Shall we play a "Game Of Porn"? I can bet that over half of you reading this visit those popular XXX domains like PornHub and so on when you feel like fapping and end up blowing your load to some professionally-made big-budget video produced by companies the likes of Bang Bros, Fake Taxi, Brazzers and so on. It’s no secret that professional porn is what makes the porn industry go round – I mean it is an industry worth billions of dollars, and where do you think all that money comes from? It comes from lonely dudes who pay to become members of sites made by those aforementioned premium porn productions, so that they can enjoy a limitless amount of grade-A professional porn that features.This grade-A professional porn features highly-paid actors and is so visually over-stimulating that it makes your dopamine output extremely unstable, which in turn renders you as socially inept, which ultimately makes you want to watch more of that same porn. It’s really a perfect, self-sustaining system meant to trap only the most desperate of people, but you don’t have to be a victim of it – there are sites out there that let you view a good chunk of porn for free. One such example is ‘GameofPorn.net’ – no, it’s not a website that hosts a porn game, and it’s definitely not a Game of Thrones XXX parody site. All it is, is a website that delivers free porn to all its visitors with annoying ads.Filter by Channel or Category – There’s Really No DifferenceWhile there may be thousands of free videos on this website which are all made by big-budget production companies, there still are a lot of things about this site which lack organization, quality or both. First things first; you know I always analyze the categories of any XXX site thoroughly in order to see if the given site’s content is organized properly or not. Here on Game of Porn, the categories are actually just a list of big production companies (Brazzers, FakeAgent, Wicked, CzeckAV, you get the point) and a sole ‘Amateur’ category, which is actually professional videos filmed by these same companies that are made to look like they were filmed by amateurs.This undoubtedly means that if you want to find some good blowjob videos, or jerk off to some nice MILFs, you’re going to have to search long and hard because most of these productions don’t really have a specific niche, so their content is more or less a random collection of HD porn. The same goes for the ‘channels’ on this website – there are 10 channels in total on this website which are actually nothing more than segmented categories organized via their production house. There’s Blacked, Vixen, Tushy, TeamSkeet, Sis Loves Me, Sins Life, BangBros, Girls Do Porn, DigitalPG and Naughty America. Again, they don’t really have a niche, genre or theme behind them, so they all boil down to just random collections of HD porn content.Choose Your PornstarSince this website only features professionally-filmed content, it’s only natural that they have a section dedicated to cataloging all the pornstars that are featured in its videos. Here you can find just about every milf, babe, teeny or mature model that appears in the videos featured in this site, and there’s quite a lot of them too. I like how they’ve given each pornstar her own little paragraph-long description. For example, all of these pornstar ‘profiles’ have an ‘about’ section, which instead of containing general information about the pornstar, contains an out-of-context description of a video that she’s featured it, making the whole thing seem pretty weird overall. In any case, the pornstars in this site can be organized alphabetically, or via newest, top rated or most popular, but they can’t be filtered in/out via their physical attributes, age or ethnicity.No Pictures in SightThe aforementioned pornstar section would have been perfect for storing photo sets of the pornstars featured in GameOfPorn (often misspelled as "gameofporn.com". After all, the pictures themselves could just have been ripped from other sites that offer free XXX pics. But unfortunately, there is no picture section on this site – it’s all just straight up video content, so if you’re someone who prefers his pornography to be in still images, you might want to look elsewhere.Have to Turn off AdBlock for The Videos to PlayIf you entered this website with AdBlock turned on, like a normal human being, then you might think it’s not a bad website because it gives you a lot of free premium content at no cost whatsoever. But as soon as you try to play any video, you get a little message telling you to turn AdBlock off if you want it played – this might seem like a small, insignificant thing that you can easily do and proceed to enjoy all the free porn on this site until your dick no longer works, but really it’s much more elaborate and sinister than that. If you turn off AdBlock, all of a sudden the website looks like world war 3 – ads bombard you from EVERYWHERE, because it seems as if they’re the main source of revenue for the site’s owners.Now while I understand that everyone needs to make a living, especially if they’re providing the world with free premium XXX videos, there is definitely a limit when it comes to how much ads a normal person can tolerate, and these guys really go over that limit. There are so many goddamn ads on this website that pop up after every click, that I’m genuinely concerned about my PC’s health after visiting it. And it gets even worse when you’re trying to play a video…Need to Bypass at least 2 Pop Up Ads When Pressing Play!Let’s say you enter this website with your AdBlock turned off and you scour its unorganized content, looking for a good video to fap to. You finally find a promising thumbnail, and decide to try your luck – you see the prompt that tells you to turn off your AdBlock after trying to play the video. You do so in an anxious manner, desperately waiting to see some good shit with your dick in your hand and your heart racing. Then you refresh the page in order for the AdBlock’s off settings to take effect, and you get 2-4 pop-up ads instantly, with another few that appear as obstacles between you and your video.You desperately close all those ads while trying hard to maintain your arousal and hard-on as you finally open the video. You press play, and again those same fucking pop-ups appear – you, being a conscious PC user, know that you’ll have to close those open ads either because they look super suspicious and could infect your PC with some nasty shit, or because they’re playing sound and are distracting. You close around 2-5 ads before getting to play your video, and by now your hornyness is barely holding on, and what do you see next? Spoilers.Videos Show Most Scene Frames while LoadingAs you wrangle down an infinite number of pop-up ads while you hold your dick in the other hand, you can’t help but notice all the scenes of the video you’re about to play right in front of your eyes. The videos on this website show all their scenes in a collage of pictures before being played, which can honestly spoil the excitement for a lot of porn users, especially if they’re excited to see the babe in the video take her panties off and spread her asshole. Now they can’t enjoy the excitement of the surprise anymore, because all their video’s most significant shots and scenes are laid out in front of them in a collage of pictures, which really spoils the whole experience if you ask me.I know that plenty of porn consumers out there want a little mystery when it comes to their video of choice, only choosing it for its one sexy thumbnail that shows the visual highlight of what it contains, and that mystery is all ruined thanks to the way that the videos play on this website – and the million ads that pop up before the video plays make the whole experience infinitely worse.Maybe You Prefer Full Movies?Lastly, let’s say you like watching full XXX movies – who doesn’t right? You click on that section of this site, and get redirected to another site called ‘FullXXXMovies.net’ – there are plenty of full movies here that you can either wait hours to be downloaded, or stream them on questionable streaming sites, which again take a hell of a long time to load.