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Listen, the world kind of sucks right now. Even I can’t go plowing pussy as much as I’d like without throwing a goddamn gas mask on. But, as with many other markets, the porn industry is thriving better than ever. In a time where we can’t go fucking random whores we meet in a bar, we can jerk our dicks to live cam sluts. That’s pretty much the next best thing. Sure, it’s not the same. But a private cam show is probably the closest most of you pathetic cucks will ever get to getting laid anyway.And I have been aching for some exotic Arab sluts. Well, exotic to me. You lucky fucks in those countries get to enjoy that rockin’ pussy anytime you want. I’m not too bitter about it. You know, when airlines open back up, I’ll be going on a goddamn conquest around the world pounding asses. Uh, but, right. I have a kinky cam site for you sex-starved betas today. It’s called Flirt4free.com, but I’m not fussing with the entire website. We’re focusing on Flirt4free.com/live/girls/arabian this time around. I want the best of the best horny Arab sluts to bust nuts to.Explore a Massive Cam Site that’s been around since 1999Where better to go than a free cam site that’s been around since fuckin 1999? Goddamn, this site is older than a fair bit of you fappers out there. Isn’t that insane? Now, you do have to sign up for an account before you can watch any horny hijabed whores spread their legs for you. I know, I know, what a hassle. But it’s really not. You just need to plug in a working email and password. Simply verify your account using the link they send you and you’ll be golden.Once you get logged in, you’ll see the actual listings for cam shows instead of all of the fancy promotional shit they use to rope you in. You’ll be able to sort by a whole bunch of categories, but, again, we’re sticking with the Arabain babes this time around. But you can also narrow your search down by the type of room/show that a slut is doing. There are voyeur, party, interactive, tip controlled toys, group chat, and more. Basically, there’s a different room category for whatever kind of show that babe is putting on.A Very Slim Selection of Arabian Sluts to Fap toNow, uh, I hope you’re not gearing up to pick and choose from a hundred or more how Arab gals because, well, there are only 10. Yeah, 10. Fuck, talk about a bummer. And only one of them was online when I went and checked this section out. Granted, she’s a goddamn dimepiece with a rocking ass and perky tits, but she was pretty much all alone in her room except for me. There was a scheduled show coming up later that night for another slut from the catalog, but that was it. I was really hoping for a more robust selection of cum sluts here.Oh, well. At least you get some solid deals for signing up. The site tosses you 120 credits to do with as you will. Though, you will have to plug your credit card information in to take advantage of that, so be careful. With such a small audience, these horny babes will be more likely to do whatever the hell you want at a low price. So, there can definitely be some benefits to interacting with girls with low viewer counts. You get more of that sweet, sweet undivided attention that you cucks crave so much.Sleek Site Design with Easy-to-Navigate Show PreviewsI do love how Flirt4free is laid out. You get huge, borderless preview images for each babe in the catalog. You can hover your cursor over each one to get a peek at what sort of kinky shit your favorite Arabian slut is up to before you click over to the full show. With so few viewers, this sort of feature is great. I hate jumping into a show as the only fuck and then leaving. I don’t like to let these hot babes down, you feel me? Being able to get a glimpse of the action first is a great user feature.The previews will also have color-coded dots that tell you what kind of show they’re in. And you can go to the model’s page to schedule email notifications for when they go live. I definitely recommend doing that if you plan on fapping to these Arab whores. If you don’t get notified, then the odds are that none of them will be online when you’re looking to blow your load. You’ll need to drop whatever the fuck you’re doing to see these babes in action. But, hey, it’s not like you cucks do much with your time anyway.Huge HD Video Players of Hot Arab BabesThe chat rooms are great. You get an absolutely massive video player that you can toggle however the fuck you want. You can full-screen it and sit back without having to look at the chat. It’s got native audio controls, pop-out modes, and all of that good shit. Each room will have different tip options depending on the type of show. Some babes have wheels you can spin to win prizes. Others have special deals on their videos.Some sluts let you control their sex toys with your cash, while other whores will take special requests. As always, you can dish out some extra money for a private show, nudes, or hot videos of that model. Keep in mind that each babe will have a price per minute for her show. Make sure to watch your time or you’ll drain your mom’s bank account. This site doesn’t warn you about how long you’ve been in the show, so it’s up to you to keep track of that.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesThis site looks fucking dope. You get a premium feel without having to pay a dime. The dark mode was a nice touch, and the borderless previews were sleek as fuck. They went the extra mile when it came to user features. You can pop-out shows into separate windows, preview live shows before you click, and schedule notifications for your favorite sluts. Those sound like givens, but, really, so many other cam sites don’t deliver on shit like that. It’s nice to see a cam site actually deliver on the user-experienceThe cam shows were dope. There are so many different types of rooms that you can get into. No single show will be the same as the one you’ve seen before. Most of these babes are running HD cam setups, so you get to see every little detail. You get a large player, and most of the sluts here have interactive elements to their show. Their catalog might not be as robust, but the level of quality here is so much better than loads of other sites.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI just wanted more! My only, and biggest complaint is that there are barely any seductive Arabian whores to jerk my dick to. How the fuck am I supposed to get my fix when this site only has 10 of these babes on across the entire site? It’s absolutely insane to me that they have such a small catalog. I want to see at least 10x this number of Arab whores fucking themselves. I get that this site isn’t dedicated to Arab girls, but come the fuck on. I’d gladly spend a ton of credits on this site if they beefed up that section of their catalog a bit. Also, get the fuck out of here by making me put my credit card in just to get some “free” credits. Just give me them if that shit is truly free.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Flirt4free.com/live/girls/arabian may not have the most impressive catalog of kinky Arabian sluts to jerk off to, but they do have a quality selection. You get some of the hottest sluts that I have ever fucking seen. But I really do wish they had a much more robust catalog. If you’re just here for the Arab whores, then you’ll quickly run out of fap material. Hell, the single babe that I was watching went offline, leaving me with nothing. But I still recommend checking the site and section out. It’s a great user experience, and you might just find a hot Arab babe to jerk off to.