Lewd Hub isn’t exactly one of those joints that makes you guess what they’ve got on the menu. I mean, shit, it’s right there in the name: they’re a centralized location where you can come shake your dick at a variety of obscene offerings. Then again, if you’ve spent much time jacking off on the Internet, you know there’s a plethora of masturbatory options, in which case you may be wondering precisely what kind of fap fodder they’re peddling. Is it a lesbian tube, a swinger forum or one of those hentai collections with all the tentacle rape and inverted lactating nipples?LewdHub.net is a free porn tube focused on the hottest Internet sluts. Suppose you’ve pleasured yourself at all during the pandemic. In that case, you’re probably well aware of this bumper crop of self-made starlets twerking naked, fingering themselves and sucking off their boyfriends in vertical iPhone videos and webcam intrusions into their bedrooms. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about X-rated leaks from your favorite social media stars, celebrities and classic video whores. I bet a few of your favorite famous babes popped into your head when I told you the premise, so let’s see if those girls are really waiting for you inside.Famous Online for Being SexyThe copyright date on Lewd Hub claims they’ve been around since 2018, though the LewdHub.net domain was only registered six months ago. Maybe the layout is recycled from another project, but whatever, because it definitely works for the format. The front page features a simple but attractive logo in a purple header, devoting the rest of the space to thumbnail images of naked and buxom redheads, hungry cocksucking brunettes, and faceless up-close pussy shots with dildos shoved deep inside. The newest updates include a sexy teen masturbating, an ASMR Hitachi show, and a thicc Ebony babe shaking that junk in her trunk.Oh, I guess it goes without saying, given the theme of LewdHub, but these ain’t any old randos or uglies showing their private parts and whispering sweet nothings at the mic. It’s mostly chicks famous on the Internet for being hot, with a smattering of more traditional celebs. I’m talking about YouTube girls, Twitch hotties, Instagram sluts, and a whole fucking ton of OnlyFans babes.Just to name a few of the bigger names out front, I see Spencer Nicks doing a striptease and Morgan Lux with a mouth full of cock. Faith Red is in a thong, Danielle Colby is in nothing at all, and Ducki908’s big ol’ titties are right in your face. Bella Thorne’s there, too, for the grown-up Disney Fans or anybody interested in the content that caused such an uproar when she came to OnlyFans. (“Anticlimactic” is the word I’d use to describe it, but hey, I’m just a jaded professional masturbator who reviews the world’s best porn every day.)ASMR, Cosplay, and All That Kinky ShitIf you’re unfamiliar with the genre and even if you are, one of the things you’ll notice as soon as you get to Lewd Hub is that most of the videos are solo shows. That just comes with the territory, since so many of these girls are shooting videos at home to upload to the social porn sites. There are OnlyHots babes teasing the camera with their tatas, diddling themselves with the the iPhone between their legs, or jiggling their big asses in front of the webcam.While you’re not going to find as deep a range of content as you will on one of the big, anything-goes tubes like Pornhub, there is a deep well of perversion to dive into at LewdHub. Among the masturbating YouTubers and cockteasing Twitch stars, I found pussy-licking lesbians, dick-riding social media stars, and a fair number of blowjobs.The social media babes making their way to the bigtime via sites like OnlyFans and ManyVids are arguably the breakout stars of the social distancing age, though I’ve noticed some other shifts in the market that have come along with them. They’ve brought a renewed interest in POV flicks, for example, shooting them at home with a dildo mounted below the webcam instead of on some stud’s head.Cosplay is another good example. A decade ago, you had to dig into some deep niche fetish sites to find girls masturbating in sailor suits or sucking cock in a cupid outfit. In the last week alone, LewdHub.net has seen new uploads with sexy chicks dressed as elves, teen witches, cheerleaders, sex pets and pink-haired ahegao anime nymphomaniacs. How long until every porno is shot with funny uniforms and cat ears?ASMR fans are in for a treat, too, so grab those expensive headphones. This fetish didn’t even exist a few years ago, but the social media chicks of sites like YouTube and OnlyFans really took it to the next level. Lewd Hub’s got a ton of the stuff, as you may have guessed. This week’s ASMR fun includes a sexy topless redhead whispering, a sexy flight attendant treating you to a massage, and a sexy cosplay chick in a funny little hat licking your ears.How Much Content Are You Looking For?I’ve hinted at it a few times, but I need to put this next point in bold for the review skimmers out there: LewdHub is updated multiple times a day with fresh nude videos. I’m reviewing the site on a Monday morning, and they’ve seen no fewer than 15 updates in the last 24 hours. If they’re adding that much on the weekend, you’d probably better stock up on lotion and tissues for the weekday updates.I usually like to tell you roughly how big the library is on any porn site, free or premium, but it’s a little difficult to calculate LewdHub.net’s full size. The site’s set up to deliver content in an endless scroll instead of the numbered pages like pretty much every last-gen porn tube. I can’t skip to the last page, and I gave up after a few minutes of clicking LOAD MORE. All I can tell you is that this collection runs deep as hell, and it’s growing at a really respectable rate.Perhaps of more importance is where they’re sourcing material, since quality is arguably worth more than quantity. Look to LewdHub.net’s focus for proof! They could have been an everything tube like the other guys if they wanted. Instead, they’ve filled the archives with sexy videos and nudes from sites like OnlyFans and ManyVids.I started my official Lewd Hub fap test with the very latest video added to the site, an OnlyFans leak from the beautiful and well-endowed Tessa Fowler. After talking to the camera a bit, she starts showing off the assets. This chick’s got such a pretty face and such a spectacular rack. The video’s, unfortunately, a little short at just a couple of minutes, but that’s another pitfall of the genre.Next, I watched voluptuous YouTuber Niki Peacock dancing around in a bikini. It’s a lot softer than the stuff I usually crank it to, but this chick is fucking stunning—thick, sexy, and adorable all at the same time. This video had a Download button below it, so I helped myself. Only some of the videos on Lewd Hub can be downloaded, but that’s better than most tubes. Goddamn, I just picked up a new favorite, and she doesn’t even do nudity or sex scenes. Will wonders never cease?If I have any complaint about the site, it’s that the videos ain’t the crystal-clear HD you expect these days. Some of the movies looked downright grainy even before I clicked the full-screen button. It’ll look better on a mobile screen, but you still may notice the relatively low resolution. Ultimately, though, it’s a pretty fucking small price to pay for all this free porn.LewdHub.net lives up to its name. I spent way longer than I expected, perusing the site with my dick all raging hard even after finishing most of the review. It’s a pretty simple formula, delivering naked social media babes without the entry fees typically associated with these intimate little peeks into their bedrooms and personal lives. If you’re into Internet chicks, I have a feeling you’re going to enjoy the hell out of yourself inside.