Premium Booty! What’s in a name? They say a pussy by any other name smells just as sweet, but how does the aroma of premium booty compare to that of the cheap stuff? You can hire a crackwhore to find out, shell out for some high-class poon, or you can check out PremiumBooty. It’s got premium in the name, but all the porn here is free.PremiumBooty.com is a new-ass tube, not even registered until April 2021. They’re still feeling out the scene and finding their audience, but their rising traffic numbers tell me there’s something worth shaking my dick at in there. With a million free tubes popping up every month, it often takes a really good gimmick to get the fans coming in. Here, they’re offering up XXX content from sites like OnlyFans and Patreon for free.Pretty Girls, Pussy and Puppy EarsPremium Booty has the same basic porn tube layout you’ve gotten to know and love during your morning spank rituals, lunch break fap sessions and nightcap lizard-pettings. It barely needs to be described again, but here it goes: beneath a very basic header, the front page is covered in obscene thumbnails from a variety of adult videos.With my spam blocker running, the page does look cleaner and less cluttered than other free tubes. I don’t see any ads, sidebar or otherwise, and the thumbnails are presented with only a title beneath. There’s limited space for each title, so every single one of them is chopped off after a few words.Not that you really need all those words. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a nude is worth at least a couple of strokes before clicking through to the full version where you just may achieve full release. A set of OnlyFans videos from a young, big-titted attention whore has been posted most recently. She’s posing in lingerie in some, others, we’re getting topless action with SnapChat filters, putting puppy ears on an already adorable babe.Just based on the sources, a lot of the material on PremiumBooty is softcore compared to the airtight anal orgies you’ll find clogging up the major tubes like Pornhub and xHamster. There are a ton of solo shows where girls play with themselves, and others where they’re just dancing around topless or twerking in their underwear. Watch a girl slap her own ass in hotpants or a cosplay babe dressed as Princess Zelda flashing the camera at a public event.Speaking of public stuff, it ain’t all semi-SFW fap fodder at Premium Booty. A much filthier clip I found on the front page promises really beautiful women taking facials in public. There’s professionally shot group sex in the pool of a Miami mansion, and a couple of lesbians eating each other out while someone holds the camera all up in those licky sticky genital folds.My point is, they’ve got all kinds of porno: softcore and hardcore, amateur and professional, vanilla and kinky as all fucking hell. The focus is on content from sites like OnlyFans, Patreon, Pornhub and AddFriends, with all the variety that entails. They’ve also got rich sections of content from Vitaly Uncensored, NerdballerTV, ShagMag and Nude Yoga Girl.Hundreds of XXX Vids and CountingOne of the problems facing any fresh, young tube is a lack of fresh, young babes to fill up its empty halls of smut. It takes time to build up a good collection of nudes, intimate shower sequences and full-on fuck movies. At least, it usually does. I’m not sure exactly how Premium Booty sources their material, but it’s coming in fast. The site’s new as hell, but as of this writing, they’ve already got around 600 free sex videos in their collection.I mentioned how uncluttered the front page looks. The video pages are likewise pretty clean. That stems in large part from the fact that there’s really no metadata for the videos (or at least none visible); there are no tags, video descriptions, or upload dates. They’ve got a handful of Categories, but they’re the source sites I mentioned above (OnlyFans, Patreon, etc.).I noticed the lack of metadata when I was trying to find out exactly how fast PremiumBooty.com updates with new content. Without those upload dates, I can’t give you any hard numbers. I do know they add fresh content to the site all the time. They didn’t get six-hundred videos by sitting on their thumbs. I’ve also noticed the new lineup of smut gracing the front page every time I visit.The unclear update schedule isn’t really a big deal, especially since we know they’re adding shit all the time. What bothers me more about the metadata thing is that it’s really hard to search without the standard tagging that almost all video sites have whether they’re SFW or NSFW. I pulled up a measly 2 videos when I typed Lesbian into the search bar, but that’s better than I got for other common tags. Queries for Masturbation, Solo, BBW, Brunette, BDSM, Anal, Cosplay, Asian and Teen came up completely empty. In other words, the Search function is almost useless.Hot Internet Models, Camwhores and PornstarsI say Premium Booty’s search engine is almost useless, but it does have its uses. Specifically, it can help you dig through the site’s collection of the hottest Internet models, amateurs, camwhores, attention whores and pornstars. If you’ve already got a bunch of OnlyFans girls you’ve been beating off to, there’s a decent chance you’ll find their material if you type their names into the box.I’ve been fapping to Jem Wolfie’s Instagram lately, but I haven’t sprung for her OnlyFans yet. She’s a stunning babe, but I blew my COVID-19 stimulus check on a bucket of Chinese dick pills I found on Wish. Fortunately, PremiumBooty.com had some of her content.Like the rest of Premium Booty, their video player has a straight-forward streamlined format. There’s a button to adjust the resolution, with toaster-quality to HD options, but that’s it besides Pause/Play and volume. There’s no playback speed control or download button, just a big box for streaming amateur porno.The video started playing without any buffering to speak of, immediately treating me to some of Jem’s premium OnlyFans nudes. It’s a nearly half-hour compilation of clips you usually have to pay for, opening with some selfie poses in the mirror. She shows off those curves and smacks her ass so we can watch it jiggle, and it only gets better from there.To Fap or Not to FapI wish I had known about PremiumBooty.com a couple of hours earlier. This morning I saw a preview clip on Pornhub and spent eight bucks subscribing to an OnlyFans of this freaky amateur couple. It turns out the video I actually wanted to see, the one in the preview, ain’t even out yet. The rest of their content doesn’t really measure up, so right about now, I can really understand wanting a better sneak peek.My only real complaint about PremiumBooty is that the videos aren’t tagged. It’s not so bad right now since the collection is relatively small compared to other tubes, but it’s growing fast. Currently, the search engine can be used to find Snapchat sluts, Instagram freaks and Patreon whores, but that’s about as far as it goes. If your preferred genre or sex act ain’t listed in a clip title, you won’t be able to find it. Once they fix that, the site will be damn close to perfect.The best thing PremiumBooty.com has going for them is their focus on Internet babes and their content. Newer tubes need a strong niche to compete with giants like Pornhub, and this new breed of social media attention whore makes for plenty of content worth tuning in for.