Plex Storm! As a gamer and pervert, I know it can sometimes be really fucking difficult to decide what kind of live feed you’re going to blow your productive hours on in any given day. Do you load up Twitch and watch somebody earning a chicken dinner at PUBG, or would you rather aim your browser at a cam site to watch girls getting naked on command? Well, at Plexstorm, you don’t have to calls itself “the new era of adult game streaming and the world first who provide a high-quality adult game streaming experience.” That’s a lot of words to say their streamers are broadcasting a ton of live video games, explicit nudity and full-on sex. It seems like such a simple formula that I can’t believe they’re the first ones to roll it out, but they’re clearly cashing in on being the first on the block. As of this writing, Plexstorm is getting around 5,000 visitors a day.Sexier Than Twitch, Gamier Than ChaturbateThe layout reminds me more of Twitch than the crusty design; they’re still peddling at major camwhore sites like Chaturbate. Actually, Plexstorm’s format is even more polished than Twitch’s pseudo-YouTube shtick. This looks like Twitch, as designed by some of the high-end HTML nerds whipping up those flashy premium sites that cost thirty bucks a month.Content-wise, these guys land right in the very fucking middle between Twitch and LiveJasmin. A handful of Featured streams slide across the top of the page. They go with the picture-in-picture style common to video game streaming; only the host angles show more than just fat nerds wearing headsets and twiddling controllers.There are some dudes streaming on Plexstorm, which I guess you should expect given that gaming is still a male-dominated hobby. Alternately, you should expect it because female gamers also deserve to masturbate while watching a naked person play Minecraft. Dudes are greatly outnumbered by chicks, so you insecure motherfuckers don’t have to worry too hard about seeing a stray boner while you’re stroking your microdick.Most of the streamers are chicks, and a lot of the popular girls are really fucking hot! There’s a redhead with a brand-new Internet-enabled Lush vibrator playing a dungeon crawler, an Ebony beauty with a nice ass playing Runescape, and a girl playing an indie cat game while bent over a chair in her underwear. There’s also a thick chick in bed with her passed-out boyfriend, showing off some dildos while he lays there with his little cock out.As you might have guessed, the content offered by is something of a new and growing niche market. They don’t have nearly the number of streamers as the webcam sites or Twitch. I’m cranking my dick to the site on a Tuesday afternoon, and I’ve got barely over a dozen video game streamers to choose from.I didn’t realize it at first, but in addition to the totally pornographic webcam shows, there are also clean streams. I don’t know why you’d browse Plexstorm for SFW live video games when there are so many better options, but there you go. When I hit the SFW button, only 1 of the online streams remained, which tells you how everyone feels about the feature. Boring!Free Shows with Live, Naked SlutsI’ve got to admit, I knew as soon as I hit the front page of that I was going to watch that redhead get down. I wasn’t the only one, as more than 60 other perverts were watching when I got there. I clicked through to the live feed, where I was suddenly in her bedroom. She’s on the bed, wearing just her underwear and chatting about her Lush. I love her giggly, perky demeanor and fun attitude.Did I tell you I haven’t even signed up and logged in yet? Like any good cam site, you can find legit free shows on Plexstorm. The key, as it is elsewhere, is to aim for the popular shows with a bunch of users already fapping away. Even if you’re a total fucking cheapskate living in mom’s basement and spending your whole allowance on waifu pillows, you can reap the benefits of the monied dudes throwing money in the hat.Red wasn’t actively playing a game when I joined the room, but she got back to Minecraft Dungeons a couple of minutes later. She’s a chatty gal, though, spending a lot of time with the controller on the bed while she talks to her viewers. I appreciate a cam girl with personality, who takes the time to banter and build a rapport. It provides a pseudo-intimacy that is sometimes hard to find when you’re just tipping a Czech girl to stick her fingers up her butthole.With any cam site, the free shit you can see is dependent on the number of people who are actually paying. I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised the neckbeards of aren’t making it rain like they do on some of the bigger cam sites, even though this chick is fucking stunning. She’s got a tip meter with milestones to take off all her clothes and fuck herself with the Lush, but she’s a long way off from meeting her goals. The tips are slowly coming in, but for now, everyone must be content to watch this cutie play Minecraft Dungeons and chat.I did really appreciate the titty show after Dave24299 tossed her 20 coins, though. Just when I thought she was going to get back to her game, she got on her back, pulled her panties down, and started moaning to the smooth buzz of her Lush. She gave us a nice demonstration of how it connects her phone and makes her go ooooooohhhhh woooooohhh aaaaahhhhhhhh!Give Her the Tip or the Whole ThingI scrolled down below the streaming video and found the babe’s Tipmenu. It’s exactly what it sounds like, with things she’ll do and the tips she wants to do them. You can get a kiss blown for 5PD (Plexdollars), or some Ahegao for 10PD. A titty flash is 20PD, 2 spanks or feet are 30, or watch her oil up her pussy for 60. Lush patterns will cost you a few hundred, but don’t you think it’s worth it?Goddamn, redhead’s still talking excitedly about her vibrator, and I just fucking love her chipper sexual energy. I guess I should find out what those tips cost in real money, huh?The Plexdollars break down to about 10 cents each, starting in packages of 50 for $5. You get extras with your packages, but they scale up proportionally with your purchase (5 extra for 50, 20 extra for 200, 75 extra for 750 PD). Most cam sites give you at least a trivial break in price as you spend more, but not so with Plexstorm.They’ve also got a premium monthly subscription available on a Pay-what-you-want plan, from 10 Plexdollars up to 200. Choosing your own price is kind of weird since the money goes to the site and not the girls, but they say it helps improve and add new features to Plexstorm. For your troubles, you get an ad-free experience, a premium badge, and a slightly improved chat feature that lets you use GIFs and colors. Personally, I’d save my extra PD to give the girls tips. A tip is a poor substitute for the whole thing, but I haven’t figured out how to thrust my cock through the Internet.I spent some time poking around after busting a nut to the Minecraft girl. The site says BETA in the corner, and while it’s overall very polished, there are some places where you can see the site is still growing and figuring out how they’re going to do things. Other areas look great, but are a bit lacking in content thanks to the site’s overall newness. The archive of past shows, for example, is still small.It sounds like some shit a stoned teenager dreamed up, but Plexstorm makes it work: this is camwhoring meets live video game streaming, and it’s done really fucking well. The biggest problem right now is that there are relatively few shows, but I fully expect that to change as the site grows and the niche gains popularity. Check it out if you like live, sexy girls and video games!