Lewd Web! It doesn’t take a federally licensed Porn Dude to notice how many free porn tubes are out there. You’ve got your Pornhubs and xHamsters, and then you’ve got a million wannabes spamming up the web. Most of them are garbage that don’t make the cut around here, but once in a while, a new one pops up with a really fucking good gimmick. Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you all about LewdWeb.LewdWeb.net is a free sex site with a focus on Internet attention whores: YouTube babes, Twitch whores, and the beautiful women of OnlyFans. These broads are the newest generation of DIY pornstar, and their impact on online smut is only getting bigger as everyone hides from the coronavirus by staying at home. Over 20,000 visitors a day are fapping to this repository of nudes, amateur stripteases and homemade blowjobs, with a trajectory going straight up. I told you it was a killer gimmick.Thousands of Free Videos and GalleriesI’ve got to give them props for coming up with a clever porn site name that hasn’t already been taken. LewdWeb.net wasn’t even registered and launched until May 2021. That freshness makes those traffic numbers even more impressive. Most porn tubes languish in obscurity for years before dying a quiet death, but these guys came out strong as hell right from jump.Then again, these sites can be a little bit mysterious in their origins. The domain was registered in 2021, but their archive stretches back 4 years and over 1,000 pages. If I’m doing my math right, they’ve got over 14,000 free movies and galleries in their collection right now.You’ll notice right away LewdWeb ain’t your typical porn tube. The layout is largely what you’d expect from the format, a wall of X-rated thumbnails beneath a simple header advertising some of their top categories. I like the logo, a reworded take on the old YouTube insignia. The content of the thumbs, though, ain’t the usual set of lesbian samples and BBC orgies.A lot of these modern sluts are truly self-made, earning their fame on social media sites like YouTube and Instagram before busting out the webcam and selling scenes on OnlyFans. You’ll see that reflected in all the mouthwatering solo scenes on display. The front page has a dozen of LewdWeb.net’s newest scenes, and only one of them has more than a single participant.As I sit here with my homemade Fleshlight and the personal lube I’ve been developing in my bathtub, I can tell you that I, for one, am a huge fan of solo sex. It’s fun to do it here in my smut chamber, but it’s even more fun when I’m watching one of these cosplay bitches or Snapchat sluts. There’s a girl in the top row dressed as a succubus and another in a cow costume that has no right to be that sexy. There’s a YouTuber stripping and sucking a banana, and an OnlyFans bimbo boning herself with a huge dildo.Fresh Internet Sluts on the DailyIf you didn’t guess from the monster library of content, LewdWeb updates all the fucking time with fresh cosplay girls and Twitch gamer bimbos. There are time stamps out front, right beneath the video titles, which is how I know they’ve added 20 new pieces of content in the last 24 hours.The photo sections on a lot of free tubes and even paysites are basically throwaways, halls of pics devoid of viewers but meant to pump up the site’s numbers. The photo galleries are a much bigger deal here with content from places like OnlyFans. About a quarter of the recent additions to the site are NSFW photo galleries.You ever spend an hour just looking through options on Netflix, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices? You ever spend two hours just pumping off to porn thumbnails because you can’t choose which to watch while you pull the pud? With 14,000 videos and galleries at LewdWeb.net, you may run into a similar problem, especially given the wide range of freaky activities going on around here.There’s a ton of overlap with the regular free tubes when it comes to porn categories. There are masturbation vids aplenty, blowjob facials and even a lesbian BDSM scene out on the front page. Where LewdWeb really shines, though, is in the categories favored by Patreon girls and Twitch whores.Cosplay is really fucking big here. That lesbian BDSM scene I mentioned? It’s a 34-image photo gallery of a couple babes playing dress-up, one as Lois Griffin and the other a gender-swapped Quagmire. A broad dressed as a maid in Nekopara cosplay fucks herself with an enormous silicone shaft in a video uploaded last night, and there’s a thick chick dressed as Super Sonico playing with her jugs and flashing her shaved twat.It ain’t in the LewdWeb header, but these guys have a fucking ton of ASMR videos. Bust out your fancy headphones and that silicone schoolgirl cunt with the ostrich feather pubes, it’s time to get some weird tickly, tingly feelings while you aggressively stroke your cock. Listen to Patreon sluts whisper about their foot fetishes or pretend to cut your hair in a bathtub while loudly smacking on chewing gum.Stream or Download Top OnlyThots SlutsA couple of days ago, a new video popped up in LewdWeb’s Twitch Streamer section featuring the lovely Amouranth nude. This chick’s got millions of followers on Instagram, and has actually been banned from Twitch multiple times thanks to her tendency to expose herself on camera. Oops!I’ve got to warn you, LewdWeb.net has a fair amount of spam. That’s the tradeoff for all this free smut, I guess, but I wouldn’t go in without a good spam-blocker enabled. Even with my plugin running, I got a pop-under almost every time I clicked a link on the site. The pop-under situation was so serious it actually took a couple tries to make it to that Amouranth video.You can watch most of the movies on the site in a baked-in video player right on the page. This one, however, sent me over to SendVid to watch, where I had no issue streaming the 7-minute clip of the beautiful redhead rolling around in her underwear and smacking her luscious round ass.One of the things that makes this type of DIY porn so fucking sexy is the intimacy of it. Most of the videos are self-shot, and while Amouranth clearly had another set of hands helping operate the camera, the movie gives the feeling of being alone with her as she gives a show just for you. The most talented babes in the category straddle a fine line, combining the immediacy of amateur smut with more professional camerawork and lighting than your typical basement blowjob.Hosting the content elsewhere is a smart move costwise, freeing up bandwidth so they can better serve those thousands of daily visitors. With resources freed up like that, they can offer free downloads for all the videos. The MP4s live on file-locker sites, so your download speed is going to be throttled if you’re a free user. Still, a little wait is cheaper than subscribing to an OnlyFans account, especially if you’re a jobless virgin in mom’s basement.Obviously, some spam and some plundered booty ain’t slowing down the action at LewdWeb. They’re only gaining traction with every passing day, their userbase and collection growing on a constant basis. If you’re into Twitch chicks, cosplay babes or the social media attention whores of Instagram, Snapchat and OnlyFans, you should tune in next time you’ve got some alone time.