Atlas VPN

AtlasVPN! You’re not still browsing the internet without a VPN, right? You can’t be that fucking dumb. Come on, that’s like plowing the pussy of some back-alley whore without wrapping your dick up. You’re just asking for trouble. If you’re reading this, then the odds are that you’re already going to some pretty questionable sites. We all know how sketchy porn sites can be. Trust me; I go to dozens of them every fucking day, and you bet your ass that I keep my data and privacy protected with a VPN. I don’t need some fucking mouth-breather getting their hands on my black book of bitches. Those sluts are mine!That’s why I used Atlasvpn.com. This site gives you an affordable, easy-to-set-up VPN that will ensure your private data is secured and protected from prying eyes. Or, hey, maybe you’re traveling and want to watch some streamed content from back home. I don’t fucking care what you do with it as long as you actually use a VPN. But I’m going to take a peek beneath the skirt here and tell you fucks why I trust this site to keep my shit under lock and key. After all, not every VPN is created equal. You want one that isn’t going to fuck you over.A Small VPN with a Modest Selection of Regional ServersNow, this isn’t the biggest VPN on the market. There’s no beating around the bush or sugar-coating that. But that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a good service. We all knew that unpopular slut who could suck a dick like a goddamn succubus. Just turn that bitch around when you’re fucking her, and it’s like she’s a dime piece. But this site looks good, and it was easy to get signed up and started with a free account.You don’t have to put your payment details in or anything to get access to a couple of free servers. Sure, they’re slow. But you beggars can’t afford to be choosers when it comes to a free VPN. And, to be honest, I usually avoid free VPNs like the fucking plague. But I was pleasantly surprised by how good the free servers were. But if you’re serious about staying protected while you go about downloading and streaming content, I’d recommend dishing out the dosh for a premium account.Get Protected for under $2 a Month with a 3-Year PlanIt’s dirt fucking cheap compared to other VPNs with similar feature sets. This shit is going to cost you under 2 bucks a month. You cucks probably spend more than that on dumb weeb shit every single day. It’s a steal. Once you make an account, you can download the application on Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS. I don’t see any settings for getting this service on Linux or installing it on your router for total coverage, but hopefully, we see those features tacked on down the line.There doesn’t appear to be a limit for simultaneous device connections either. So, you can load up some kinky shit on your phone, PC, and iPad all at the same time while staying connected. Despite this being a budget-orientated VPN, their server network was pretty good. They’ve got servers in over 25 countries around the world. Sure, that’s not as comprehensive as more premium options. But, man, I’ve seen other VPNs charge triple this monthly cost without even having only 10 server regions. Fuck that shit.Military-Grade AES-256 Bit Encryption Keeps Your Data SecureSome of these cheap VPNs like to skimp out on protection. Not AtlasVPN. They back their service with industry-leading AES-256 bit encryption. For those of you that aren’t turbo-nerds, that’s the same shit most military agencies use to protect their transmissions. No crusty neckbeard wearing a cum-stained trench coat is going to hack through this and get access to your fap folder on their watch.Plus, this VPN has an integrated kill switch if anything happens to your connection. They’ll cut out your internet the instant you don’t have a secure connection, which ensures total protection even if their servers crash. I did put this shit to the test, and none of their servers leaked my data. I was able to appear from a variety of regions without any of my personal data or actual IP address being revealed. That’s what I like to see.Quick Servers that are Optimized for Content StreamingNow, the only thing I felt that was lacking in the server list was P2P torrenting servers. You see a lot of VPNs with dedicated regions for that sort of thing. Now, keep in mind that torrenting isn’t legal everywhere. You fucks need to do your research and make sure you’re all clear. If you’ve got any doubt, only use it to download public domain content. Anyway, yeah, they don’t have any servers for torrenting. Most of these servers are dedicated to streaming HD content from popular services.I ran some speed tests and found that this site stays true to those claims. You can definitely get fast enough speeds for streaming without having to worry about buffering or long load times. You should be able to get access to whatever kinky porn site you want without worrying about any dumb shit getting in the way. Even servers halfway around the world from my location retained some decent speeds. I was able to get right around half of my non-VPN speeds when connected to a faraway server. Not too bad, especially considering that some VPNs throttle that shit down to a crawl. Even the free servers had half-decent speeds for simple web browsing.Easy-to-Use Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS ApplicationsIt was just as easy to set up on my mobile device as it was with the desktop application. You don’t have to jump through any annoying hoops or fiddle around with a clunky installation process. The whole experience was streamlined, and the mobile app was very user-friendly. You just need to use your registered email, and you’ll be all good to go. It’s never been easier to keep your data safe while you’re using a public network.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesThis VPN combines the best features of more premium VPNs while still being incredibly affordable. You won’t have to break the bank to stay protected with Atlasvpn.com. They’ve got a reasonable number of servers in a robust number of regions considering the cost. Sure, yeah, it’s not going to compete with the big dogs out there that have hundreds of servers. But this will be just fine for those of you looking to use a VPN without it costing an arm and a leg.You can even give it a try for free! No strings attached. No required payments. These guys will not force you to put your payment details in and then hit you with some massive subscription cost when you forget to cancel. You can fiddle around with a couple of servers without paying a dime.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI just hope to see some additional features added as the service progresses. Let’s see some servers optimized for P2P use. I’d like to see the list of “SafeSwap” servers expanded. Fuck, I didn’t even get to mention those earlier. These servers rotate your IP so often and make it even harder for your data to be tracked. But they’ve only got three servers that support it right now. I could see more of you cucks flocking to this site if they expanded that list a bit. But, really, those are my only gripes. This VPN is hard to beat for the price, especially compared to other VPNs in this price range.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Atlasvpn.com is a damn good choice for those of you looking to dip your toes into the VPN space and give one a shot. You can try this VPN out risk-free by using their free servers. And if you like what you see, then this service will cost you less than a cup of coffee a month. That’s fucking nothing. It’s hard to go wrong with this affordable VPN with military-grade encryption, fast servers, and 25+ server regions. It’s one of the better small VPNs out there and is well worth your time. I highly recommend you guys check it out and protect yourselves with this quality VPN right now.