Celeb Jared! Amateur content is the best shit out there. Sure, sure, high-budget porn with the best and hottest sluts in the industry can be some good shit. But there’s nothing that quite captures the thrill as amateur content does. It’s a unique experience, but there’s always that fear of missing out on the good shit. But don’t you betas worry; I found a site that houses tons of amateur porn.Celebjared.net is an amateur porn site driven by user content. Anyone can come to this site and upload folders and galleries of their homemade stuff and this site is fairly new to the game. It launched just a couple of months into 2021 and is too new to get traffic data. So, you cucks reading this could be one of the first fappers to frequent this site. Let’s dive in and see if this site looks like it has what it takes to stick around.Integrated Dark Mode & OnlyFans ContentThis site starts on a good foot with its integrated dark mode and minimalistic design. This way, you gremlins can browse this site in the middle of the fucking night without getting blinded by a bright design. The landing page showcases the latest additions to the website across all of the categories they’ve got on here. And if you don’t care about sorting the catalog, you can keep scrolling and hitting “load more” for a nearly infinite stream of amateur galleries.But those of you with finer tastes will be pleased to know that this site is organized and broken up into sections fairly well. You can check out OnlyFans, Statewins, and RealGirls2018 content all on separate sections. Users are constantly uploading material here. So, you’ll have something new to rub yourself raw to pretty much every single time you refresh the page.$27 One-Time Payment for Lifetime Download and Upload PrivilegesThere’s a VIP program that lets you download zipped collections of content and upload your own shit for others to download. The price is pretty fucking reasonable. Celebjared only charges you $27 for a lifetime account with those privileges. You also get to look at whatever the VIP-only content on the site happens to be. You can also submit requests for certain OnlyFans girls and read short FAQs over on the forum. Plus, on any section of the site, you can click on filter options for the latest, popular, hot, or trending galleries/videos to jerk off to.Now, this content comes at a bit of a price. You don’t have to pay or make an account or anything like that. What you have to do is deal with incredibly frustrating ad clutter with pop-ups, redirects, attempted forced downloads, and push notifications. It’s a fucking mess. You’ll have to put your waders on because this shit gets deep. Luckily, most ad block plugins seem to get the job done just fine. And you’ll still be able to view galleries and content even with the blocker enabled. So, it could be worse.Lengthy and Invasive Download Process for Free UsersThe vast majority of the site has the content you’d expect. You get to see galleries from OnlyFans. It’s good shit. The previews tell you how many views an image has, where it was uploaded to originally, the upload date on the site, and how many shares it has received. Each preview image is fucking massive. It’s easy enough to scroll through the list you have here and jerk your dick to busty babes without even needing to click over to the full gallery.Just click on a picture that looks hot to you, and you’ll get a full image page with a link to the MEGA folder where you can download the entire gallery. If you don’t pay for VIP, the site will send you to a file host that makes you download a plugin, activate notifications, and jump through a bunch of hurdles before you can get your hands on the full gallery. They don’t even tell you how many images or videos will be included, so you’re stuck going in fucking blind.Solid Mobile Site but Tons of Annoying Ad ClutterThe “Amateur” section is full of bangin’ hot sluts that will have you, horny bastards, hard as diamonds. And you’re not going to find any of these galleries elsewhere, at least nowhere as accessible. I just wish they had more content. I get that the site just launched a few months ago, but there are only a couple dozen amateur galleries to jerk off to here. And they censor all of the good shit until you go ahead and download the entire gallery. Come on, let me see some pussy! Don’t block that shit off like a shitty JAV censor.You do get a decent mobile experience, though you’ll have to jump through all of the same hoops to get your hands on content as you would on the desktop site. But at least it’s well-formatted and easy to browse if you don’t mind the ad clutter. Yep, those ads aren’t going anywhere, no matter which version of the site you browse. They were a bit worse on mobile since it’s harder to block shit on there. I kept getting bumped off the website and had ads get in the way of everything.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesI liked the idea behind this site. This site lets you take a peek at these hot galleries, videos, and collections for free. And that’s an idea that I can get behind faster than a big bootied bitch at the club.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsIt was a chore to get any of these galleries downloaded. Fucking hell. I wouldn’t get any more invasive unless the site made you bend over and get a finger up your ass to confirm that you’re human. Seriously, I bit the bullet for you fucks to make sure it wasn’t just a scam giving you viruses. The plugin you have to download is annoying, but you can uninstall it once you have your hands on the goods.And the catalog of content lacked a bit considering how many ads and shit there were. I wanted more content, and don’t fucking censor the preview images. That was frustrating as fuck. At least let me jerk it to the previews without having to go through an ad gauntlet to download the entire gallery. But, hey, it’s a good start. This site is on the right track as long as they clean up the ad clutter and make it easier to get your hands on content.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Celebjared.net has the good shit. It may be tough to get the good shit from this site’s grip, but it is worth it when you do. You have a couple hundred galleries and clips that you can download. You won’t find this content for free on many other sites, and they’ve even got some unique babes and galleries worth jerking off to. I recommend giving this site a visit. You may just find content from your favorite thot.