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Ever had an Asian girlfriend? I’m not talking about some waifu you chose out of a video game or an anime schoolgirl from a hentai dating simulator. I’m talking about a genuine Japanese chick or Chinese babe, a sweet Korean college girl, or a total slut from Thailand. Ever fantasized it? Ever even spoken to a girl? Probably not, but you can change your luck for the better in the Asian section over at Chaturbate.Chaturbate.com is one of the most popular webcam sex sites on the Internet, receiving well over 300 million visits every month. If you told me you’d never heard of it, I’d know you were lying to cover up your rampant online porn addiction. I mean, shit, you can’t surf the free tubes without getting pop-ups for these guys and their free live shows. Today, I’ll be indulging my yellow fever by perusing the site’s collection of Asian camwhores.Live Asian Perversion in XXX Cam ShowsChaturbate is one of those sites that is so fucking ubiquitous that I almost feel like a dumbass describing it. How do you explain something basically everyone knows? It’s like telling about Facebook to an elderly person or McDonald’s to a person who just escaped an isolated sex cult. What is Chaturbate? It’s a website that lets you look at a naked lady from anywhere in the world. Also, you can chat with her and ask her to do stuff. She just might do it, too, even if it’s some nasty, kinky fantasy of yours that you never thought you’d see a beautiful woman act out.I’m making my way to the Asian section of the site for this review. (Use my link if you want to skip right there.) It looks just like the other sections of the website: a picture menu of online cam-sluts are presented in a long grid that stretches down the page. I see Asian girls smiling at the camera, flashing their titties, or laying in bed wearing nothing but lingerie. A few of these lovely ladies are masturbating in the thumbnails, showing off shaved cooters and big old dildos. A couple have a pink toy protruding from their pussies, which I recognize as an Internet-connected vibrator viewers can pay for to buzz. HD cam shows are marked as such with a blue icon.Thumbnails show a screengrab taken from the live show going on right now, updated about every minute, or when you refresh the page. Cam sites often give you a choice between posed profile shots or live previews for the thumbnails, but Chaturbate offers no such option. It has its benefits, as you won’t click on a topless broad fingering her butthole only to find some bored college bitch playing with her phone, fully clothed.Below each thumbnail, you’ll see a camgirl's nickname and age, how long she’s been online, and how many viewers she currently has. You’ll also see a little description they’ve given their show, often with hashtags like #squirt, #cum, #anal, #18, and, of course, #Asian. One Asian teen’s blurb reads, “Shh!! My mom is at home!!” She’s got her legs in the air and a dildo in her twat, and I’d love to hear her squeal.Internet porn viewers are mostly straight dudes, so the site always defaults to showing you the Females in any given category. When I viewed the site on a Sunday morning, there were three pages of Asian exhibitionists online, ready to put on a show for me. There’s a page of Asian dudes for the broads and gaylords viewing, and only about a dozen couples ready to put on a show. Trannies always seem to represent bigger on cam sites than in real life, and the same is true here. Around 50 Asian shemales and ladyboys were performing during my visit.Buy Some Tokens or Watch for FreeYou’ll need to sign up for an account to use the Advanced Options for sorting the stash. (No payment or credit card is required upfront, so don’t get your panties in a bunch just yet.) The Advanced Options let you prioritize HD cameras, show locations, or disable recommendations. You can also narrow your range down by geographic regions. I narrowed my Asian girls down to the ones in Asia, for that full native effect, and North America, because it’s a little easier to talk dirty to a slut who speaks your language. I chose the HD shit because I’m not a goddamn primitive caveman playing with my shit out in the wilderness somewhere.For one of the biggest cam sites on the web, I feel like Chaturbate’s sort filters are a little bit lackluster. The Advanced Options really aren’t all that advanced. I’d like to be able to check off a bunch of boxes to select my ideal Asian camwhore based on body type, hair color, tattoos, languages, and whether or not she’s willing to stick her foot in her cunt. I mean, even if she’s not that flexible, I’d like to know if the girl’s at least willing to try. The way the site is currently set up, you basically get one tag to play with, and I’ve already chosen Asian.The last time I visited the site, I ended up blowing all my tokens getting a teenager to go ass-to-mouth with a huge dildo. That’s one of the inherent risks of any webcam sex site; if you fall in love or get addicted to the way a girl touches herself for you, you might end up spending more than you anticipated. I pulled up the token purchase page for a refresher on the prices at Chaturbate.They do give you 200 free tokens if you upgrade your account to premium. That gives you the ability to send PMs and also removes ads, though with my adblocker running, I didn’t really see any spam, to begin with. Alternately, you can get 100 for $10.99 or 1000 for $79.99, with a bunch of bundles in between. Obviously, you get a better deal if you’re willing to buy a bunch of tokens at once.Asian Girls Masturbating In Free Live ShowsI’m feeling cheap today, so I opted for a nice-looking show near the top of the Asian page. With over 600 people already watching, a lot of them presumably throwing tips at the girl, it seemed like an excellent place to see some free live sex. Based on the thumbnail of the girl’s raised ass as she pulls an internet-connected vibrator out of her cooch, I already know I’m right.The girl was gaping her asshole right at the camera the moment I entered the room. She’s fingering her butthole and clit as I type this, the pink buzzer dangling from her pussy. The Asian teen turns around to smile at the camera; then her eyes roll back in her head as some pervert pays a handful of tokens to vibrate the toy inside of her.This girl is a true exhibitionist and nymphomaniac, and a prime example of what keeps me coming back to sites like this. I just got here, but she’s been doing this for four hours now. The counter below the video screen says she’s received 4656 vibrations so far, and I don’t know if it’s in the current session or her entire Chaturbate career. Either way, I think I’m going to have to re-up my tokens and join the fun. I can keep watching for free, sure, but she’s covering her mouth with tears in her eyes, and I want to be the next dude to make her quiver.Every webcam sex site promises free live shows, but much of the time, it’s bored broads waiting for somebody to throw money at them. Chaturbate has enough traffic that you genuinely can see plenty of free action, including a ton of Asian girls masturbating at any given moment. Perverts with cash to spare can spend tokens to buzz vibrators across the Internet or get these oriental beauties to act out your fantasies on cam. Their worldwide userbase ensures there are always a rich selection of Japanese, Thai, Filipino, and other Asian chicks performing live, explicit shows from around the globe.