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You already know what it is – BongaCams. This right here is the Ebony section. It’s the part of BongaCams devoted entirely to the blackest of the black, the darkest skinned chicks from around the globe. Unlike all the ethnic tags like Latina and Arab, this section is more of an international gem that brings together dark-skinned chicks from damn near any country. And yeah, Indian chicks are exempt from this category, but any babe with a bit of African blood inside her is welcome in this category. If you like watching some real black amateurs, you might as well bookmark this section.You’ll find more babes on streaming live than you’ll know what to do with. Plus, there’s always tons of babes online at any time, even if you’re fapping at 6 am for some reason. We have the internet to thank for that. Usually, when we say ebony, we think of African American chicks streaming straight out of LA or whatever. But, little did I know, there are quality ebony babes in every damn time zone. So, it doesn’t matter when you need your fill of black booty. You’ll find what you’re looking for on BongaCams.I got some gripes and I got some positive impressions too. This isn’t the hottest live website in the universe or anything, but you won’t struggle too hard to find someone worth sticking around for. Plus, these sites are kind of built around the idea of motivating you to spend money on donations, so that’s something to keep in mind too. But, the base site is free. You don’t actually get charged at the door. You don’t even have to log in. So, let’s see what you actually get on BongaCams.Com/Ebony.Huge Mixed BagWhen you’ve got an entire section devoted to chicks of a particular skin tone, you’re casting a wide net. There’s a huge difference between the types of girls you’ll find on BongaCams’ ebony section. It’s not like they’re all in the same porn class. I don’t just mean that some of them are fuck-worthy and others have butter faces. I mean that they come in different shapes and sizes and there’s no consistency.On the one hand, this creates a lot of variety. On the other hand, it means that if you’re in the mood for something really specific, you’ll have a hard time sorting through this shit. And sure, they have a bunch of tags here to help you sort through the babes, but the tags mostly have to do with the genres of the smut, not the actual girls. So, if you’re only in the mood for black girls with real tits, I don’t see how you could filter that shit out.This is more of a one-size-fits-all section for all the dark-skinned babes who aren’t Arabic or Asian. That’s kind of how I like to think of it. There’s also a bit of overlap with the Latina section. Any dark-skinned babes from the Caribbean or South America belong on both of these sections, so you might recognize some faces across the two parts of BongaCams. That being said, I don’t give a flying fuck either way. When I drop by this place, I usually just find the bitch with the fattest ass and if she’s bending over, I stick around and throw some coins at her so that she does anal insertions. If she’s already doing anal insertions when I arrive, then my job is done and I just fap and fuck right off. It’s a great system. It works for me.Too Many DogsThere are a lot of "dogs" in this section. There, I said it. I’m not going to sugarcoat the truth. Most of these bitches are so fucking plain that I wouldn’t fuck them with a 50-foot pole. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near their janky ass pussies. This is second-grade pussy; there’s just no way around it. I mean, I wish that weren’t the case. I’m not exactly known for being picky. I’d fuck anything with a pulse, well, anything female. Well, anything human, adult and female. There, that’s clear. But, even I am finding it hard to not squint at these dog ass faces. Most of these bitches remind me of those dog breeds that look like they got their faces smashed flat. You know the ones that look like they need to be put down. That’s where my mind goes when I look at some of these girls.Then again, a lot of people seem to be jacking off to them and giving them money for their pussies, so I guess everyone can find love. You might think that that means there’s also hope for you getting laid some day, but make no mistake. Only dog-faced women can get away with looking like this. Dog-faced men get permanently stuck in the celibate kennel. That is, unless you’ve got a lot of money. Then, you get to bang 10s or go to BongaCams/Ebony and give these bitches some credits, so they shove cucumbers up their asses.A Few Beauties Here and ThereIf you’re patient and you scroll through this section, you’ll find the odd beauty here and there, but you’ll need to be on BongaCams during peak streaming hours. I said that you could fap at 6 am if you wanted to, but the chances of catching a high-quality morning stream are pretty low. All the best camwhores are not desperate enough to be up that early. They’re probably out spending the money you gave them the night before. So, you should probably stick to mainstream fap hours if you want to see the best of the best.During peak western hours, the site is also a lot more saturated, so you get a lot more quality out of a free browse. The site makes sure to float the most popular chicks to the top so you can see what everyone else is drooling over. I’m writing this review pretty early in the AM, so right now, I’m mostly just seeing dogs. But, there are a few girls I got my eye on that are worth throwing some cash at. I bump them up from a raw 5 to a quality 7 on account of the giant tits. Most of these ebony babes make up for their faces by having a lot of curves. I’d venture to bet that the largest tits on BongaCams can be found here, among the ebony goddesses. There are at least 10 different bitches on my screen right now with tits bigger than their actual heads. These melons could split concrete in half.Paying for Dark PussyAs is the case with every other free live streaming camwhore site, BongaCams encourages you to pay for the ebony pussy. You don’t have to spend a single cent if you don’t want to, but a lot of the quality performers will go into private chats once they unleash the dildos. I can’t fault them for trying to make a living. That being said, I’m seeing a lot more potential for free faps on this section than other sections of BongaCams. There’s also a larger number of completely free streams on this site, compared to other camwhoring sites, as far as I can tell.I guess that’s the upside of being on a section where most of the babes are too ugly to charge for private sessions. They’ll stick around all the way through the anal Lush play and hope that you throw her a pity credit now and again. For you, the fapper, this is great news. Most of these babes will straight up stay free, forever. That’s some amazing shit. I kind of feel like giving them more money out of respect, since I know they’re not forcing my hand.As for the more expensive ones that straight-up jump into private shows the second they take their clothes off, well, they’re rare, but most of them are worth it. You can still see the previews for free and it becomes clear right off the bat why they feel so comfortable hiding behind a paywall. They’re worth every penny. These are the kinds of African princesses that you would walk a mile through broken glass for. Hell, I’d chop my dick off and send it to them if it means they’d shove it up their ass on stream. That might be odd, but I’m a pretty weird guy; what can I say? So, in summation. Great site, great section, lots of dogs, but there are few big booty queens that come along, especially during peak hours. Fap away.