, bestiality). There’s a catch though; you will have to be a registered user. The registration process is quick and simple and only requires a username and a valid email address to set you on your way. Use the upload option at the top right of your profile page and use the several upload options at your disposal. However, if there are other benefits of registering, the site hasn’t indicated.Make money while at itUploading porn comes with added benefits; not only do you get to add on to the already impressive stash of smut, but you also get to earn some money. I’ll tell you about it; the amount you earn depends on the number of views you get which is to be expected, but also countries zone where the viewers come from matter. The individual earning is arranged in tiers each with differing figures of what you are likely to earn from under 10k views. The minimum payout amount is $10 USD but if you try using unethical methods to gain as many views as possible (such as spamming and fake traffic), you forfeit your earnings while your account may be banned. Don’t be that fool.Positive featuresFree to use; nothing quite competes with free shit and everything you find on this site won’t require a dime from you.User-uploaded content; the content mixes both professional and amateur flicks, but the site is largely a social adult video sharing site and the collection here is user uploaded. It makes for a pretty diverse collection.Decent quality; the videos are available for streaming and downloading at decent qualities with a good number available in HD.Negative FeaturesNot that popular; it is hard to explain why the site is not as popular as it should be, but the number of views per video is not too impressive. When videos can’t get to 1k views in a week, it’s a fucking problem.RecommendationsLike a site that recognizes the need to improve, the site would be well advised to encourage and welcome user feedback. Borrow a leaf from The Porn Dude. Users are best placed to suggest improvements through constructive criticism.ConclusionThere is a lot to enjoy on this site not least the hundreds of thousands of free XXX scenes. With videos available for streaming and downloading at decent qualities, why this place is not more popular remains a puzzle. You might want to visit the site to see whether it satisfies your dirty needs.