Thot Leaks has a title that might have confused the fucking hell out of people a year or two ago, but I bet you’ve already got a pretty fucking good idea what kind of smut they’re peddling. As a professional porn scholar, I’m fascinated by the rise and fall of smut jargon. “Thot” and “Leaks” were both words before the advent of OnlyFans, but they’ve since taken on entirely new contexts. Thots can still be the sluts next door, and leaks can still be the morning, in case you’re still a little behind on your Internet porno lingo, is a new free site focusing on content from social media sluts and social porn sites. The genre as a whole has really fucking exploded over the last year, practically redefining the entire concept of Internet fap fodder. It’s only natural that we’re seeing free collections like this to match those pricey subscription sites. Let’s see how these guys stack up against the other sites out there.Welcome to the Internet, Home of SlutsI see so many half-ass logos when I’m reviewing free sites that it always catches my eye when it looks like a site didn’t get their custom art made by the lowest offer on Fiverr. ThotLeaks has a nice one, featuring big bold letters and a Satanic little heart with devil horns, a pitchfork and a tail. I guess you probably shouldn’t jack off to this site while you’re sitting in church, though it’s ultimately between you and your sex-offender priest.The stepped-up design doesn’t stop with the logo. The whole presentation distinguishes itself from the typical free tube with a noticeably different variation on the wall-of-thumbnails theme. Instead of just presenting you with the same typical video screencaps, ThotLeaks gives you some tightly cropped square images giving you just a hint of RaeLilBlack’s titties, Animebitch666 with a dick in her mouth, or Octokuro giving it to herself with a buttplug.Another element that sets this joint apart from any random-ass tube is the focus. These are some of the hottest Internet celebrities and social media sluts in the game. As you probably already know, there’s been a pretty fucking fascinating crossover with traditional celebs and pornstars jumping onto the OnlyFans bandwagon with the true DIY amateurs. Hey, if you can get paid without giving a cut to the director and cameraman, why not give it a shot?My only immediate complaint is I don’t see any way of skipping to the most popular content. You can’t reshuffle the collection by Hotness or Popularity like you can on most other porn sites, which is going to make the place a little harder to fap to if you don’t already have some favorite girls or simply can’t remember their names. That said, if you do know who you’d like to beat off to today, there’s a search bar that will point you instantly in the right direction. Your erection will point instantly upward.More Content Than the Goddamn TitanicSo, who exactly do you want to jerk off to today? There is content from OnlyFans of girls like the big-boobed Bishoujomom, blonde hottie Alliecatt and the exquisitely thick cosplay girl Momokun. Or maybe you’d be more interested in a Patreon videos from chicks like gamer slut MissyPwns, S&M kinkster Kat Wonders or the always beautiful, redheaded Amouranth.Then again, maybe you’re a Snapchat fan looking for broads like Viking Barbie, Heidi Grey or Violet Summers. ThotLeaks even has a YouTubers section, where you’ll find glorious Internet chicks like ASMR Maddy pouring oil on her naked body, RavenRose13 banging herself with a whisk, and Gwengwiz filming her pedicured feet for the fetishists.In other words, has content from the major social porn sites. You can browse by site via the links up in the header, or you can just scroll the big master list of everything. It starts on the front page, with all the very latest stuff first.Oh, speaking of, there are a fucking ridiculous number of videos hitting the site on a regular basis. They add content to the site multiple times a day. Today alone, there have been 9 new additions to the site, include an Anry Okita nude shower set, Paulina Franco in see-through lingerie and Abigale Mandler rubbing her own beautiful little uploaded their first batch of videos at the end of July 2020. They haven’t even been around a year, but they’ve already managed to build up a pretty fucking impressive collection. As of this writing, over 1,000 videos have been posted, and it’s a number that’s growing pretty goddamn fast—kind of like my dick after gawking at some of these naked, horny hotties.Get Your ASMR Foot Cosplay Jack Off Instructions HereIt’s really fucking obvious that has a diverse range of fappable content. Just poking around a little bit for this review, I found ASMR sex videos, dildo titty fucking, foot fetishism, butt play, cosplay sluts, JOI and threesomes. It’s a fantastic mix of material, but I can’t help noticing a glaring issue in the presentation: these videos don’t have any tags.Tags make every video site easier to search, whether we’re talking about some SFW YouTube shit or a full-on ass-fucking porno tube. When you leave them out of the equation, the search function has less information to filter through. Sure, you’ll find the ASMR stuff if it’s in the clip title or the girl’s name, but you’re going to miss it otherwise. Likewise with any other fetish or genre.Of course, if you’re not really on the hunt for some deep niche fetish porn, the tag issue probably won’t slow you down too much. In fact, I had a pretty satisfying fap without having to dig endlessly through the pile. The truth is, there’s a ton of fantastic material here.I pulled up the very latest video on, Paulina Franco Nude Tits Reveal. Every video page has a cam ad that my adblockers ignored, which probably just means they host the animated GIF on their server instead of using a dedicated spam server like usual. It’s not too intrusive, but it did confuse me for a second because the girl flicking her bean is clearly not Paulina Franco.Paulina’s video was actually right below that. It’s a pretty basic player that feels more like watching Snapchat or something than cranking your dick at the free tube. Paulina’s tits are barely hidden at the start of the video as she gyrates her body and shows off a ton of beautiful skin. She gropes her tatas, shaking them at the camera before lifting her top to give us a truly tantalizing peek. The babe knows how to tease, hiding them, pinching her nipples and then revealing the boobs again.And then, just like that, it’s all over. The whole video is only a minute long, which is actually pretty typical for the whole genre. That said, you will find some that can easily be classified as “full length.” One good example is a Purple Bitch video uploaded the other day. The kinky broad has a metallic foxtail, furry ears and some ridiculous anime makeup to go with her purple hair, and she spends a good 25 minutes fucking herself before getting hammered with dick for the last 15 minutes of the video. In case you’re wondering, she takes it in the pussy and in the ass, and it’s absolutely worth beating off to.Really, though, that could be said about pretty much all of ThotLeaks. They may have some minor issues with organizing that growing stash, but overall the collection is appealing as hell and the presentation is strong. Personally, I’ve had a raging boner ever since I found Momokun sucking a dildo and fucking herself with it. I’m late to the party and didn’t realize she was doing full-on masturbation videos, but goddamn, am I ready to enjoy her new, more explicit work. Whether you’re into those big-ass cosplay girls, the Instagram sluts or the classic pornstars who’ve entered the OnlyFans realm, Thot Leaks has got you covered.