I have lewd thoughts about Lewd Thots pretty much from the time I wake up until I go to bed at night. It’s an all-consuming obsession that results in a lot of lost productivity, sticky personal belongings, and a number of incidents at local coffee shops, restaurants and bars. (I’d tell you more about those, but my lawyer said I’d better not.) I’ve realized I’m not the only one who suffers this terrible affliction, because I found a website designed to indulge this non-stop lusting after social media sluts, attention whores and the regular kind, too.LewdThots.com is a free porn site dedicated to the sexy bitches of sites like OnlyFans, YouTube, and Snapchat. This new, self-made generation of models and pornstars has damn near taken over the Internet in 2021, giving pervs like you and me something to jerk off to while we’re stuck at home, social distancing. The LewdThots domain wasn’t even registered until a few months ago, but they’re already pulling thousands of horny visitors a day, which tells you a lot about how popular these sluts are. I won’t lie; I’ve been naked from the waist down since I started writing this, so let’s get on with it!Your Favorite Lewd Thots and MineThe logo for Lewd Thots features a Tinkerbell-looking blonde cartoon babe with big eyes, wearing nothing but a red garter belt and a big-ass bow across her big-ass titties. It’s a fitting mascot, because their collection is like a gift of the most beautiful woman, ready to be unwrapped if they aren’t already twerking in the buff or taking it all off in the kitchen.Now, I certainly love OnlyFans as much as the next guy. It beats the fuck out of the usual cyberstalking on sites like Instagram or YouTube, where you ain’t supposed to post photos of your muff or videos of lesbian threesomes. The only problem is it gets pretty fucking expensive to drop ten, twenty or thirty bucks a month on every hot chick who gives you a boner.They’ve got a number of social media sources for their content, but just looking at the front page, it seems like it mostly comes from OnlyFans. Some of the newest uploads include a bathroom striptease, a big-booty Latina twerking in her bedroom, some chick with a clever nickname getting pounded doggystyle, and a girl with a bunch of action figures in the background finger-fucking herself in an office chair. All of these originated at the big OF.All the girls are sexy as fuck, so it isn’t like they’re posting any old rando they can find who posts her own nudes online. In fact, they’ve got some of the most popular, sexiest bitches from the Internet. These days, there’s a lot of overlap between these self-styled online sluts, traditional celebrities, and pornstars supplementing their income with some DIY dildo rides and masturbation flicks.To that end, you’ll find girls like Daisy Marie getting naked and sucking on a ding-dong, or Allison Parker having a big lesbian foursome she mislabels as a threesome for some reason. Bella Thorne is dancing naked, Pisceus is showing off her oiled-up ass, and Amanda Trivizas is catching a load of Tyga’s cum. One of the first things I did when I hit LewdThots.com was crank off to a big gallery of the lovely Meg Turney showing some T&A as she pretends to bake cookies.Nude Galleries and Sex Vids for DaysFor a site that hasn’t been online long, LewdThots really seems to have a near-endless supply of nude galleries and videos. The site is built to scroll forever, and holy shit, it just goes on and on and on and on. It reminds me of the Energizer bunny; only it’s way easier to use for masturbatory purposes. In fact, I’d say it’s more along the lines of those rabbit-eared vibrators I see some of these girls using to pleasure themselves while we watch and do the same.I was scrolling a bit and found some new Belle Delphine materialI hadn’t seen before. I’ve been calling her overrated for a while now, because while she’s definitely cute as fucking hell, I’ve always been annoyed by all the censored cosplay nudes I saw. I’ve totally changed my opinion on the babe now that I’ve seen her more recent work at Lewd Thots. It seems the Internet favorite has gone full porno, riding cock, licking balls and eating cum as she gets that tight, naked, uncensored body all covered in whip cream. This sure beats the hell out of drinking her overpriced fucking bathwater.I clicked my way through a few of the Belle posts, wagging my dick along the way. The LewdThots.com presentation is fairly simple and solidly effective. With my adblocker running, I didn’t get any pop-ups or pop-unders as I made my way through the content, clicking on Play buttons and watching the pink-haired cutie work her magic.The built-in photo viewer is a great touch, too. Click that View Gallery button and you’ll get a full image sized to fit your browser, with forward and back buttons along the edges. There’s also a thumbnail view for finding that whip-cream blowjob pic that really does it for you among the rest of the set's images.New Internet Sluts on the DailyI’ll be honest: this review is taking me a long-ass time to write because I keep getting distracted by bubble butts, celebrity sex videos and gorgeous chicks dressed up like anime characters. I click around, I touch myself, I try to write a few lines, and then I repeat the process. I guess it doesn’t help that I crushed and snorted a Viagra when I woke up, but hey, we’ve all got to get through the day somehow.When I did make it back to the front page after adding a new layer of crust to my old gym socks, I found a handful of new leaks that got me horny as hell all over again. They’re constantly adding new Lewd Thots to the collection. One of the big reasons to sign up for an OnlyFans account is to see all the content your favorite girls are putting out. At OnlyThots.com, you can keep your eye on all of them without blowing that whole stimulus check the first time you sit down with a boner. God bless this site for making a deal with the creators, so we can watch this content for free! Just make sure to have your adblock activated!One of today’s recent LewdThots additions is a video of Therealbrittfit, fully naked and enjoying the company of a ten-inch dildo with a suction cup on the end. She jiggles her ass for the camera before giving this thing a BJ like she’s at a highway rest area gloryhole, then detaches it from the wall to stick it deep inside herself. She moans loudly, saying, “Oh, fuck me!” I would if I could, babe, but I’m stuck here at home, filling up yet another sock with my unborn children.My biggest beef with LewdThots.com really isn’t the website’s fault, but more of an issue with social-media porn format: the videos are often really fucking short. I love those full-length paysite pornos that run 45 minutes or more, and I tend to complain if a site is charging for movies that run under 15 minutes. Well, if you’re a regular OnlyFans consumer, you know 15 minutes is decent for a DIY webcam masturbation video. The girl I just watched banged herself for a mere 3 minutes, so I had to make up the difference by watching it a few times.The only other potential issue is that if you’re getting your striptease movies or cosplay galleries here, you’re missing out on some of the main perks of sites like OnlyFans. Mainly, you’re not going to have that pseudo-intimacy and ability to DM the girls, and you’re not going to be supporting them with a monthly donation. If your favorite Internet celebrity slut stops showing up on sites like LewdThots, maybe she just isn’t making ends meet with the nudie movies.LewdThots.com is definitely worth a look if you appreciate the modern sluts of social media. You’ll get to see the latest and greatest nude leaks and sex tapes without completely draining your wallet every 30 days. They update constantly, have a huge collection, and showcase some of the hottest women on the Internet. What’s not to love?