Tour Of Booty

Tour Of Booty porn? I think Muslim girls are the final frontier of porn. Long ignored by us in the west, it’s hard for some guys to see the appeal. They come across as tame, almost asexual, and they dress so conservatively that they might as well be men beneath those full-body black shapeless sheets.But peel back the veil and you’ll find that these girls are just like the rest. Not even cultural and religious domination can destroy a young girl’s innate desire to get fucked by a huge dick. I know you can’t help them with that at all, but at least you can benefit from it through the porn that they make.There is something to be said for a girl being so horny that she’s willing to risk death at the hands of her family and eternal damnation at the hands of her God just to find some good dick. And, as it turns out, some of these girls are hiding pretty banging bodies behind their burkas. You wouldn’t know it from seeing them on the street, but Arab girls can hang with the hottest of them.But where can we find this forbidden fruit? A lot of the mainstream porn sites don’t have much Arab porn. It seems that the threat of death that girls who would upload porn in these countries is hurting the supply of real amateur porn a bit. Now there’s a real reason to topple these regimes: fuck terrorism and fuck oil, I say we all need to sign up with the army and send a little bit of freedom over to the Middle East so that these babes can freely upload their adventures to the internet like the rest of us.In the meantime, sites like Tour of Booty fill the gap. It specializes in a unique niche—military-themed Arab porn. Yes, it’s all fake (if you were paying attention to the disclaimer at the bottom of the site, you’d know that, but I know you need me to point every little thing out to you so I thought I’d mention it). But when the videos are this hot and this convincing, who cares—those superhero movies you watch aren’t real either, but that doesn’t stop you and your loser friends from dedicating your lives to them.Real or not, if you want to watch the good old boys of the United States armed forces pounding Muslim snatch, Tour of Booty is your best bet. It’s so hot it might even be military propaganda—maybe there is something to what I said earlier, maybe sex is the key to liberating the Middle East.Uncle Sam, if you’re reading this, give me a call: I think I’ve got an idea for a recruitment video. Videos of American soldiers in uniform plundering the greatest resource that countries around the world have to offer—slutty ethnic girls with an insatiable taste for foreign meat. Grab a camera and film them gleefully taking dick in all their holes for no other reason than the pure pleasure of it. Show the young men of this nation that if they’re willing to grab a gun, suit up, and kill a few innocent civilians that they’ll be rewarded with wet mouths, tight pussies, and juicy asses.Oh, that’s just what’s on Tour of Booty? Well, maybe you guys can cut out the middleman and just send every eligible male in the country a subscription. I want a consulting fee for coming up with the idea, though. Soon enough the military will be filled with so many hard-dicked horny fucks that you guys will be able to invade anyone you want.Short On Content, But It’s Still Worth ItLet’s get the bad stuff out of the way. There is not a lot of content on Tour of Booty. As of right now, there are about a dozen videos available. For what they’re charging, that’s kind of pitiful. If you’re like me, you’re going to see that and feel angry and ripped off.But put down the pen, a letter-writing campaign won’t get you anywhere. Instead of feeling outraged and rushing off to complain like some middle-aged bitch who felt like her cashier disrespected her, take a step back and consider the following.First of all, these are long videos. The shortest of them is about half an hour and some are closer to an hour. I know you haven’t been touched by a girl in months, so with how hot these videos are, you should bust in about a minute. Pace yourself and Tour of Booty will have enough content to keep you busy for a long time.Secondly, keep in mind that it’s a monthly subscription. You’re not obligated to stick to a contract, so you can cancel at any time. Sign up for a month and get your fill of the locals getting abused by All-American cocks, then unsubscribe when you’re done. Next time you’ve got an itch for Arab ass that you can’t scratch elsewhere, join up again for a little while.It’s not ideal, but when Tour of Booty is the only game in town they’ve kind of got you between a rock and a hard place. Take what you can get. If you need more and aren’t willing to pay for it, your only other real option is to fly over to Afghanistan with a camera and try to find some (hopefully) willing Muslim sluts. But that’s about as realistic as the US pulling out of the Middle East entirely some time this century, so just bite the bullet and lighten the load in your wallet a little bit instead.So Realistic You Might Start Listening For BombsSo you’re paying for the privilege of seeing these videos, and the numbers don’t come close to what you can get elsewhere. You would think that would mean that Tour of Booty isn’t worth the money. But start watching the videos and you’ll see how wrong you are.Let me start by saying, without hyperbole, that this is some of the best professional porn I’ve ever seen. I know it’s kind of lame to talk about stuff like this, but it needs to be said. Beyond the typical stuff that any dude likes about porn (the tits, the ass, and the pussy), this shit is fantastic. Yes, the bodies are great too, but the scenarios and the realism really stand out on Tour of Booty.Everything from the uniforms to the settings to the camera techniques used make the videos seem so real. The military-style night vision camera that a lot of videos use is a really nice touch, and the settings are so authentically run-down that they must have braved going all the way into inner-city Detroit to film some of this stuff. Not only that, but the situations are so fucking sexy that you might blow your load before the action even really starts.Take my favorite video, for example. A group of soldiers looking to get laid put up flyers asking for locals who want to earn some extra cash. As expected, a number of desperate girls answer the call, but the big surprise is that a few are total babes. And, as an added bonus, they’re complete fucking sluts. After forty minutes of watching these brown beauties get used in every single fucking hole, any reservations I had about the price or the amount of porn disappeared—these aren’t single-use videos that you’ll watch once then toss aside forever. This is the kind of shit that you bookmark and come back to when you really need to bust a nut.Another takes place in an Arab brothel. Again, this stuff seems so real that if it weren’t for the fact that I think I might recognize one of the girls from another porn I think these guys would be getting investigated by the American military. They even blur the faces of the guys that are going balls deep in some slim Arab slut as she eats out another hooker. It all comes together realistically enough that if you try to imagine the smell of camel shit in the air and work to suspend your disbelief just a little bit, you feel like you’re really there. You’d be the guy holding the camera while the dudes like me get their rocks off, but still, it’s better than watching it online like you always do.