Viral Tags! When you hear the word, ‘OnlyFans,’ does your dick start doing backflips on yourself? I’m not fucking scientist, but if that’s your natural reaction, I’d say you’re a fan of porn goodness. If that’s the case, you need to get your perverted ass on over to Viraltags. This is where you will find primarily – and I mean fucking primarily – OnlyFans content.No, you won’t find porn of your neighbor or that hot bitch from the suburbs that grew up to be an even hot bitch in adulthood. That is, unless they have an OnlyFans account (which isn’t out of the realm of possibility). Still, if you are a fan of OnlyFans or similar platforms and lust after the lovely pros that have mastered selling their persona to horny fuckers just like you, the content that you will find here will have you cumming in your pants in no time.Check it out and see what kind of content that you can find. If you love content that you never have to pay a dime for, this is where you need to be. Take a look and see what fucking comes up next!Over 115 pages of contentWhether you love looking at content or you pay a visit because you are intrigued or simply curious, finding a depository of pornography can be a fucking rush.I will say one thing: these galleries are not lacking in content. There was so much content in some of the galleries that it took a while for everything to load. That is not to say that some things took forever to load. ThePornDude is a patient man above all things. I can wait for hours to see a nip slip of Adele while having the most flaccid boner of my life, but I understand not everyone is so patient.Even though you probably expect porn to load instantly for your demanding ass, that is not going to happen here. But even so, you won’t have to wait long for everything to load. Does that make sense, mother fucker? Be more patient than normal, and you will have a grand old time.Sexy as fuck contentWhy the fuck is it that when perverts like us hear about ‘OnlyFans content’, we immediately think that it’s going to be fucking sexy. There is no such thing as disgusting OnlyFans content, you know. Remember that Paris Hilton sex tape from way back in the day? She couldn’t suck a dick to save her life. The dude’s dick looked like it belonged on a rotting corpse even before she sucked him.The good news for you is that you won’t have to deal with two meat sacks with zero sex appeal when you visit Viraltags. That’s because the content on Viraltags is fucking sexy as hell. It isn’t the fact that the nature of the content makes it even sexier. Rather, the images and videos are the type of shit that you actually want to see.Like I said earlier, much of the content comes from OnlyFans accounts. I assume some of it may come from Patreons and other platforms, but you get the general idea.Sure, it isn’t as raw and amateurish as seeing the butthole of the cashier down at the local supermarket. But these are real semi-professional models that have made a name for themselves by being hot as fuck. When you look through the content on Viraltags, you’re going to see that the beauties in these galleries have some real talent, too.I don’t have a measuring stick to gauge the professional level of every bitch that’s on here. I have my cock, but I can’t exactly visit every model on Viraltags and get them to suck me off. Believe me, the dick is willing, but the travel expenses would be a nightmare. Still, from browsing from one gallery to the next, I can honestly tell you that most of the content here comes across as professional as hell. I had to wonder if some of the images and videos in some of these galleries were from actual professionals or the models know how to show themselves off.You won’t be disappointed by the content that you find on Viraltags. It never comes across as lame or like it was made by two dumb fuck guys jacking off in their uncle’s basement. It’s all well done and mostly come across as professional as most other types of porn. The only difference is that this is all from OnlyFans-type sites. Somehow, that makes it all even sexier.Content continuously updatedAnother thing that you are going to notice as you look around on Viraltags is that there is new content posted regularly. Now, I cannot speak to the frequency of the content. When I was looking at the sexy bitches that made me want to bookmark this fucking site and jerk off to it every goddamn day, I did notice that new videos are posted continuously.I cannot say that new content is posted every single day. I noticed that some days, there wasn’t any content posted. But the next day would have a slew of new submissions.If someone is able to get content every day, that’s pretty fucking impressive. Don’t count on it happening daily. Check often, and you will always find something new that will make you cum all over your device!Multiple pop-ups made some pages unviewableOne of the biggest complaints I have about looking around on Viraltags is how difficult it can be to actually use the site. That’s because when I was looking around, I kept getting bombarded with pop-ups telling me to download an extension. I backed out a few times, and tried it on a different browser. The same thing continued to happen.Then, I clicked the ‘play’ button on one of the embedded videos on the page I was trying to view. For some reason, that caused the content to load properly on the following pages. I’m not sure what the fuck I did, but it caused the pop-ups to leave me the hell alone. I’ll take it.What I don’t understand is why the hell this shit happened in the first place. This kind of shit needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I almost exited out of the site and never came back. Most people do not have the patience that I have, so I can imagine that this garbage has kept many people from enjoying the site.Between that and the design of the site being bland as hell, there is room for improvement. The site needs a makeover with less white background and dead space. The ads on the site are fine, but the pop-ups need to either end or be less intrusive. Either way, there is some serious improvements that need to be done. Viraltags can make it happen with some effort to ensure the leaks keep coming for a long time to come!Suggestions:Viraltags has a consistent supply of pornography that will have you cumming every time you visit. The ridiculously intrusive pop-up ads and bland Web design need to seriously be fixed. If these problems are solved, it will make browsing the site so much easier that visitors will undoubtedly stay longer.