If I told you I was about to check out Nudes 7, how many naked ladies would you expect to find on the site? One? Two? Seven? From the name, I guessed it was going to be a nude gallery site with slightly more than half a dozen sluts showing off their boobies, butts and cooters. It turns out; they’ve got so much more to offer than that vague name implies. They’re actually a new free tube full of social media XXX content from sites like OnlyFans, Patreon and Snapchat.If you’ve been in a coma or only recently escaped a Josef Fritzl-style sex dungeon, you may not be aware of how quickly the genre has exploded recently. This new style of amateur porno was already taking off before the pandemic hit, but it’s really fucking exploding now that masturbators and performers alike are stuck at home. wasn’t even a fucking thing until April 2021, but their traffic has been shooting up since they opened their doors. They’re already getting over 4,000 visitors a day, and that number will probably be higher by the time you read this.Look at All These Beautiful Internet SlutsNudes7’s layout gives it away as a free tube the moment you load up the site. Beneath a simple but elegant logo, they class up the typical wall-of-porn view a bit by doubling up the most recent videos in larger thumbnails that scroll across the very top of the screen. Shit’s clearly been good lately, because the latest flicks feature Misha Cross, Remy Rayne, and a tatted-up blonde fucking herself through a pair of crotchless panties.A couple of sidebars give a selection of Popular videos, and a more nebulous selection of Free Porn. Since everything here is free, it may not be obvious what separates these blowjob videos and butthole-finger adventures from the rest of the catalog. As a porno webmaster, I can tell you pretty confidently that the Free Porn label is more for Google than it is for you. It’s pretty obvious from the tissues and lotion that you already knew what you were getting into.But let’s talk about that free porn that makes up most of the stash at Nudes7. Most of the front page is bitches stripping, riding dildos and doing cosplay with their titties out in OnlyFans videos. That Misha Cross flick, the very newest scene on, comes from EvilAngel.If you’re familiar with the format, you’ve probably got an idea of what you’ll find. A lot of these chicks are stripping and diddling themselves in front of a webcam, so you’ll find plenty of solo material among the menu. There are also specific subgenres of smut that seem to do better on sites like OnlyFans than they do elsewhere. You’ll find plenty of that extra-kinky solo smut like ASMR, cosplay, JOI and all kinds of depraved roleplaying.Finding Your Perfect ASMR Cosplay JOIIf I have one immediate complaint about Nudes7, it’s that there’s no obvious way to search through the categories. There’s no Categories page, nor any cloud of tags of Blowjob, Feet, and BDSM like you’ll find on a lot of tubes. You’ll get handfuls of hits if you type things into the search bar, but it’s only really flipping through the titles.I’m hoping it’s just a temporary problem. is a new site, so there’s definitely time and room to grow. The site is built like any other tube, and there’s obviously a Tags/Categories system built-in. It’s just not really in use yet. Instead of tagging every video with every sex act and fetish in it, all you get is a source, usually OnlyFans. A couple of the most recent videos have deeper listings of Tags, which bodes well for the tube. Studio content is more likely to be tagged well than the Patreon, Instagram and Snapchat stuff.They have done an excellent job tagging the different models, pornstars, actresses and social media attention whores. I found a video of Emily Knight squirting, clicked her name and found 5 more pages of her videos. Likewise, I found big-ass collections of big titty beauty Brittanya Razavi, Snapchat thot Ana Lorde, and the illustrious, depraved Viking Barbie. If you’ve got some favorite Internet sluts, chances are Nudes7 has some of their content.One of the most interesting and sexy side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, at least from a Porn Dude perspective, is how it has steered so many traditional porn starlets to the direct-sales model of sites like OnlyFans. I won’t lie to you: I had to take a pretty long break from writing this after stumbling onto Asa Akira’s leak collection. I ain’t a dude who will ever pass up a chance to see the broad getting her brains fucked out in a big-budget porno, but there’s a heavier element of intimacy in the home movies. No wonder this genre is so goddamn lucrative lately.Fap Along to Nudes7Your OnlyFans and Patreon content isdelivered in a really streamlined box at Nudes7. The simple player does include speed controls, which I fucking love when I’m fapping to squirting, but doesn’t offer any video resolution options. That’s weird on a 2021 tube, but seems to be more common with leaks sites.Either way, I didn’t have any trouble with buffering while I was masturbating to masturbating girls, threesomes and ASMR sex whispers. With my spam blocker running, I didn’t have any problems with ads, either. A couple of vids looked broken at first, with black windows instead of paused images in the player, but worked fine as soon as I hit the Play button.Some links direct you to other sites. Since you’re getting sent to other tubes, the difference isn’t always noticeable right away. What gave it away on one of the sites was a more advanced video player with closed captions and picture-in-picture features. Suddenly, I had the power to watch a girl in elf ears give a dildo a footjob in the corner of my screen while doing my taxes. Another site Nudes7 tried to send me to was actually blocked by my anti-spam plugin as being potentially harmful. Remember to put a condom on your browser, as you should always be doing anyway.Tons of Social Media Porn is only a few months old, but the site is growing rapidly. One of the biggest problems with new porn sites is the small collection sizes, but these guys seem to have their poop in a group. As of this writing, they’ve got around 3,000 pornos and XXX videos in the stash. They’re not going to be overtaking Pornhub anytime soon, but their focus is a lot more narrow than what the undisputed big boys are offering.Ultimately, that laser focus on Internet chicks is going to be the biggest selling point for Nudes7. The place is fucking amazing whether you’ve got a few wet-dream regulars you’re already fapping to on Instagram and Patreon, or if you’re just a fan of the genre. As a porn scholar, it’s really exciting in various ways to see the rise of this particular form of homemade amateur porn. We’ve got a whole generation of women raised on social media attention whoring in the age of webcam shows and empowered sexual femininity, plus social forces driving these chicks to work from home. That’s a prime opportunity for perverts and performers alike.I’ll tell you this now: we’re going to see a hell of a lot more of this type of DIY porno in days to come. If you’ve got the cash for it, those OnlyFans and Patreon subscriptions often do add another layer of intimacy with your favorite cosplay cuties, ASMR dirty talkers and bonafide pornstars. If you’ve already blown your stimulus check on ramen noodles and you’re doing your best to avoid your landlord, well, there’s always and their growing stash of content.