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There is one goddamn thing that mature women have in common with each other: they always beg for more. Sure, teen bitches are fun as hell to fuck around with, but it's the mature women that keep coming back for another round. They crave the dick worse than teens, and when you're packing a gigantic dong that could be considered as a lethal weapon in some third-world countries, they want you doubly.I have to admit, though, I don't have the energy to fuck every mature bitch that wants me when she wants me. Sometimes I have to shut off my phone and stroke it to the hot, mature bitches over at XHamster.com/Mature. I recognize being inside some of them, and while you're probably not going to spot people you know, you're going to jack it to people you wish you had. Hop on over there, and get your dick hard to the lovely mature ladies that XHamster has to offer!Good sorting optionsWhen you first land on XHamster.com/Mature, you're going to find a decent array of sorting options at the top of the page. You will find that you can sort content via featured, newest, and even best videos. How the 'best videos' sorting option differs between something like 'most viewed' and 'most popular' on other free tube sites is unknown. Just know that clicking 'best videos' shows only that: what constitutes the best mature videos on the site, period.XHamster.com/Mature has also provided a few good filtering options about duration. For those that want to apply a limit on how short/long they prefer a video to be, they can do this by clicking the drop-down menu for length (it’s at the top of the page). From there, apply your preferred duration: 0-10, 10-40, and 40+ minutes. It’s that easy!View popular mature tagsXHamster.com/Mature is doing something that I've only seen a few free tube sites integrate into their own website as of late. Look, I'm not going to be ThePornDude of Prophecy or any bullshit like that and say that you’re probably going to find this feature in future updates of your favorite free tube site. I have no fucking clue if that’s going to happen because guess what: I don’t pretend to be an expert on what’s to come like you see on half-baked news platforms. I’m not Nostradamus, that’s fucking stupid.What I'm talking about are these integrated, popular tags you see pop up on some free tube sites. These tags are usually near the area where you can sort content. In the case of XHamster.com/Mature, they are near the very top where users can sort and apply filters by date. They show popular tags based on the category you’re watching. In the case of the mature section on XHamster, these tags included mature women, mature album, mature pussy, etc. Log onto XHamster.com/Mature, and you will find it for yourself. Click it, check it out, and see what exciting videos pop up when you click one of these popular tags!Choose the type of resolutionAlthough it isn't a game-changer that a free tube site would allow you to change the resolution on a video (or even choose to display only HD videos), what is unique is the variety of resolutions that you can browse by. Indeed, the norm is to browse by HD or All (meaning HD and SD/Standard Definition content), but not on XHamster.com/Mature. Visitors will find that they can browse by VR and even 4K-only content.It's an excellent feature to include. Looking at only 4K content means you will only see the videos that are in 1080p – currently, the gold standard of HD content. Virtual Reality enthusiasts that can't get enough VR porn will also want to look at what XHamster.com/Mature has to offer. There's only a handful of mature, VR porn videos available, and most of them feel like teases. Still, with VR porn even in its infancy, it’s nice to see XHamster.com/Mature at least offering this content for free.Night mode availableHow uncomfortable is it to jack that cock in the dark at midnight on a blinding screen? There is nothing worse than squinting while you watch a mature bitch get her asshole stretched out by the neighbor’s son. If you’re an old bastard, this leads to headaches, your balls probably start tingling, and it may keep you up at night. Then where are you? Thinking about that hot mature slut you can’t have.XHamster.com/Mature says, ‘fuck that!’ That’s why they’ve added a night mode to save your eyesight. Click the moon icon at the top right of the homepage to turn on the night mode. Alternatively, if you find yourself with a lunch break and want to tug one out during the day, select the sun icon to turn off night mode. It's super convenient and can actually help you get some much-needed sleep after you blow jizz all over your stomach (and come on, who doesn't want a good night's sleep after a nice wank?!).Good video listingsWhat’s the point of looking around on XHamster.com/Mature if it's challenging to know what to watch? I'm glad to say that this never happens on the free tube site. That's because very video listing is informative to the point that you're going to know what to expect once you look at each listing.That’s because they’re informative. Each video listing shows an HD icon (when applicable), duration, title, rating, and date added. It’s everything you need to make an informed decision regarding watching a video or passing it by and viewing something else.Over 2600 pages of mature pornThat’s right: XHamster.com/Mature features so much fucking porn that it will take you over 2600 pages just to get through it all. That's a ton of pornography! Add to the fact that it's only mature videos and the size of the library becomes all the more impressive. Further, the sheer amount of sorting options available makes this large size even easier to find exactly what one is looking for.I had a fun time just going from one page to another and seeing what popped up. It's convenient and pleasant to look at the thumbnails on display and see what speaks to me. And as impressive as the extensive library is, it doesn't hide the fact that there's just too many teaser clips and short videos on XHamster.com/Mature.Too many short clipsThat’s not to say that the majority of the content on XHamster.com/Mature is short and teasing – not even close. Look, I’m not going to tell you that there isn’t a decent amount of full-length clips on here because there totally fucking is. You’re not going to have a difficult time finding and watching full versions of videos if you use the appropriate sorting and filtering options. If you don’t, chances are you’re going to be searching for longer.Some of these shorter clips last less than one minute. Whatever your opinion is on clips that only last a couple of minutes, I think we can all agree that teaser clips that add nothing of value shouldn’t be on a free tube site like XHamster.com/Mature. They should consider removing them and keeping content that’s at least 5+ minutes.Good thumbnailsXHamster.com/Mature handles thumbnails a bit differently. It’s odd. While the thumbnails are a bit small, they’re still detailed enough that you know what you are going to be getting. And while they don’t exactly look like screencaps as you would find on other free tube sites, they’re not all completely uniform across the board either. Some thumbnails look better and are more detailed than others (I saw a Jennifer Lopez ‘Hustlers’ thumbnail that either looked like a party scene or a 20something was about to finger an old man’s asshole) but by and large you know what you’re getting. All in all, XHamster.com/Mature uses thumbnails properly.Hot mature pornIt'd be a sin not to discuss just how fucking hot the mature porn is on XHamster.com/Mature. If you've visited XHamster before then you already know they have a ton of porn that will wake that cock up and make it stand at attention. It's the same on XHamster.com/Mature.You're going to find a ton of hot fucking content here. You're also going to be watching new content regularly. I noticed new videos posted throughout the day on XHamster.com/Mature, so expect new content daily. Moreover, it's not all professional porn either. I was seeing a lot of good amateur content being added in addition to the top-shelf, AAA porn most are used to. It's a good variety of content, making it more than worth a regular visit for the mature fan.