Professional and amateur porn featuring Arabs can be hard to find, but not on Sex JK. Taking part or distributing porn videos can result in a death penalty due to the Arab countries’ strict laws. There is also the risk of being stoned to death for women. It is actually for the same security reasons that the famous Mia Khalifa left the porn industry. When I found a genuine porn site promising the best in hot Arab pussy, I jumped at the opportunity to review it. Ultimately, these hijab wearing hotties can seem sweet and innocent, but once they are naked and exposed, they can also be hot and wild as you are going to find out if you stay long enough for the review.We all want what we can’t have, and a few things in the world are more forbidden than the Arab woman. She wears a lot of layers, covering her face and body, making her the subject of intense fantasy from twisted individuals like you who just can’t keep it in the zippers. If you are looking for a place where Arab sluts fuck and get their hijab pussies pounded, then you are in the right place at Sex JK.First impressionThe site promises hot Arabic pussy, and as far as I can tell, there is a decent amount of hot Arab sluts getting down and dirty. There are enough photos and videos on the homepage to suggest as much. There are hairy Arab sluts, big boobed pornstars like Mia Khalifa, homemade videos featuring Iraqi whores and more sluts from Arab countries like Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, and Syria among many others. They say you don’t always get what you see, but there is enough on this site to get you excited if you like the sight of naked jilbab or burqa sluts.Site design and navigationBefore I talk about the content, it is important to know how easy (or complicated) it is to find content on this site. To start with, SexJK.com features a simple design. It’s not as sleek as what I’ve seen in other sites but its effective enough. It features a largely beige background and some hints of orange. All in all, everything is well organized and easily legible.It is the navigation that I have issues with. For starters, there is no search feature, and you will be disappointed if you had something specific in mind. Additionally, you can only use one tab to access anything you want on the site, and any attempt to open multiple tabs is futile. Sometimes you will click on a movie, and two tabs will open; one for the video and another for some stupid betting ad. That said, the top navigation allows you to access the main page, sex pictures, and sex movies. You can also access hot Arab sex and the latest photo galleries. Overall, I’d give SexJK navigation a 4.5 out of 10. There is clearly more work to be done in that regard.The contentWith Arab porn rare to come across, any site that offers smut from this part of the world is worth its place in my good books. If for nothing else, at least for making an effort. It’s hard running such a site knowing that the government is after your ass while ISIS warriors lurk in the background waiting to cut off your fucking neck. Either way, there is a respectable amount of videos featuring Arab sluts getting fucked in different positions that will leave you craving for some Middle Eastern pussy.To watch the videos, you will have to click on sex movies from the top navigation. There is no way of telling the exact amount of content in here, but there seem to be 17 pages each hosting 30 videos on average so don’t expect the number of videos here to be exactly overwhelming. However, you will be able to see veiled teens having their tight pussies pumped by rock hard Arab dongs, interracial videos, married people fucking in their bedrooms, campus sex, stripteases with hot Middle Eastern bitches seductively shaking their sumptuous asses and more.Generally, videos stream pretty smoothly. I especially liked one striptease video where a Yemeni hottie seductively sheds each of her clothes to reveal an insanely hot body. I guess I’ll be fucking a Yemeni pussy in another lifetime if what I saw is anything to go by. There is no option to sort the videos by quality or duration. Scrap that, there are no sorting options entirely but don’t expect videos with sparkling quality as most of them appear homemade which is kind of understandable considering the circumstances.Many sites promise Arab porn but end up delivering something else, but at least Sex JK has managed to avail porn featuring genuine Arabs. Duration also varies, but the majority of the videos are pretty short with many running below the 10-minute mark. If you were looking for full-length DVDs, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your needs are better off fulfilled elsewhere. There are no interactive options either with the site presenting no option to comment, like or dislike the videos. However, you may check the most watched videos at the bottom right side of the video.TagsWhile the lack of categories is an obvious concern, the site has availed a list of tags that include licking pussy, big tits, hot pussy, oral sex, massage, Arab ass and more. There are country-specific tags that include Saudi sex, Moroccan, Algerian, Egyptian, Kurdish, and Jordanian among others.Photo galleriesThe number of videos may not be too big, but the site has presented another alternative to explore your tastes for Arab erotica in the form of sex pictures. You will bump upon galleries belonging to leading pornstars like Mia Khalifa, Algerian actress Anita Cate, Zeina Heart, naked veiled women, and more. There are not too many pages here either, but I was pleased to find some animated GIFs thrown in the mix as well. Each of the galleries carries at least 5 photos depicting women in various sexual actions, but unfortunately, they are not downloadable.What I love about this siteThe number of videos is not overwhelming by any stretch of the imagination, but at least the site has presented genuine Arab sluts getting fucked, which is the most important thing. The site is also free and allows you to watch the videos without the registration bullshit so often seen in others sites. All you will need is a device with an internet connection, some lube, and probably some tissue to deal with the mess. The site is also easy to use thanks to the simple design and user-friendly interface.What I hate about this siteFirst of all, the number of videos is nowhere near enough, and if the site intends to compete with the best in this niche, there is still much work to be done. The content is also not dated, and it’s hard to know how often the site updates, but it doesn’t appear like there were any updates at all in the recent past. Site navigation is also a pain in the ass, especially when you can’t open multiple tabs. And how does the site expect people to easily search for content when there is no search option? The lack of interactive options is also another concern, as is the lack of high-quality videos.Suggestions I have for the siteThe site is crying out for better navigation. I mean, no one has the time to wait for a single tab to load before they can watch a video. While at it, many would appreciate if the site had a regular update schedule to improve the number of scenes because as it stands, the site is still some way off the 1000-video mark.ConclusionSex JK has a decent collection of scenes featuring Arab sluts for your enjoyment. The scenes are available for free although they can’t be downloaded. The site could certainly be more advanced with more high-quality scenes, but considering you are not paying a single cent for access, you will make do with what is available. It is nowhere near the best site covering the Arab porn niche, but there is still enough authentic Arab smut to keep you busy for some time. Worth a visit.