Thot Book! I keep getting kicked off of Facebook, so I’m thinking of switching to Thotbook full time. It’s probably going to be a whole lot easier, since I was just cranking it to sluts I went to high school with, former coworkers who haven’t blocked me, and my hot cousin’s selfies. There’s no real need to cut Zuckerberg into my fap sessions, so a porn site dedicated to social media attention whores is probably the way to go.That’s exactly what you’ll find at, a free tube full of clips, nip slips, masturbation vids and straight-up pornos from your favorite Internet celebrities. I’ve been an advocate of staying at home and playing with yourself for years, but in these weird times, people are finally starting to listen. This burgeoning form of DIY porn is just more evidence of that, and the shit is getting more popular by the day. Thotbook popped up in May 2021, and they’ve been steadily gaining traffic as the pandemic drags on. More than 4,000 visitors are beating off to the site every day, and today, I’m one of them!Sleek, Modern and Full of Naked ChicksOne of the trends I’ve noticed on free porn sites lately is asymmetrical, vertical columns of X-rated thumbnails. Social-sharing sites have been using the format for years, but sex tubes have largely stuck to that same wall-of-thumbnails showcase you’ve seen a million times. doesn’t have the flashiest layout I’ve ever seen, but those vertical columns immediately mark it as a next-gen offering of smut. This isn’t your granny’s cosplay tube.Of course, even if they had opted for that time-tested grid of perversion, you’d know right away this ain’t your typical Pornhub ripoff. Why? It’s all in those thumbs, my freak friends. Instead of pornstars getting filled in a wide variety of cherry-poppings, threesomes and anal fisting scenarios, we’re presented with a smorgasbord of gorgeous social media models doing their thing. I’m talking about the beauties of OnlyFans, Patreon, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and Snapchat, each social site listed in Thotbook’s header for quick access to your favorites.With everyone doing their best to socially distance, it’s only natural that a lot of classic pornstars are supplementing their income with the Patreon game. I love how YouTube chicks are now flashing their jugs on the very same page as big-name professional dick-riders. Lana Rhoades is masturbating on the front page of Thotbook, right alongside Internet chicks like Belle Delphine and Whiptrax. I’m not sure what Mia Khalifa is classified as these days, but I’m going to be enjoying this shower scene.It’s only natural that the smut itself is a little different than what you’ll find on xHamster or Reality Kings. After all, these are mainly solo videos, each created by one sexy babe with a webcam or even just a nice phone. Instead of big budgets to rent mansions and hire famous pussy-lickers to lick their pussies, these girls are blessed with good looks, a talent for turning us on, and an exhibitionist streak. Still, you’ll find a nice range of different material to shake your dick at.Thotbook’s front page shows the freshest OnlyFans leaks and Twitch gamer girls going wild. Today alone, they’ve added a PAWG riding a dildo, a cosplay babe giving us her sexy take on Bowsette and Princess Peach, a redhead teasing us through transparent panties, as well as a babe getting titty-fucked and stuck from behind. It’s always a treat to see a social media chick get smashed, because it’s usually her boyfriend and not some rando she’s getting a couple hundred to suck off.Fresh Vids, Pics and Galleries DailyI thought for a moment I just reviewed on a really good day, because goddamn, there have been some really good updates in the last 24 hours. Scrolling through the stash a little bit, it looks like every day is a good day around here. The site takes user uploads and sometimes gets dozens of new XXX videos and nude photo galleries per day. You ain’t going to be hurting, waiting around blue-balled for the next update. They come hot and fast around here. Better grab a tissue, because so will you.I love how kinky and fetish-friendly these social media babes are. In the old days, the freaks used to have to hope, pray and make sacrifices to the elder gods, often waiting around forever to see if their favorite pornstar would finally do a foot scene or dress up like a favorite cartoon character. It was rare to see that shit indulged, but nowadays? Hell, sometimes it feels like every single girl is doing cosplay at least part of the time.These broads grew up playing the Zelda games and watching Pokemon, so it’s no wonder these Thotbook thots are diddling themselves while dressed as a gender-swapped Link or that redhead from Team Rocket. I see babes on the front page cosplaying Jessica Rabbit, Spider Gwen, and Mario with huge tits, not to mention generic schoolgirls, sailors, witches and fox-women.ASMR is a big fucking deal on Thotbook, too, so don’t forget to strap those expensive cans on your head before you get all lubed up and messy. One recent update promises an ASMR ear licking from an OnlyFans hottie. It’s crazy how this wasn’t even a thing a few years ago, and now all these hotties are giving out goosebumps with the boners just by whispering sweet nothings and jack-off instructions. Of course, there’s JOI without the ASMR if you’d rather a babe speak full volume while telling you how to squish your hot dog in your own personal mayonnaise.I know it sounds cliché and cheesy as hell, but Thotbook’s got something for everyone. There are blondes, brunettes, redheads; white girls, black girls, Asians and Latinas; big tits, little tits and everything in between. There are even some BBWs if you’re into fat chicks, so none of you neckbeards are going to feel left out.Stream the Hits, Save Your FavsSince I started writing this review a little while ago, users have uploaded two new pieces of content to Thotbook: baddangel’s naughty version of an earlier Instagram post, and Celine Centino naked and fucking herself with a dildo. Centino was an awkward teen who glowed the fuck up into a life-size Bratz doll with a huge rack, so I was eager to see the full package on has a pretty basic video player. There are no resolution controls, but you can adjust the speed if you’d like to watch that girl finger herself at double speed or cum in slow-motion. With my adblocker running, I didn’t get any spam when I hit Play. Celine appeared on a bed, making fuck-me faces before spinning around and putting her ass to the camera.It’s a 7-minute movie, so it’s relatively short by porn standards but par for the course with social media smut. Celine jiggles her little ass cheeks a bit before taking her top off, then gets fully nude around the 3-minute mark. That’s when the fun really starts, and I started enjoying myself along with the lovely plastic-faced babe.There’s a Download button beneath each video, so I clicked that bad boy. You do have to sign up for an account to get access to the downloads, but there are some perks that come with a free membership. Apparently, members see fewer ads, can download two vids a day, and get access to the forum for huge Mega Packs. There’s also a $5 VIP membership with no ads, unlimited downloads, and VIP forum access with direct links. I hate paying for free porn, but that ain’t a bad’s got a pretty surefire recipe for success, if you want my honest opinion. They’re giving out some of the best adult content the web has seen in years, from a new generation of self-made Internet sluts. All your favorite social media chicks are here, from YouTube to Twitch to OnlyFans and beyond, and the site is updated on a damn-near constant basis. It sure beats beating off to your normal Facebook feed of all the ugly chicks you’ve ever met in your life. Why not skip straight to the good shit?