Do you like masturbating to pretty girls on the Internet? Don’t answer that. You’re reading The Porn Dude, so I already know the answer. This next site specializes in famous Internet girls like YouTube babes, Twitch gamer broads and Instagram models, typically naked or in different states of undress. FamousInternetGirls doesn’t get fancy with the name, instead just doing their best to serve up exactly what it says on the tin.FamousInternetGirls.com is a very new site, getting off the ground in April 2019. Internet fame can be an explosive thing, catapulting ripe young teen bimbos to semi-stardom in no time at all. A similar thing seems to have happened with this website based around their nudes. In a matter of months, these guys have managed to attract over 3,500 visitors every day. Crowds of perverts are where I feel best, so I slapped on a fedora to get with the Reddit crowd and took a look around.Famous Internet Chicks Getting Naked on CameraThe front page of the site shows off some of their newest content. If you ain’t up on your famous Internet chicks, you may not recognize all of the girls here. They’ve typically got a shit ton of followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. The very latest video, uploaded three hours ago, is an OnlyFans sex tape of Uptownjenny. The babe’s got millions of fans around the world, but I bet my right nut your grandpa has never heard of her. He will definitely appreciate those massive tits, though.The site is updated at a frantic rate. The front page has more than a dozen new videosadded within the last five hours. There’s a solid mix of cosplay cuties, Instagram sluts, fetish models and your regular, old-fashioned porn stars like Mia Khalifa. Mia’s video today is an anal play movie from her personal site, which does put it squarely in the realm of famous Internet girls.Sabrina Nichole was added in an NSFW nude video this morning, and they also published a POV video of Jaclyn Taylor giving a blowjob. Piperranne strips down and plays with her pussy, something I’m pretty sure she’s not allowed to show her half a million followers on Instagram. Xxxtentacion’s girlfriend Geneva Ayala even makes an appearance, bouncing up and down on a big black dildo while aggressively fingering her clit.Pink-haired Gracie Waifu is flashing a peace sign and looking cute as hell in a thumbnail on the front page. The video description promises the girl in fishnets, spreading her ass nude and teasing the viewers in an OnlyFans movie. It was uploaded just a few hours ago and already has a couple of hundred views, but I already knew she was hot from the photo.Gamer Sluts Show Off Their ButtsGracie is another babe who is the very definition of a Famous Internet Girl. She’s a gamer who streams on Twitch and posts a ton of cute selfies on Instagram. She’s into cosplay, posing as a gender-swapped Bowser or Snow Bunny Nidalee from League of Legends. For 15 bucks a month, you can follow her on OnlyFans and see her looking even sexier.Then again, if you already blew this week’s allowance on Pokémon hentai, you might be a little hard up for that Internet celebrity poon. Enter FamousInternetGirls with their constant stream of content. This clip uploaded earlier is only 15 seconds, but good goddamn it is exquisite. The girl aims her perfect ass at the camera and jiggles it before showing off and groping those succulent jugs.With my spam blocker running, I didn’t have any pop-ups or other bullshit when I clicked the Play button. There are a number of “free” cam ads scattered around the page that have made past my plugin, but they don’t get in the way of my fap section.I’ve got to admit, I was pretty disappointed by the length of that clip. I went back to the front page and started poking around, hoping they weren’t all such tiny tastes of T&A. It must depend on the source material, because I found a broad range of video durations. Among the newest updates, Neiva Mara dances nude for a minute and a half, Sabrina Nichole gives us a cosplay and fingering show for four, and Mia Khalifa gets down and nasty on a couch for a solid 46 minutes.Instagram Sluts, Snapchat Whores and TikTok BimbosThe Categories page at FamousInternetGirls breaks down the video content into a few dozen categories. If you’re into a particular type of famous Internet girl, it’s easy enough to browse through their selections of Celeb.tv, Instagram, MyFreeCams, Snapchat, TikTok or YouTube sluts. You can also jump right to the Internet babes who do ASMR, Cosplay, or Fitness, as well as the Asians or Black/Ebony chicks.Some of the categories correspond to the type of leaks available on the site. For example, the Cam section has girls like Eliza Pink playing with herself on Chaturbate and Mia Malkova doing a 10-minute CamSoda show. The Patreon area features content typically reserved for paying patrons, but you can get your dirty little mitts on those dildo movies and masturbation experiments for free.The Categories are missing most of the typical porno genre tags like Anal, Blowjob, Lesbian, Masturbation, and Squirting. It’s a notable omission because FamousInternetGirls does have a ton of this kind of material. Typing “masturbation” into the search bar yields hundreds of videos of Internet chicks diddling themselves on camera. The website has typical Category and Tag features, but doesn’t seem to use them to denote the actual sexual content in their leaks.Read Up on the Girls You Masturbate ToFamousInternetGirls has a blog section that goes through periods of regular updates, though it’s been about a month since the last one. Some of the posts are practical, like trying to get laid or find romance on Discord, but most are biographies of some of these Internet girls you’ll be gawking at on the site.A recent bio for Andie Adams goes into depth about her Instagram fame and modeling career. It’s surprisingly well researched for a biography on a porn site, with notes about her upbringing, really detailed and specific stats on that killer body, not to mention what she’s currently up to out there in the world of celebrity nudes. The biography concludes with 10 links to videos FamousInternetGirls has of Andie. Anybody want to watch her suck a dildo and then fuck herself with it?There is a forum section, but most of the boards only get posts every couple of days or so. This may be because the site is still very new and fans are just finding out about it. The discussions going on right now mostly revolve around the different platforms these girls perform on, like YouTube, Twitch, and Snapchat. Users are encouraged to make requests and also share their own leaks.I noticed earlier that there were no Download buttons under the Snapchats of pussy eating or the OnlyFans blowjob tutorials. However, you can find a lot of file locker links to the MP4s if you go through the Recent subforum.It’s pretty easy to see how this website was able to build up so much hype so quickly. In just a few short months, they’ve managed to amass a very impressive collection of sex videos featuring some of the hottest Internet-famous babes out there. I can see a variety of perverts really getting a lot of use out of this, whether you’re a fitness fanatic into jerking it to cardio bitches on Insta or you prefer a cosplay girl who plays with herself as well as she plays video games. FamousInternetGirls lets you find their dirtiest videos without searching around too much and without spending a goddamn cent.I recommend this site to anyone who’s ever browsed Snapchat with your dick in your hand or always blows up the Twitch feed with a bunch of obscene comments. Even if you don’t have a current Internet crush, the site is a literal Who’s Who of the hottest sluts out there, and you get to see them in really compromising positions. It’s free to use and the spam ain’t bad if you’ve got a plugin, so go wild.