Horny Lily

Who is My Sexy Lily? It’s the obvious question, exactly the one that sprang to mind when the link popped up in my inbox this morning. Sexy is a subjective term, so while anybody can slap it in their domain name, it may not appeal to all perverts the same way. When I pulled up the front page, the blurb offered a more detailed description: this joint is the home on the web of “Top Notch Rising Indian Pornstar Horny Lily.”I feel like maybe I’m slacking in my duties as The Porn Dude, because this is honestly the first I’ve heard of Lily. India ain’t exactly known for its pornography; despite having a massive population, there isn’t much smut coming out of the country, where sex has a long history of being frowned upon. It didn’t take me long to figure out Lily ain’t starring in high-budget dirty movies, so she’s not exactly the Indian answer to Abella Danger or the next Mia Khalifa. Instead, MySexyLily.com has something a bit more intimate to offer: a premium site focusing on the sexy adventures of an amateur Indian MILF.Who the Hell is My Sexy Lily?I hope I don’t sound like I’m trying to knock MySexyLily’s status as a porn star, because that’s not my intention at all. On the contrary, she does immediately stand out among the other Indian porn sites I’ve reviewed around here. For one thing, the babe is an eager and horny participant in all the blowjobs, stripteases and dick-riding movies, never falling victim to the typical Indian mindset of labeling every single sex video a “scandal”. MySexyLily is a pornstar in my book just for her willingness to fuck so openly and so dirtily.And while we’re on the topic, most Indian porn has a really lo-fi vibe. You know the videos I’m talking about, where some Desi auntie is getting the business on a shaky iPhone video for 17 seconds before it cuts out. Lily also stands out as an Indian pornstar because while the videos do have an amateur vibe, the shots are cleaner, better lit, and full length, so you’ll actually have time to rub one out while watching the babe do her thing. This ain’t homemade bullshit; this is high-quality amateur content.I mean, shit, MySexyLily.com is putting out movies in 4K ultra-HD, which is an absolute rarity on most Indian porn sites. There are some free video previews out front, so you can get a look at just how crisp and absolutely sexy the movies are. I watched a preview where My Sexy Lily starts jerking off and then blowing a sleeping guy, and I have no idea how this guy was able to play dead with that hottie working him like that.After that, I helped myself to a couple more samples. Horny Lily fucks a dildo in one of them while the cameraman jerks his dick, and another where she puts her legs up in the air and diddles herself. That second one’s the trailer for a movie called Indian Girl Orgasm Porn Horny Lily Squirt Video, a catchy title that tells you exactly what you’re going to get. Unfortunately, since it’s just a preview, I didn’t actually get to see her squirt. She’s pretty wet in the clip and even does some gaping, but I needed to get inside to see the full version.Getting to Know Your Sexy LilyThere’s a little banner beneath the signup button that says Multiple Adult Award Winner, with AVN and XBIZ listed off to the sides. I couldn’t find a list of accolades anywhere, so I’m not sure if MySexyLily.com won them as a site or if Horny Lily herself won them. Then again, people make up all kinds of shit on the Internet, so there’s always a possibility it’s a lie.I like to let porn speak for itself, though. First, I had to get in. There’s a one-day trial for ten bucks, which is frankly too damn much. The regular price is just $25 a month, which is a few dollars cheaper than most paysites these days. The yearly rate is a hundred, which ain’t bad at all.So what does twenty-five bones get you? Well, for starters, MySexyLily.com is updated twice a month with new movies. I really prefer to see a movie every week when I’m paying for a paysite, but I’m willing to cut this one some slack since it’s all built around one chick and because it’s cheaper than other premium sites. The slow-release rate is easily one of the biggest downsides to the site, but I do appreciate how steady the updates come. There’s even a section of Upcoming Updates where you can see thumbnails for months worth of updates. I’m reviewing the joint in April and they’ve already got the rest of their year lined up.MySexyLily.com has been around since 2015. Even with those relatively slow releases, they’ve had a few years to build up the collection. To date, there are around 430 original movies in the library. With the exception of some Kama Sutra scenes at the very bottom of the pile, uploaded when the site was still brand new, they all star the illustrious, titular My Sexy Lily.In case you were wondering, Lily was born in Canada with Indian parents. I knew as soon as I heard her voice, she wasn’t from India, and if she got an accent from her parents, she’s hidden it well. Horny Lily does like to talk dirty in Tamil and Hindi, which you’ll hear as you enjoy her movies.This Indian Chick Gets Into All Kinds of TroubleWith over 400 movies to choose from, I wish MySexyLily was organized a little better. They don’t use any category tags and there’s no search function, so you’re kind of left to fend for yourself when it comes to choosing the right movie. There’s a lot of solo stuff in the library, and I’d love a way to skip to the hardcore scenes. I honestly didn’t know what all to expect before I started flipping through all those pages of thumbnails.Let me tell you, though: there’s a nice variety of content. Sometimes these amateur sites that focus on one babe tend to shoehorn themselves into putting out basically the same video every time. There’s a lot going on here, from incestuous cousin scenarios to getting stuffed by a robot machine dick to taking a stranger’s cock up the ass. Lily squirts, talks dirty in Tamil, fingers her Indian butthole and gives cum-eating instructions to the really depraved fetishists among the audience.I wasn’t really in the mood today for sissy humiliation porn or pee desperation twerking, but I do appreciate how much kinky fetish content she’s got worked into the collection. I actually started my official fap test with one of the very latest flicks: Hot Amateur Girl Unscripted Fucking.The title sets it up pretty fucking well. It opens with a POV shot of Lily climbing onto the bed and wrapping her mouth around the cameraman’s dick. She makes beautiful eye contact and whips out a jug as the meat popsicle in her mouth gets harder. She’s got a nice tongue technique, licking the head in a circle before sticking the whole thing in her mouth.My Sexy Lily is the perfect name for this site, because the whole thing is really a showcase for the namesake babe. This chick is horny, experimental and sexy as hell in the sack, and I love how they’ve managed to capture her adventures in this polished, high-quality amateur format. The sex feels raw and real, which is exactly what you want in a site like this.I’d recommend taking a look if you’re into Indian MILFs, amateur porn, or these one-starlet premium joints. MySexyLily.com hits all the rights notes for each, making it a treat for the fans looking for some homebrew Indian stuff without the low quality or prudishness you get from native Indian content. Take a look at those free video previews out front and see how hard they get your samosa, because Lily’s got a hell of a lot more of that waiting inside.